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  1. www.moreflicks.com is the best site for covering all of the major Netflix regions. (They even have added the new European ones from this month). Search for a film or TV show, and it will tell you not only if it is on Netflix, but also which country you need to switch to.


    http://tanktop.tv/ has just started adding other countries, so they only have UK and US netflix now. But they have pretty much ALL of the main UK services that can all be searched through, and you can add shows to your watchlist which really works well. This way you can keep track of shows you may want to watch in the future, which gets a little hard to remember which service they may be on (You can select only services you subscribe to, so if you only have Netflix and Amazon Prime, but not Wuaki.tv, you only need look at content from your sibscribed services). Tank Top will allow you to also add shows to your Watchlist that is not available on your selected services yet, but will notify you when it arrives.


    Say for instance you noticed that a film you want to watch is too new and not on Netflix yet. Add it to your Watchlist and as soon as it arrives on Netflix (or any other service you have in their list as something you have access to), you will get a notification.


    I use both all the time, and would be lost without them.


  2. Just a wild guess here, but I don't think you can get "stuck" with Netflix. If you sign up, even with your credit card details, they give you the first month free. You can cancel at any time, so if you cancel before the trial ends, you don't get charged.


    If you forget to cancel, and let it pass, you get charged one month (which is not too bad) and you can quit at the end of that month.



    It looks like Netflix will also provide content into Telekom's Entertain product, as well as Vodafone. I have Entertain and noticed today, there's a new Netflix "channel"; currently just advertising for www.netflix.de/entertain. I suppose they'll provide a front-end like they do for their VideoLoad library, rather than a single channel. It'll be interesting to see if the various smart dns proxies will work on these platforms, for library switching.


    Year, Virgin & Netflix teamed together in the UK. No idea if they will work with Smart DNS as generally speaking this would be a different stream altogether, but you never know.



    Can anyone comment on the quality of the German Netflix? Can you choose for it to be in English for everything or only a selection? Is the choice similar to the US? Speed any good? Etc


    German Netflix is just like any other Netflix. The UI can be fully in English, and so far, all content that was originally made in English that I've seen, has an English soundtrack (though usually switchable to German). When I last selected English for a show, it remembered that choice for other shows as well (But it is early days in testing).


    Selection is very different to the US, but at the moment, I can't tell if it is good or not. Not that it bothers me, as with Smart DNS (around €3,80 per month), you can switch between any library anyway, including US.


    Video quality is as you would expect, amongst the highest in the industry. Expect beautiful 1080p HD streams that average 6500kbps, which is pretty impressive. If you have seen the beautiful BBC HD streams, they only muster a 720p 3200kbps.

    (Before any pixel peepers chime in, yes Blu-Ray is still technically better, although few people will actually notice the difference).


    I believe a €12 per month scheme also allows 4K content (ultra High Definition), but this is only worth it if you have a 4K TV, and there is only a small handful of 4K content on Netflix (mostly the latest season's of their own in-house productions).



    you mustnt be a sports fan?

    From 8.30 till 11 was champions league time.

    I ended up putting the ITV player on the iPad and the sky conference on the telly.


    Actually, I noticed that once as well, but it would be interesting to know if all the evening problems are during the sporting events.


    And no, actually I don't follow football. More of a rugby and cricket chap myself.



    Zattoo is unreliable for big events, at least that was my sad experience during the world cup. Even (free) Filmon was better than Zattoo.


    Didn't FilmOn block access to all ITV and BBC games during the World Cup? At least my memory of it did.


    Zattoo was fine for the later half of the world cup (as they improved infrastructure) except for the last couple of games, then the server overloads began - but then again, these games broke world records for the amount of people watching.


    Actually, this was common across lots of official broadcasters as well. ITV themselves went down at a couple of stages via their web streams due to server overload.


    I guess the fact is that online streaming still has a few creases to iron out, especially for big events.


  5. Agreed murphaph, the more information the better.


    Anyone else is welcome to post here, when and if their Zattoo streams drops in quality. Likewise, if a few people start saying it has gone south in a big way, but its still looking great with you, let us know also (along with your ISP)



    And there you have it. Hulu is advertisement driven and they don't make money from people watching ads for American products in Germany, although there might be a little bit of crossover, so they don't want to pay for bandwidth that isn't giving a ROI. Netflix is getting its revenue from subscriptions so the more the merrier.


