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  1. Here's a suggestion;   Just read the answers given on the other 5 or 6 threads people with the identical worries about moving employers without having had their Blue Card updated posted in the TT 'Visas/permits' sub-forum during the course of this week(!!) alone.   I kid you not!!   This single question appears to be have been chosen as TT theme of the month for October and most of us are getting bored by it and mighty fed up of people who do not bother to use the damned site search before opening yet another identical duplicated topic theme post.   I'm going to move your post to the correct sub-forum now - in the vain hope it might be a tad easier for the next 200 visitors, newbies and/or lazy sods to find.   2B
  2.   Well, that's probably coz they're keeping up to date with their MunichDiaries!!   2B
  3. Normally, when applying for Einbürgerung, at least 8 years uninterrupted residence is one of the prerequisite conditions.   Only if the applicant can demonstrate that they are especially qualified to be granted an exception to that standard by the achievement of certain specific targets may the period be reduced to 7 years.   One of the targets is obtaining a B1 qualification in German so methinks it should be relatively easy for anyone who thinks they may be eligible to find an official source of that info.   Here's a tip; if you put "Einbürgerung in Chemnitz" into www.google.de  the 1st and 2nd links are to the responsible admin department of the city of Chemnitz. The 3rd is from the Sachsische Ausländerbeauftragte (sab), the office of the Sachsen commissioner for foreign nationals interests.   The Chemnitz city page info is factual, minimal in scope, and virtually identical to that provided by every other ABH/Einbürgerungbüro in Germany. I didn't check the content of the 2nd link coz it's just another PDF I don't need to download.   The info provided by the SAB is comprehensive and offers a more detailed outline of the procedure.   From the glance I took at those webpages I'd suspect your residence period under §16 AufenthG would not be counted to allow the exceptional 7 year option albeit once you've got the 8 years under your belt AFAIK the question of that §16 period becomes moot.   Good luck with your planning!   2B
  4. Living in Germany - getting a salary from the UK

    Hi @martinmartin   I see you've been a member of TT since February 2014 so I'm rather surprised and disappointed to note that you haven't learned to navigate your way around the site yet.   For your future convenience, and to show your appreciation of the TT community spirit, it would behove you to take advantage of the huge site archive full of useful tips, info and advice on such issues as you are asking about, before opening a superfluous topic thread.   Since those TTers who have gone to the trouble of finding and providing that valuable info in the distant or recent past have done so by investing their own personal free time, at no cost to those who may benefit from it, it is really not appreciated by many of them when folks just rock up expecting to be spoon-fed the very same information just because they couldn't be bothered to use the site search facilities for themselves.   Also, the site has several specific theme-oriented sub-forums for routine subjects which are not location specific. Examples being 'Business' 'Legal' and 'Finance' < where I'm about to move your topic which should have been posted there, alongside the other three or four on the same theme which were posted in the last 6 weeks.   Because detailed related answers already exist on most of the matching topics posters are encourged to post their similar questions on an existing thread rather than opening a new one.   This makes things easier for visitors, newbies and longer-standing members such as yourself to find results when searching.   Please note; when putting one or two key words into the site search there will first appear a list of the site-supporting advertisers whose services may be relevant. Under that list is a 'Show all results' button which you need to click to see the links to topic posts.   FYI there is a DTA between the UK and Germany the conditions of which will determine the correct legal fiscal answers to your questions according to the exact personal circumstances which apply in your case.   You can find, and download it from, the UK Gov website under the HMRC section, on the FRG federal gov website under the Ministry of Finance's pages, or by choosing either of the two countries from the list on the following linked page and then clicking on the other country's name.   Treaties for the avoidance of double taxation concluded by Member States - European Commission   HTH   2B
  5. Urlaubsbescheinigung from former employer

