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  1. This is for a friend, honestly.


    Anyway, fulfils all requirements, has language certificate, passed Einbürgerungstest, all paperwork in check, had initial appointment and due to have official appointment/meeting this week.


    Filling out paperwork here notice there is a section relating to previous criminal offences. Four years ago lost driving licence for 9 months after failing breath test being pulled over by police. Aside from that model citizen and no other offences in entire life.


    Might this put the whole process in jeopardy, any ideas?




  2. On 10/11/2017, 7:03:24, PandaMunich said:

    In the future, call Schlüsseldienst Berger:

    Used Schluessendienst Berger myself today, incredibly friendly service both when I rang and when they came out. All things considered, very fair price at 69 EUR. Would recommend!



  3. Next time be sure to remove all price tags from things you buy. Don't leave the newly-bought clothes in their nice shopping bags; scrunch them up a bit, make it look like you took them out there with you. There is no way they can prove you bought the clothes while away. I don't buy electricals while away, but I certainly purchase shoes, t-shirts, etc, and I've been checked numerous times when flying back from Asia (with my rucksack, so they often want a little look) and have never had to pay any taxes even when I flew out with next to no clothes, and flew back with a backpack full of nice new clothes, belts, shoes, coats, etc.


  4. Hi,


    Sorry that this may be long but I figure it's better to write all details.


    Moved into flat with another girl as a WG and over two years after verbal agreement from landlord we subletletted the spare room. The girl I moved in with initially then decided to move out and found someone for her room, so turn we had two subletters and me, the main tenant. The girl who moved out never got landlord permission and is still in contract with me as joint main tenant.


    The contract states we can only leave after three years which would be November.


    I very luckily and completely out of the blue got a chance to move in with my mrs so found somebody for my room, with the intention of subrenting until November and then canceling contract. Only then did the landlord get in touch and say no, not allowed because then no main tenant is living there and he won't accept it.


    So there was a free room and he told me the only way out is for me to tell the two others they will need to leave and present him with an empty flat and he'll then let me and the other girl out of the contract.


    Found suitable Nachmieter and landlord has verbally given them the nod, but now tells us there is major damage to the parquet floor we'll need to fix and also the whole flat including ceilings need to be painted before he'll even consider letting us go. This is after we spent every night this week painting and cleaning and getting the flat to a good standard.


    Now the damage to the floor is in the room I occupied and one of the subletters. We had agreed to split the cost but now she says she will not pay a penny towards any work. The other girl (subletter) also says she won't pay, while the original main tenant along with me is refusing to contribute towards April's rent because she moved out ages ago (seven months) and doesn't seem to understand she is still main tenant and has same responsibilities as me.


    The caretaker for the flat estimated the work will cost about 2,5k but I got an alternative estimate for about half of that. The problem is now:


    1. The landlord always deducts rent from my bank and the others have always transferred it to me


    2. They are refusing to contribute to repairs


    3. The original girl is not seeing it is also hee responsibility as she is still main tenant with me


    I have a new tenant ready to take over the whole flat and can have the work done by Wednesday, but I don't know where I stand legally with the other tenants in terms of who is liable to pay, how I get the money, etc.


    In all honesty I'd like to just disappear or have the landlord just kick me out and retain my original deposit. Is that not possible?!




  5. I'll keep it simple.


    Signed for a 3-room flat with another girl with the intention of renting out the third room, which we did a few months later.


    We paid the deposit of 3600 Euro between the two of us, and asked the guy in the third room to just pay 500 Euro, nobody had the intention of leaving any time soon.


    I have found something else and look like I have a good chance of getting it, but need to find my way out of this contract first, and obviously find somebody willing to pay 1800 deposit for this room.


    Is all made a bit trickier by the fact the guy who rented the spare room also saying he wants to leave.


    Attached is what it says in my contract. We've only been here six months.


    I guess it's simply that what I said right? Find somebody willing to pay my deposit and have them take over my part of the contract? Or another way would be to try and convince the girl who'd be the last one standing to try find something else herself, and then find a Nachmieter for the entire flat here, then we can all get out of the contract early.


    Thanks for input.



  6. 1. Zugspitze is better but you need an extra 45 minutes to go up the mountain. Day ticket is about 6 Euro more, and you can use it for Garmisch-Classic too, yes.


    2. Yes, you can rent anything you want for the day. http://www.skischule-gap.de/


    3. Get a Garmisch-Skiexpress ticket from a DB ticket machine. 40 Euro (I think) for Garmisch-Classic, 46 Euro for Zugspitze.


    Have fun!


  7. Shitty that mate, but from everything you're put in this thread I think it's a safe bet that they aren't interested in you, for whatever reason. And like somebody else said, given how unprofessional they've been in their (lack of) communication then you're better off not working for them anyway.


    It took me over ten months of applying for jobs to finally get one, and I'd say I got a response to my applications approximately half of the time, so it's unfortunately not rare. Finally got a job after going for interview, in German, being rejected, writing back saying I had a good feeling and if they have anything else (tbh I was pretty desperate for work) they could see me doing I'd love to hear back from them. Had an email a day later from the main manager to say would I be interested in some translations, and that led to me being made full time within a month and now I have been in the job I originally applied for for a year.


    Fingers crossed your luck changes soon, all the best.


  8. Hi mate.


    Firstly, nice one for being a fellow Blue! :)


    I'm not too sure about anything near to Allianz Arena but it's not too far on the u-bahn (direct line infact) to Marienplatz where there is a decent Irish bar with big screen etc.


    However if you'll only be able to get half a game in maybe that's not the best option




  9. Bob noticed my pants are XL, sounds like they're too big for your friend if he's a M / L at a push...


    For anybody else, for sale:









    its lame, i know, but i am rubbish at snowboarding, i dont know anyone outside of work and i dont speak German very well - im working on all those issues but i really want to go snowboarding, cos ive got all the gear (but no idea, as they say). I have looked into going to Zugspitze on the BOB and that seems reasonably straightforward, but what i'd really like is if someone can just tell me where to be at a certain time on the weekend and make it all a bit less of a mission.

    You don't take the BOB to Zugspitze, but you do take the Regio-Express train or the special Garmisch-Express one.


    Remember if you're going up to the Zugspitze then you'll need close to an extra hour once you get to Garmisch to take the cog wheel train up to the glacier. That'll mean a total of nearly 5 hours on the train in one day(!). Why not just go to Garmisch if you're a beginner? You'll get more time on the slopes and the conditions will be brilliant this weekend.


    Regarding times, DB.de tells me the following for the weekend:


    Leave at 07:32 or 08:32 from Hbf to get there at just before nine or ten respectively. That'll leave you with loads of time on the pistes. You can get your joint ticket from any of the Deutsche Bahn ticket machines at the Hbf or from the counter. I think it costs 42 Euro for Garmisch or 46 Euro for Zugspitze, plus 2 Euro Pfand for the ski pass which is of course returned when you hand it back in. :)


    Hope this helps. Have fun!