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  1. De-register as Freelancer (providing evidence)

      Simple instructions are available in both German and English on the relevant pages of the Berlin.de website.   Please see Steuerliche Abmeldung eines Unternehmens - Dienstleistungen - Service Berlin - Berlin.de  and Tax de-registration of a company - Services - Dienstleistungen - Service Berlin - Berlin.de   Unfortunately both the links to the downloadable PDF 'Formulare' or 'Forms' on those pages will, irrelevant of the language of the link title, only permit you to save a German language copy which is a very simple 2 page 149Kb pdf.   NB: the above links only apply to Berlin!   For readers seeking similar sources of info relevant to other locations in Germany some of the following links might help.   abmeldung freiberufliche tätigkeit finanzamt vorlage - Google-Suche   fragebogen zur beendigung der gewerblichen oder selbständigen tätigkeit - Google-Suche   finanzamt freiberufliche tätigkeit abmelden formular - Google-Suche   If not then the standard search tips for Germany are to use a minimum number of German(!) key words (e.g.; 'beendigung+freiberuflichetätigkeit+Finanzamt+your city+PLZ (i.e.; postcode zipcode) and put that into www.google.de(!!!)   HTH   2B
  2. I've just posted a silly photo

    Port Vice-Admiral to Starboard Captain - 'on my mark - release inboard and outboard portside brakes'   'mark five, mark four, mark three, mark two, mark one, MARK!!'   Starboard Captain to Port Vice-Admiral 'oh bugger me! Missed that one, sir!'     2B
  3. Definitions game

      piccolo paleo   espirit de l'Stade   2B
  4. Being the outsider in a village

    Apart from an apparent total disregard of 70 years of history and 30 years of reunification pains, it sounds to me a bit more like a removal to rural northern Germany of the 1932 published comic novel, (described as occuring during 1946 in the period following the Nicarguan-British War), Cold Comfort Farm   2B
  5. I've just posted a silly photo

    My mates say PAX on board be happy if they get given enuff 'stewardess mince'   2B
  6. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      No, there's not!   2B
  7. S1 Health Insurance and Brexit Questions

      Quite possibly you will but, considering how critical a position you appear to be heading for, I'm sure you will have been keeping abreast of all the latest advice as it has been updated by both the German and UK governments almost every quarter since July 2016 and every month since November 2018.    You can navigate from these links to find the situation nearest to your own.   BAMF - Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge - Welcome page Welcome to GOV.UK Living abroad - GOV.UK   HTH   2B
  8. Worst jokes ever

      Hopefully engraved with one of their popular porcine mottos; 'Welcome to all that'swilling!' 'Where there's a way there's a swill!'   2B
  9. I've just posted a silly photo

    Trumpet Voluntari(R)at     2B
  10. I've just posted a silly photo

    Tales From The Riverbank 'Tails' from 'The Riverband'   2B
  11. Where to buy Homebrew Equipment - Saarland

      www.Eimerzentrale.de - Manufacturer of lidded foodsafe buckets and tubs, regular buckets and boxes in all sizes and price ranges. NB: wholesaler and retailer price lists depend on whether you are consumer or B2B client.   The name Demijohn originally came from an old Rheinhessische mickeytake of the Napoleonic French during their occupation in a play on the German word Dämon (demon) and the mans name Jean as DameJean.    The regular German equivalent words are Glasballon or Korbflasche.   If you just want one or two used Demijohns put 'Glasballon Korbflasche Saarbrücken' into www.google.de and you'll get some links to current offers in kleinanzeige-ebay.de and other local ad sites.   2B
  12. Windows Backup Help

    One major PIA with anything to do with Microsoft is that even their simplest basic instructions meant for average private Windows users are written by people who are obligated to use their corporate vocabulary which includes many words, phrases and acronyms (often MS copyright or trade marked).   For lots of users this means cranking up their "Help" and trying to locate the correct of ziggety choice of page links, which may or may not be relevant, before referring to their Glossary to try to translate Microsoft English (or German) to human English in order to figure out wtf they're talking about.   Of course ALL their basic or Help instructions are also intended to satisfy the needs of fully tech savvy pros in the corporate environment, which they probably do, but that doesn't make life in any way easier for newbs or non-tech readers.   It's often quicker to google 'How to use Windows x feature' and check through some of the numerous links to explanatory articles which offer simplified versions of the instructions dealing with a lot of common Windows issues.   There is a caveat though.   Apart from the pointlessness of trying to find a less complicated option in the first few microsoft/help links a lot of the links are to sites written by folks who are either non-native English writers or are merely using the theme as bait to link through to spamming or phishing farms.   That said there are several reputable and reliable computer theme publishers out there too whose site names may be familiar to even the least geeky.   Even some of those who have a software solution to promote or sell may provide well written clear descriptions of how to use the original Windows feature before raising the added benefits of their own or featured product for comparison.   Where there are many choices (written by folks who appear to range from over-enthusiastic hip-hoppers with ADHD to old school grampas sitting on a porch rocker shooting the odd rabbit between beers) I generally recommend trying to find a writer whose style you are comfortable with so you can bookmark their links in case of a need to look up other similar issues in future.   Some links, including one from the folks @keith2011 recommended, which may be useful.   How to back up your Windows 7 computer - CNET How To Use Backup and Restore in Windows 7 How to Use Windows 7 Backup and Restore Feature NTBackup: A Built-in Backup and Restore Tool in Windows   2B
  13. Windows Backup Help