    The employer must hand over a holiday certificate to the employee upon termination of the employment relationship in accordance with § 6 Para. 2 BUrlG. It serves to inform the subsequent employer about leave already granted or compensated in the current calendar year so that he can assess how much leave is still to be granted to the new employee and to exclude double claims.   If a probationary period is agreed with the new employer, the holiday entitlement for the remaining calendar year may also differ.   The leave certificate must contain the following information:  personal data of the employee (name, etc.),  the calendar year for which it was issued,  Period in which the employment relationship existed,  Amount of leave entitlement accrued in this calendar year,  Periods in which leave was granted and taken (ignore or indicate any remaining leave granted in the previous year),  Number of days for which leave compensation was paid. ^Translated^ from the German Wikipedia article Urlaubsbescheinigung   If you put the word "Urlaubsbescheinigung" into www.google.de you will find links to credible sources of German media articles and some from law offices of reputable Fachanwälte für Arbeitsrecht almost all of which reiterate the core points of the above translation.   To summarize what seems to be the general opinion; the law says the employee is entitled to receive it and it is the duty of the employer to provide it albeit may be that the onus is on the departing employee to request (read demand) it be issued in a timely manner.   Most of the sources seek to warn employees that a failure on their part to ensure that they uphold their right at the time of changing employers may result in a loss of any legitimate holiday or leave entitlement they would otherwise have acccumulated. It would appear that inattention with regard to this detail may result in an employee finding themself in a situation for which there is no legal remedy to be had.   2B
  6. In Germany an oral agreement between legal persons may be defined as a legally binding contract in law so the fact that you did not sign any Mietvertrag yet is not, in and of itself, able to provide you with any legal certainty.   Whilst most Sections of the German Civil Code (BGB) relating to leasing of residential space provide effectively more protection of rights to tenants than to landlords there are Sections which provide landlords with rights based on their legitimate economic interests.    Situations similar to your own are not unheard of and there are in fact lots of case law examples where rulings have been made in favour of landlords, albeit there are also many where the courts have ruled in favour of the tenant.   Whether he is within his rights or behaving unethically in legal terms is by no means a straightforward yes or no question IMO.   Since German Mietrecht, (and consequently the entire country's habitual rental practise), is based around a 3 month temporal cycle and you have only given 1 months notice of your intent to withdraw he does appear to be facing an unexpected potential economic loss.   That he will have legal costs insurance is almost a given so it could be that his lawyer advised that he should retain your Kaution until it becomes clear whether or not he has suffered economic damages as a result of your action.   The purpose of a Kaution in Mietrecht is to provide a security deposit to cover any eventual economic losses caused by the tenant. Such losses may be due to physical material damage, or unpaid rent, or consequential loss of income due to non-availability of the property for a reason beyond the landlord's, but within the tenant's, control.   However, as he was not expecting to be in receipt of your rent until 1 November, I doubt he could claim to have suffered an actual loss before that date.   If you should find a way to be able to prove that the flat becomes occupied by, or very soon after, 1 November then he would probably not be able to sustain a claim of suffering actual economic damages.   I am not a lawyer and by law only a qualified lawyer or jurist is authorized to give legal advice in Germany so none of what you may read in online forums like TT should be considered to be legal advice.   I strongly recommend that, if you have not already done so, you join one of the local Mietervereine (tenant's associations) where you will be able to get legally sound opinion on your situation.   You may be able to talk to one of their own Fachanwälte für Mietrecht although you'd need to have been a member for 3 months before their group legal costs insurance policy would cover legal representation before the courts.   If you go to the DMB Deutscher MieterBund | Central organ of German Tenant's Associations  site, select the NRW region and enter your PLZ and city into the site search you will find a list of Mietervereine in your area.   NB: When you join you agree to pay a small annual subscription for a 2 year period. Unless you cancel your membership 3 full months before it ends your subscription will auto-renew for another 12 months and again each following year. Do not forget to cancel should you move away or leave the country!   2B   ETA: I agree with what @Fraufruit said too.
  7. I've just posted a silly photo