    Yippee, I can get Netflix on my phone now.


    (Sorry it's so long below, but I thought some people may find all this a bit interesting)


    Funny enough, they actually do... well, they could. It all depends on the company advertising, and how well connected they are to the modern world.


    I know a few people in advertising, and there are a couple of strong arguments they say towards this type of advertising, i.e. someone outside of the US watching US ads, or any other country for that matter.


    For a start, product placement and awareness is king. People know of Netflix, even if it is not available in their country. Now, I'm going to use Netflix as an example here, despite the fact they generally don't advertise on Hulu.

    But, lets say Netflix is not available in country X, but a person in country X is watching the commercial from country Y. They become aware of the product even before any money is spent in country X before launch. They may want the product enough, that they "import" it themselves - this of course is not just limited to a streaming service like Netflix, but it could be anything including physical products from Amazon etc. So, although the advertised product & service is not available in country X, people watching it still benefit as do the companies advertising.


    Now, many may argue then that this is only valid for products and services that will eventually arrive in another country. But the same people I talk to in advertising disagree on that as well. They'll argue (in Hulu's case here), "who" are the majority of people watching Hulu outside the US. The answer is quite simply, most likely expat Americans. And expat Americans often go back home. When they do after several years, they will have in their minds up-to-date products and services they saw advertised on Hulu, things such as banks, insurance etc, which may come in useful when returning home to sway them in their favour. These people are great customers because they have an opportunity to completely change a lot of things. If for instance they were using one insurance company all their life until leaving America and cancelling, on return, they will need all this again, along with all the other expenses in modern day life.


    The same for expats say from the UK who are watching ITV, 4oD etc. Products and services they will never be able to buy in their own country, will be up to date in their minds when they return home, even if that is just for a holiday, visiting the family (recommending to family) or returning for good.


    It is not as high a percentage of viewers, but it is still "free" advertising to a larger, global audience.


    Unfortunately, there is a very big gotcha for America anyway. The Nielsen ratings, the agency that monitors who and how many watch which shows, does not take OTT streaming services like Hulu into account? Why? Well actually they really want to, and have the support of all major American advertising agencies. The problem is the big cable companies. More than anything else, they fear the cord cutter - those that choose to leave big-cable (and the expensive costs) for online delivery like Netflix and Hulu. They have refused to continue business with Nielsen Holdings N.V. if they continued with their plans to include online platforms for their ratings, which is what the networks use to charge advertisers. This means the data still comes from a very outdated source in the US.


    Fortunately, not all countries around the world have the same problem. BARB, the unpleasantly named UK ratings equivalent, does these days include online platforms and catch-up services, so when you all watch BBC iPlayer, ITV and 4oD here in Germany, USA or Invercargill, New Zealand, your viewing figures are added to the ratings which in turn used to charge advertisers or price content for overseas sales.


    Finally, the main reason Hulu has additional credit card blocks is because they are under pressure from the main networks who want to resell the content abroad. In this case, they are still relying on traditional market exclusivities which made much more sense in the past than it does today. Still, old habits die hard. (Netflix doesn't really show much in the way of "just-aired" content, so they are not under the same pressure - except in Australia right now where they are the largest streaming service in the country, despite not actually being in the country - to the anger of local companies like Foxtel.


    In any case, one doesn't actually need a US credit card to access Hulu Plus, only if they are paying by credit card. There are other methods as described in EOD.


  7. I believe it derick. I went through hell and back setting up a PRTG server on my NAS via a Windows Virtual Machine to log traffic from my Fritzbox. After 3 days of slogging it out, I have finally achieved it.


    Unfortunately, due to the extreme boredom of anything IT admin related, there are no normal people I can talk to over a beer to describe my feelings of elation and success along with all the accumulated issues that went wrong, or just righted themselves.



    That error occurs when I use Overplay smart DNS ( in the PC ). I do not have Netflix, but I do get that error on other sites as well, sorry for the confusion.