      Unless your original C disc was larger than 850 GB and/or loaded with videos like a TNT Classic Movies server I've no idea how your first backup reached such an enormous size but, be that as it may, I suspect you may have unwittingly restarted the backup procedure at least once or twice during the time you should have simply walked away and gone to sleep while it did its snail-paced job undisturbed.   Unless you're an extremely rapid video filmer (maybe your son's concert appearances?) it's also hard to believe you could possibly be increasing your files to save by 82, 191 and 282 GB in such short time intervals.   Logically each subsequent backup should have been smaller NOT larger IF it was only saving the changes which happened between backups. That you may have been backing up duplicates of everything you backed up during the preceding period seems the more likely explanation, tbh.   Here're some suggestions, which are entirely based on my own personal experience and extensive reading on the subject rather than any technical qualification!   I'm a bit reluctant to say this (because I've no idea what you've done, whether you'd take enough time to diligently follow any of the tips anyone here might post, or how you'd feel about the suggestion of starting again from scratch by learning to use Windows backup properly) but am inclined to tell you that I personally would take the risk and delete the entire lot of those Data backup files - which I doubt you'll ever be able to use in any practical way -  before starting over again.   NB: I myself am still not absolutely sure how to use the Windows backup task scheduler to do everything I want it to do automatically once a week, month or quarter and consequently still resort to doing it manually about every 6th or 8th month albeit, like @lisa13, I do religiously transfer everything I'm not actually using weekly from C:\\ My files to an identically named folder in E:\\ Lokale Datenträger (D) --> E:\\ being my external disc and Lokal Datenträger (D) being the name of a partition I had on one of my earliest previous crashed HDDs.   That way I usually know where to find whatever type of info (e.g.My Pics/Pix4TT, or My Docs/Texts/Text 4TT/Legal, or PDFs/PDFs4TT/Legal/Rental etc.) without having to launch a search.   To save a large number (up to 16 per day) of duplications of system image mirroring - whenever Windows ignores my task scheduled instructions and resorts to default - I find myself manually deleting about 50 System Restore points every week (who needs to create one more than before installing or removing software or maybe once a week?).   Of course all those accumulating System Restore points are compressed mini-images of the entire Windows OS state and, when doing a backup, will automatically be duplicating themselves again too!   In order to reduce constant CPU and RAM usage I also disabled Windows Search and Indexing (which maintains yet another constantly changing image of EVERYTHING as it changes on the Windows registry files) so if you want to do the same but still be able to find stuff on your PC or disc(s) then download and install 'Everything' from http:\\www.voidtools.com beforehand. You can use wild cards like ? or * to speed up searching Everything like this -> say you want to find a YouTube video of John Lennon you could put ?*John Lennon* or *Lennon?.mp4 in to save time.   Please do read the explanatory panel on this Wiki page to determine the precise difference between a Windows Incremental backup and a Windows Differential backup - Wikipedia   Download and install the excellent Pirisoft  CCleaner - Standard which includes under its Tools tab an option to View disc space usage. By Adding (and then selecting by checking) the drive letter of your external drive and allowing it to run a Search for a few minutes undisturbed it will show a bar diagram in type, percentage and physical size of all data files stored.   Below that will be a list of what those items consist of so you can clearly identify which type of files are the largest by their suffix (.doc .txt .mp4 .webm .cab .dll etc.) their name, their location path address and type (e.g. Music, Video, Document, Text, Compressed, Hidden, System, etc.)   There will be a button below which allows you to Save as text file if you can't be arsed to scroll through and extend the field widths to read the full path addresses but I've not used that button so have no idea how well seperated the resulting saved text file may be.   HTH   (too bad if it doesn't but, having been bitten by your style of gratitude before after taking too much time and trouble to try and help you, I'm not too likely to care much either way, tbh.)   2B
  14. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Fixed that for you, dear.   Methinks your work is done here for now so, unless you've got any TT meetups to book or cancel your place on, you can put your wooden spoon back in the kitchen drawer until you need it later on the cookery thread.   Are you really so unaware of the image your behaviour in TT projects that you don't realise that you are increasingly likely to be judged by the same standards that you set for other users (irrespective of your or other members personal opinions of whoever the targetted TTer may be) ? Asking for a friend!   2B    
  15. house prices

      That's probably wise otherwise you might be obligated to pay a huuuge (more than the listed price even!)  real estate agent fee should you ever actually buy one of their listed offers.   Be sure to check that you're not looking at Wochenendhäuse (weekend houses) located in so-called Schrebergarten (garden allotments) where only overnight stays on Fri or Sat are permitted and which tend to be under the strict control of a committee of other co-members who may lay down the law on your every attempt to change or improve the site.   Also be sure that the house has paved road access and has been connected within the last 10 - 20 years to the local fresh water, sewage, gas and electrical mains otherwise you may find yourself facing multiple charges in excess of the 'house price' to meet each of those requirements.   Be sure the local commune has approved the continuing use of the property as a dwelling and is not intending to run a new bypass road past it within 10 meters at any time in the next 15 years.   Or you could post links to the ads you saw and perhaps some TTers could save you time by pointing out the likely drawbacks - of course that would expose those willing TT community volunteers to a barrage of critisism from the usual bunch of newbies who do not add anything much to the TT server data base other than complaints about their prospects of unicorns and rainbows being spoiled and accusations of negativity by TT naysayers.   We just can't help but be unhelpful to someone sometimes just by trying to be helpful.   2B