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  1. You need a card in the box, if not the Sky card, then a freesat card. I think the freesat cards cost around £20 or so. Then you can get ITV. ITV is free but under certain licensing restrictions as far as I know which is why it needs the card.


    All this hassle is one of the reasons (besides the cost) that I switched to FreeSat. I noticed that by far most of the shows I watched were on the FreeSat range and although I would miss the remaining ones to a point, they were not justified to pay exclusively for, especially considering how Sky treats their customers.



    Dear YL6, I am disapointed with your comment on my post, yes Im new to this area, and yes i did specifically join TT to make that comment, after reading many a fine comment from yourself, but not to sell VPN! I come to this locality after 4 years and many a euro spent in Slovakia searching for some decent English Language TV, and was continuosly let down by Sat/cable-TV companies offering English content (when it was US-movies dubbed into Slovak), or even worse 5-year old Eastenders episodes repeated thrice-weekly on BBC Prime (my Mrs dubbed it BBC-crime), then the dicovery of VPN was a revelation, real UK TV, live or so fresh that week you could almost smell it, I mean, other than going to Irish bars, I hadnt seen a live match of English International Rugby in nigh on 15 years of expat life, but I did via VPN, every saturday last season.

    So YL6, I suggest you trade in your ZX-Spectrum or whatever else it is you use to post your comments, and join the VPN generation daddy-O.


    Hi Jonty, I am sorry that you have had problems with Satellite services, but I can't actually share your issues. I have had Sky for many years and have for the last year or so switched to the completely free FreeSat service with a Humax HDR box. I get all the best of UK TV channels just like they have in the UK, perfect reception, PVR for pausing live TV and recording off the EPG and have yet to have any problems. The FreeSat service gives all of the main Terrestrial channels such as all the BBC channels, ITV, Channel4 etc plus a pile of other channels some of which are really quite good. Eastenders isn't 5years behind the UK, it's the same feed as in the UK and so whilst my wife watches it on her sofa in Frankfurt, the exact same episode is being watched in the UK.


    Once the installation cost is done, it's free with no subscriptions.


    @Saltydog, I would seriously consider talking to your neighbours about a dish on the roof for this option. Once up, you can forget about it. VPN options are great, but as stated in another post, TV stations are often blocking proxy servers and the last thing you want is to just pay or get into a contract for a years service only to have it cut off a few weeks in.


    FreeSat has no subscription fees and the full BBC channels alone are well worth it for your son's English education, as well as your entertainment. One thing, I'd suggest at least a 90cm dish and a sturdy one if it is to go on the roof. I had an 80cm dish which is borderline for Frankfurt and in strong winds the service would cut and flicker and even the dish may move slightly off alignment. After changing that to a 90cm dish from Kathrein SatAn, and a better mounting I never had problems again.


    I so much prefer UK TV over German that I simply can't go without it. Any new house will have to be able to provide the option of a dish installation.


  3. Try Taste of Briton which is located near central Frankfurt



    They have more items than on their website in their lovely small shop and are always very friendly. I don't know if they have mayonnaise but they may have a pile of other foods that you would miss.


  4. Maybe a second Humax Freesat box is an option in the bedroom if you can the cable out to the dish. I got tired of Sky's expensive subscription and their refusal to officially sell me the product so I just bought a Humax box and to be honest, most of the channels I liked were on it. No more fees.


    A cheaper option could be just the freeview card inside the existing Sky box. It would limit your channels to freeview but should work pretty well. You would also need to cable that to the dish


    If you want to keep Sky and don't mind if the bedroom box has to have the same channels as shown on the main sky box then some sort of sender does the job. I have had an old Philips TV sender which worked but the signal was never too strong. I guess this is similar to the Magic Eye solution you speak of. There are better options these days which can retransmit the TV image at much higher quality.


    Slingbox is another really interesting idea. It connects in between your dish and the Skybox and can transmit the Sky box over wifi and the internet. This means you can watch it in any room of the house via Wifi (with appropriate wifi media player attached to the TV) as well as anywhere else in the world for that matter including your phone or laptop when on holiday (as long as you have internet access) You can watch both your pre-recorded stuff as well as live TV this way.


  5. Interesting that it cost so much, but I guess that is also ensuring you get German satellite as well.


    I used to use (UK) Sky, but got tired of their monthly subscriptions so bought a Humax HD box for UK Freesat. The box wasn't cheap at around €320 but I get the full PVR with UK EPG and HD on a couple of channels. Not as many channels as Sky, but free now with no monthly subscription and most of the good channels are there.


    I recommend this option for those who wish to get UK TV on a budget. There are of course cheaper options like a local Sat box, but that won't have a proper EPG which you really need for a full PVR service (record onto hard drive, live pause etc)


  6. So let me get this rightz. Shops can open on Sundays at airports and Train Stations. Well, why are malls not built at train stations then? Surely it would be logical to build a large scale shopping center at Frankfurt's Hauptbahnhof which can then open 7 days a week.


    Is it only main train stations, or any train station?


  7. I think your question has been answered, but be warned. This is probably the most horrid cinema you will ever visit. Everytime I go, something goes wrong. The film starts with no sound, or terrible sound with ear piercing bangs. The film starts with the wrong lens installed so the picture is squashed or distorted, sometimes for up to 20minutes. I have had films stop playing and us all sitting in the dark waiting for it to come back on, and when it does, sometimes without sound again. The seats are terribly uncomfortable and many broken and missing, which not to our surprise they still sell tickets for. No airconditioning, which is no big deal for some places, but in mid summer it can becomes so uncomfortable in there I have seen half the cinema leave before the first 30minutes.


    I have been to cinemas all around the world, including many developing countries and have never seen anything quite like this place. Even the service is surley and rude. Just to cap it off to ensure you don't have a good time.


    And yes, I have also heard the building will be vacated and knocked down next year. I wish they would give us the date, as I would like to come along and help knock it down. I'd even pay for the privilage.


    I do hope that if it is replaced, it is by a different company, or at least with different management and they do not reinstate the same staff.


  8. Of note, in October I bought a new ASUS UL30 here in Germany. Maybe not quite the screen size you are after. But of note, when starting the laptop for the first time, where it does the final installation, it asked what language I wanted. I chose English and it installed perfectly (though being October, it was Vista 32bit Home or something with a free Win7 upgrade which I have since ordered)


    I read later in a review from someone in Taiwan that he had the same language option on starting up, which pleased him to no ends. So, maybe this is standard with ASUS. Drop a mail to ASUS or ask on their forums if this is standard for other models as well.


    Regarding the Language packs for Vista, I done this to my German Vista 64bit Ultimate on my main PC. However, I must say it doesn't turn everything into English. Every now and again I get an error message that is in German which can be frustrating. Normal German is ok with me, but technical German is a different ball game. Also, when between user accounts, everything is in German then as well, which again, can be annoying when trying to make some settings. I don't know if Win7 will have this fault.


    Why can't Microsoft just make their OS multilanguage as a standard option like Linux? If a free product can offer this, why can't the paid version? This is especially helpful in Europe where people travel and move quite frequently between different country's with different languages. I know from experience it is a especially annoying in the business world.