    When I switch off Smart DNS I have no problems to navigate anywhere via my browser I want to go.


    I tried chrome casting Filmon from my PC to my TV, which you do not need to block or hinder Googles DNS servers, Its works fine , although poor quality. I cannot block googles requests with my router! - I have tried but cannot get it to work.


    Ovbg, how do you measure that download stream, say for filmon on a PC, you said iy was about 400kps, but I always wondered how you did it.


    I think Dericks problems with Overplay are similar to the problem I have, which is why I mentioned it, I have no solution!


    No worries. Normally this happens when SmartDNS is dealing with some content from a particular service, but not everything, so the content they are redirecting works, but when you visit something else from that service, that fails. Normally this occurs when the service changes something, but of course they don't tell the SmartDNS company.


    Definitely send a note to OverPlay about it (including your screenshot) and I'll also look into it from my side some more.


    As for measuring FilmOn, I have a PRTG server installed on a Windows box which constantly monitors traffic going through my Fritzbox. It returns data average incoming and outgoing traffic through a designated port, perfect for measuring bandwidth on streaming services as they usually retain a steady amount only a minute or so ahead of what you are watching.


    Unfortunately I am currently in the progress of migrating that server over to a new NAS with a virtualized Windows environment on it, and have hit a couple of problems, so it is offline at the moment. Curse all this technology stuff! I used to work at this back-end side of things in the past, and I was happy when I threw in the towel. Now I have to start thinking like a machine again. I'll be happy when I get it all running again.


  9. Thanks murphaph,


    That was what I was hoping. It is certainly better to be OverPlay than to be the ISP. One we can hopefully fix. The other, well, if our ISP's are throttling, there is nothing that can be done there.


  10. @Derick, If you change Netflix regions to say, the US or UK, does it work then?


    Do you have issues with other services via OverPlay? i.e. BBC iPlayer, 4oD etc. Best to also check on the same platform.


    This one is rather perplexing. Been watching something on Netflix right now, but no problems.


    @Yesterday, is that error message at the Google Play website or when you go back to Netflix?

    You mention "casting", is this with Chromecast? Have you set anything up on your router to block or hinder Google's DNS servers?


  11. Hi Derick,

    Have you checked your Smart DNS locale, and if that is set to Germany or one of the new countries that isn't available yet (Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium). If it is one of the new countries that is not yet live, that could cause problems.


    Do you have the same issue on all platforms? i.e. the web browser, Apple TV, Android or iOS devices etc?


  12. Ok, so what you are saying is that you want to be able to watch Prime Germany and Netflix US at the same time (obviously on a different platform and in a different room). And because the locale selector was set to Germany for Prime, the person watching Netflix at the same time who wants a different country is not able to?


  13. @krieg, what problem do you have with Amazon Prime anyway? I have all three, US, UK and DE, and I never have issues (well, one, but I'll get to that later).


    To be honest, I don't think it would be possible to have a locale selector for Prime as they require different apps on each platform. So, when I want to use it say on my PS4, I need three different Prime apps installed. Each one works for each region. There is no way to switch this via a toggle by Smart DNS.


    It may be possible to do it for a website, but then again

    a) you can always have different bookmarks.

    B) you could also use a different browser for each country.

    c) why would anyone want to watch a film on a computer anyway?


    So, I don't really see your issue with the DNS services because they can't create something specially for you which as far as I know, is not possible to create.


    As for the one issue I have? All three Prime apps look the same, so if I forget which one is which, it may take three times (max) to start up the app I actually want. But since I remember which are which, that rarely happens.


  14. @Charleston, I'm also on T-online and notice similar issues.


    @linmor, I took a quick look at the main 10pm news on BBC One, Friday, and it discussed the Scottish thing, terrorism and for a light-hearted look at life, Boris Johnson, but I didn't see anything about steampunk before it moved to the regional news...


  15. I can't honestly say if it is safe or not sr5dnptylno, but my gut feeling is that it is. It just sounds like the standard t&c that must be agreed to. No idea why you are seeing it, but since the checks are based on IP address, and this has nothing to do with that, I can't see how it could go wrong.