      So how could I ever refuse I feel like I win when I lose - Water loo - Couldn't escape if I wanted to Water loo - Knowing my fate is to take a poo Water loo - Finally sitting on my Water loo   2B
  8. Purchasing land in Bavaria

    You could have a look-see what's coming up on the quarterly land auction lists.   Westdeutsche Grundstücksauktionen AG - Willkommen   Waldgrundstück kaufen: 5 Schritte zum eigenen Wald | Wald-Prinz.de   Versteigerungskalender.de - Versteigerungen von Anwesen über Immobilien und Gewerbeobjekte bis Zwangsversteigerungen   Zwangsversteigerung = Court ordered property auctions (non-gov business site)   There's a subsidiary department at both the federal Ministry of Finance and the Bavarian Ministry of Finance which disposes of state owned property ranging from ex- US Military or Bundeswehr training land to forestry and inland lakes or riverside land parcels.   I used to know this before the millenium but forget atm what they changed the Bundes (or Bayrische) Liegenschaftamt nomenclature to. Maybe you can find them by using the site search tools via these links.   https://www.bundesfinanzministerium.de/Web/EN/.html Life situations - Thematic search - Entrepreneur - Bavarian Authorities Guide   FYI You'll always get better results for Germany related searches from google if you use www.google.de and it does pay to find the German key words out first.   Rather than the clunky google-translate.com you'll also get swifter and smoother results if you use www.deepl.com for single key words or any copy paste content up to ~ 350 words. Oh, and if you go to http://www.gesetze-bayern.de BAYERN-RECHT and look up Baugenehmigung or Flachennutzungspläne (or Flurbereinigungspläne maybe?) you should find some links to the relevant laws and the local government departments responsible for those planning issues.   HTH   2B
  9. Help with my 10 year old homework

    ^^ Genau!^^   I wasn't sure coz I'd never taken German lessons never mind Mathematik auf deutsch.   It was guesswork, but starting by checking this (logically assumed) list against the d) & e) answers was how I figured it out.   B = Billionen Mrd = Milliarden HM = Hundert Millionen ZM = zigMillionen M = Millionen HT = Hundert Tausend ZT = zigTausend T = Tausend H = Hundert E = Einseln oder Einzig   oh, and I forgot this one> Z = zig so 6Z = 60   @HEM AFAIR when we were doing stuff like this in Standard 3 and 4 of Junior School it was called (aptly) 'mental arithmetic' later, in 1st form at Grammar School they told us about Algebra which, IIRC, also used symbols to represent numbers. I remember wondering why 'they' needed to complicate simple things by giving them Greek names.   But regrettably I never got as far as trigonometry or calculus!   Because me and Harry Ernest got thrown out of every 3rd and 4th form Maths class just as soon as Frank Debley, a serious young (late 20s) teacher, entered.   Fortunately, in Standard 3 and 4, the serious elder (mid-60s) Mr Parks had taught us how to use applied mechanics and geometry in such interestingly entertaining lessons that I can still remember his vivid explanations.   "Imagine you are riding your bike on the level when you come to a high railway bridge with a very steep gradient. How do you manage to use the least effort to get to the top if you're very cold and tired and your gear changing Bowden cable has just snapped?"   Eventually, when we'd all given it some serious thought, he told us how he had been forced to learn how by doing it himself on the way home from his ARP fire-watching duty.   Amazing - we were as fascinated by his casual mention of his WW II experience as by the truly practical solution he came up with.   Hint:- You cover 4 x the distance but need only 1/4 of the effort!   Great teachers live on beyond their lifetime by virtue of their practical influence. Some less than great teachers are unforgettable too, thanks to their impatience and inability to communicate.   2B
  10. Bundesliga - Does anybody really care?

