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  1. ^^ That might be the link from your computer (with its own Autoscout24 cookies) but it merely redirects to a register or sign in form for any other user..   2B
  2. How to get a court payment order (Mahnbescheid)

      Yes. I don't really follow the point of your second question. Contact the court appointed Gerichtsvollzieher for the district (PLZ) of Frankfurt in which your debtor is located and ask them for their advice. You can find a list which can be filtered by Strassenverzeichniss (street addresses) under the webpages of the Frankfurt am Main (or Hoechst, Offenbach, etc.) Amtsgericht.   Directory of Places and Courts in Germany: Courts & Public Prosecutors finder (in English)   Good luck, and don't forget to post your results for the benefit of future readers with similar problems.   2B
  3. I've just posted a silly photo

    "includes Guest WC (en suite)"   2B
  4. Deregister and salary

    @AWRH   Don't forget it is imperative to cancel contracts where applicable and in any case to notify ;   1) your German health insurance provider that you i) are leaving your job and if you don't intend to return to Germany, ii) have left the country. For statutory reasons public health insurers (GKV - Krankenkasse) will ask for proof of your having registered with a follow-on health insurance scheme so you may need to register with a GP to get that proof.   2) (assuming you were already in their clutches) your Rundfunkbeitragsstelle (TV & radio license authority) using their PDF form to deregister your account and including a copy of your deregistration and proof of your actual permanent departure date from Germany   3) any gas, electric, water, telephone or internet service provider with whom you were signed up of the date of your departure from Germany. Be prepared for them to play hard ball and insist on seeing proof of that actual departure and/or of your settlement in another country.   4) any other subscription service provider such as gym, sports club, newspaper, magazine, online or app any of which you should expect to act as per those in 3)   Additionally, in order to avoid any nasty surprises turning up a year or more later, it is advisable to arrange mail forwarding with the Deutsche Post for at least the first 6 months following your departure.   Hopefully you have read all the advice posted in the TT Legal forum on how to conduct the handover (Wohnungsübergabe) of your apartment and are aware of the typical delays in reimbursement of security deposits (Kaution) and your potential future financial liability for current utility usage in excess of monthly prepayment rates.   You can find more info wrt any of the other situations mentioned above by putting the applicable key words into the TT site search and, after it presents the site advertisers, scrolling down to click the 'Show all other results' button   2B
  5. Hiking in the Bavarian Alps · Next one: TBD

    There is absolutely no shortage of sources of books or maps with trails (and probably apps too) for any state in Germany, but by far the greatest number available are for Bavaria so it's somewhat hard to understand your difficulty in finding them.   Most bookshops will have large sections dedicated to exactly those needs. If you don't know where to find a bookshop then just take a look around the shopping area of any main train station.   You will find plenty of excellent online sources including motoring (ADAC), hiking and mountaineering (DAV) clubs or the local public broadcaster (BR) websites if you put a few basic German key words (e.g. Wandern, Wanderroute, Wandertouren, Tagestouren, with 'in Bayern' or 'nähe München') into www.google.de NOT google.com or google.uk!!   The word 'leicht' is the one to watch out for if you're looking for easy routes.   HTH   2B .
  6. Chimney sweep access to your house

    Graduates who have completed studies...   For the sake of clarity here's a translation courtesy of www.deepl.com   My bolds.   As you can see, apart from graduates, it's possible not only for master chimney sweeps, heating constructors or installers and journeymen/women in those trades but also whoever had completed an Ausbildung in the bulding supply chain (e.g. at OBI or some other baumarkt) and at least started further training by 25 April 2007 to be an Energy Consultant.   I happened to know about this because I'd seen notices in the Arbeitsamt about  new opportunies of further training in 2005 or '06 and read a couple of articles in the press at that time.   2B
  7. Chimney sweep access to your house

  8. Terminate car insurance because I moved abroad

      If they do send you a Bestätigung des Schadenfreiheitsrabattes you won't be getting what your Italian motor insurer needed to put you in the correct classification. The 'rabatte' part is non-transferrable and only applies within AllSecur or possibly across Allianz group motor insurances.   The word you should have used is Schadenfreiheitsklasse which defines your number of years of no accident claims record.   You'd better send a corrected version just to make sure they don't have the excuse of saying, "Well that's what the customer asked for" in a month from now.   2B
  9. Registration & healthcare HELP!

