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About Me

About Me?

You want to know "About Me"?


Are you serious?

Well, we're gonna have a little problem right there.

You see Toytown the Internet does not have sufficient data storage capacity to contain all there is to say About Me.

I, on the other hand, do have that capacity and, what's really helpful to you to know at this stage are the facts that, I not only already know all there is to know About Me, but I can quite clearly remember it all too.

Now considering that I am the only person in this entire universe personally equipped to maintain this vast body of knowledge and that you have now found a means of establishing contact and achieving a communicative interface with me then allow me to recommend my advice to you which is that should you have a serious and pressing desire or need to acquire any information whatsoever About Me the best option open to you right now would be to send details of your burning desire or essential need written down in the form of a question, or in the event of you having multiple needs or desires which you feel it would be advantageous for the sake of your peace of mind to know, then please feel free to go ahead and pose your request formatted as questions which you should, of course, forward to me forthwith by means of one of the facilities that Toytown have built in on the left of this panel.

If you get lucky I might answer.

Well, what's it 2B_orNot2B then?

Do you feel lucky?

Go ahead!

Make your day!