    The DFB were stupid to be dithering over the last couple of years when 'popular with the Mannschaft' Jögi Löw was already failing to kick butt and take names when half his team picks were acting like prima-donnas with their diving, falling, hacking and fail-passing theatricals.   The DFB chef was a sports journo with henchmen who may have had distinguished profi careers but they're all making out like gangbusters on the sponsorship funding. They seem to turn into a bunch of self-serving softies pretty quickly when it's warm and cosy enough.   They should've put their hard faces on and, instead of signing a premature extension with Jögi, waited for the WC result before deciding.   Those wait-and-see tactics probably cost them a golden opportunity to have had some preparatory words with the young Julian Nagelsmann from TSG Hoffenheim just as his local magic was appearing to wear thin and before he accepted the offer to go to RB Leipzig. They could have got  good 10 - 15 years out of a trainer of his age.   National coaches actions may be under the national microscope whenever there's an unexpected loss, but they're never under the amount of close-up weekly abusive critisism generated by a repetetively losing local team. You don't have to look to far to see how poorly some of the BuLi managers can handle that.   2B
  11. Untrue (Alternative) facts

    ^^ In where?   2B
  12. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

      Which changes to which specific law? Unless you've seen it referred to by § number, Abs number, Satz number and acronymic title of an actual act then it's possible that you may have read some press reporting on, or internet chatter about, a case law ruling.   The last significant ruling I can remember which referred to "Störerhaftung" was very specific in it's limitations to an individual, and unusually rare, set of circumstances which few people are likely to be able to match.   Not to discount the possibility that something has missed my attention, albeit I usually can't avoid German news reports on such things.  How recent are you talking about?   Before posting I re-checked the German Wikipedia entry for "Störerhaftung" where I found a link to the Bundesanzeiger Blatt with official latest legislative change to the Telemediengesetz (TMG) from October 2017. That is a small, but more actual, update to the currently availble version in the gesetz-online site.   My quick lay evaluation doesn't see it offering much of help to your case since it appears intended to strengthen an apparent weakness in the IP protection area relating to risks to operators of publicly accessible WLAN connections.   And now I see you did meanwhile find a press report on BGH case law.   So I've read the report in that BR link and do admit that it looks promising.   I would certainly recommend you to refer your own German lawyer to it in the hope s/he might be able to bluff the opposition with it.    OTOH I also see where you might have some difficulty in providing substantive technical evidence to back up such a defense retrocatively. Or do you have such accurate records of the equipment, its state and the events wrt to the technician's activities?   2B
  13. "Simple" Tax Refund

      There's not much "simple" about trying to claim a tax refund in Germany if you don't understand both the language and the peculiarities of financial legalese.   However, if you are, or were a salaried or waged employee then there are alternative experts who can do it for you for significantly less cost than a tax advisor (Steuerberater).    Put Lohnsteuerhilfe e.V Muenchen into www.google.DE and you'll find a dozen or so links. Check out their FAQs and Preise pages.   Their annual fee will depend on your annual gross income It's usually between 80 - 340 €s.   Be aware that it involves an auto-renewing membership contract though.   Or you could take @someonesdaughter's perfectly valid advice.   2B
  14. Brexit: The fallout

      Backstop means Brexstop! Brexit means Backshit!   2B
  15. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

      I suppose you're aware that their client list reads like a list of the top 50 IP content publishers in the world and that they are notorious for not giving up on any claim.   The reason they've come after you now is probably coz the orignal event was almost 3 years ago so they need to either close the file or go to court to get a judgement against you before the statute of limitations kicks in.   If you ignore their demands and they do get a judgement that could extend their right to enforce it to either 10 or 30 years (I forget which one applies in this type of case atm) and they'll have no problem finding a willing process server in any country where they can locate you.   I suspect @MunichResident's suggestions might be the most effective way to restrain the greedy bastards, albeit there are several posts in this thread from folks who claimed to have disregarded the majority opinions and not paid more than the minimum they'd offered. Unfortunately most of those posters have never reported back 3 - 5 years later to say they'd remained financially unscathed.   Good luck and, for future readers, please do post again about your experience.   2B