  16. You can't loose anything from the free trial mtbiking.


    Content is what to expect with Netflix, some great stuff, but don't expect all the latest content in that price range. Still, some stuff that is quite recent exists (Fargo is a brilliant example) and they will have a few examples of top recent movies, but that is not what Netflix is about. Also, many competing services may have already taken out exclusive licensing deals with some shows, even some Netflix shows.


    German content is only in German (with closed captioning in German as an option, but I have not seen any other language subtitles)


    English language content, from what I have so far seen, has all been in both German and English (switchable). But I wouldn't be surprised that some content will find its way only dubbed.


    Oh, one tip about browsing content in Netflix. The posters they show when you browse are only a small portion of what they actually have, so don't think it is everything. This can make actually finding content a bit difficult.



    I saw scenes from Fargo in the commercials. This show is not on Netflix US, which I currently use, but I still have doubs about the initial lineup. I have also heard that, for example, the rights for Orange is the new black are already sold to Sky so the 3rd season will only stream to Netflix DE at a later time.


    Year, this is expected. With Netflix not in Germany for such a long time, they naturally had to sell the rights to their own shows to other networks or services. Many shows will also be shared amongst other services, as not all are exclusive.


    Netflix also doesn't have a lot of absolutely recent movies and TV shows, with of course a couple of big examples, but this is also normal and why their price is so competitive.


    In other countries, many people share a sub of Netflix with a competing one to fill the gaps, as they cost so little and is almost always cheaper than full cable or satellite TV.

    In the UK, many will have both Netflix and Prime, with the amazing free FTA catch-ups services offering the latest in TV shows, and possibly a NowTV sub for Sky's content. (Wuaki may be substituted for Prime as well)

    In the US, many will also share Netflix and Prime (With Redbox as a substitute) and Hulu Plus doing what the FTA UK services do, offer the latest in TV shows.

    In Germany, my money for expats would be on Netflix and Watchever for a good combination of TV shows and movies. There is very little local opportunity for the latest in US or UK TV shows though and Prime has a tendency to dub things too much.


    I still recommend Netflix with a DNS service for expats, as not only does it open up all the other libraries from around the world, it also opens Hulu and the UK FTA services.


    By the way, Fargo is worth more than two months worth of Netflix sub on its own - that was one of the television highlights of the year in my mind. It is so rare that a TV show based on a cult classic movie can be made so good also.



    Netflix appears to be detecting and launching countermeasures against Overplay and SmartDNS-like services ...


    I just switched back and forth between US and DE logging in each time which appears to have triggered a new Terms and Conditions page which I must click on to continue.


    Highlighted on my TOS acceptance page is:


    More than likely it is the cache on the platform you are using. I have been switching around all morning without issue.


    Some platforms switch easier than others. Roku for instance generally requires a full reboot after each switch as it retains parts of the app in memory.


    Other platforms work quickly, while some need about a minute before restarting. You also don't need to log in each time to most platforms (I have never seen this requirement). Those terms and conditions are nothing new to Netflix, they have been around ever since they have been streaming. Netflix are also bound to keep a certain level of blocking geographic regions in order to honour their license agreements, but at the same time, a huge amount of their income comes from people who access outside of their respective countries (as an example, a quarter of a million Australians are Netflix customers despite no Netflix there, and that's a small market), as well as the competitive edge that people who use DNS services to switch libraries has.


    Anyway, if you are still having problems, let us know what platform and DNS service you are using, and also try to change without logging in and out.


  19. The Recall feature starts on the day you use it. By this I mean it will only start recalling on the day. So day one into your sub and you will only have the first day to recall. By day three, you can go back three days, and so on until day seven. From then, you should have seven days of recall.


    No idea about the ads. Perhaps you should clear the cache of that app on your Android phone.


    Incidentally, how is everyone doing for quality? I am still noticing quality issues at prime time, but I am hearing some people saying it is all back to normal - which once again could mean ISP throttling?? Would need a bit of a survey, so if people reading this could say if their video quality is fine (and which ISP), or problems (when problems occur and which ISP).