      It's very obvious to most of us in spite of your recent assertions that you a(n active?) voter in German elections that, in several areas of modern German legislation, you have become (or perhaps always were) abysmally uninformed.   FYI: NONE of the questions you posted above appear on, or have any relativity to, the current nationwide BMG Anmeldungformular, nor IME did they since at least 1984 under the former Hessen, Baden-Wurttemberg or Rheinland-Pfalz Landesmeldungs Gesetze Anmeldungsformular.   Even though it may disappoint you to know that the very idea of including such intrusive questions in the registration requirements was strongly objected to by the party you vote for, there's not much room here for you to use the OP's situation to try and find ammo for your case for the unconstitutional treatment of foreign migrants to Germany.   ETA Pro tip: wait until after the 1st of April then you'll have your chance to gloat over the OP's misfortune when their local ABH may indeed begin to take an interest in those areas of his life.   It's never been the duty of a registration authority to establish which EU citizens are in compliance with the FreizugigkeitsG(EG). EU citizens who are not in compliance seem to come to the attention of the authorities either by attempting to claim unentitled benefits or getting caught working on the black economy.   2B
  10. Registering S1 certificate in Frankfurt

      Apart from availability being limited in some cases by industrial branch or their regional-oriented capacity they do not offer exactly identical uniform conditions. Some offer bonus discounts for those involved in pro-active membership of approved sporting clubs and gyms and there may also be some very slight variations in monthly premium charges.   Perhaps the most notable difference lies with the Beitragszusatz % (= total annual limit of nett income payable by patient towards prescription medicines or treatment materials - most prescriptions require 5 or 10€ self payment per item) which affect people to a varying degree depending on their family status (more of a financial effect on single childless than married with kids) or medical condition (e.g. for prescriptions for chronic illnesses the % is cut in half) and ranges from 0.20 - 1.5%   The nationwide organization for all public health insurers (Gesetzliche Kranken Versicherer aka Krankenkasse) is the GKV-Spitzenverband.   You can read about the system in Information in English - GKV-Spitzenverband   The Krankenkassenliste - GKV-Spitzenverband (in German) lists all 109 German public health insurers and shows any regional, or other (e.g. branch or corporate), membership restrictions as well as their applicable Beitragszusatz %   Although it's probably wise to learn as much as you can about the system before committing to one insurer, if you wish to cut out the research you could just go straight to the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) English pages here -> English | TK   2B
  11. Terminate car insurance because I moved abroad

      I wouldn't really have expected any call center employee (located who knows where) to be equipped with a scripted response to a non-standard type of request like yours, and the same applies to most firms automated e-mail responses which are probably limited to the use of a set of standardized CRM replies.   There may also be an added level of confusion depending on whether you are able to convey your needs concisely in German or whether the person (if they are one) contacted is sufficiently fluent in either German or English to understand your needs.   You obviously need your request to reach an individual human who both understands your individual needs and has the authority to use their own initiative.   If, as recommended in their Kfz-Versicherung Wissen section on applying for your Schadensfreiheitsklasse, you have already posted your request via their website's Kontakt link and received no satisfactory response then the info in their Impressum recommends...   Sollte Ihr Anliegen damit nicht gelöst sein, schreiben Sie uns bitte eine E-Mail an: service@allsecur.de.   ...  to which I would add the suggestion to also send copies via snail mail to both named individuals at...   AllSecur Deutschland AG Allianz Gruppe vertreten durch den Vorstand: Harald Boysen, Vorsitzender; Christian Warmuth AllSecur - Postanschrift: Postfach 200119, 60605 Frankfurt am Main Theodor-Stern-Kai 1, 60596 Frankfurt am Main   and via fax to both the same individuals at Faxnummer: 069 / 99999 199   You might want to double up with the snail mails to AllSecur - Firmensitz: Königinstr. 28, 80802 München   If those measures do not result in a satisfactory resolution then a detailed (including timelined copies of all communications) complaint to both the German Insurance Association (GDV) and BaFin - (Complaining to BaFin) would appear to be more than justifiable.   HTH   and please don't forget to post your results here, for the benefit of future readers drawn to your thread title by Google.   2B    
  12. Living around the Ostpark area of Munich

    ^^Joins from Athens to plug a Moscow based 'real estate broker' website, which claims to have an office in Freiberg but lists a (virtual) London UK phone number, only to waffle on about friends in Berlin and whether it wouldn't be better to choose Stuttgart over Munich?   Oh, yeah, that story's about the most original one any Russian click farm spam plugger Athenian ever thought of ... today!   2B
  13. I've just posted a silly photo

    The moment I wake up, while puttin' on my make-up, I take a little pill or two...   While combin' my hair now, or wonderin' what dress to wear now, I take a little pill or two   Forever, forever, I'm flyin' high forever, when I take a little pill or two...   2B
  14. Rent options in the Stuttgart Area

      @trrr is correct in pointing out how long it can take in the Stuttgart area but, although it may have got more acute in recent years, that was the case when I moved there for work in 1987 and managed to find a very decent new flat (with a completely loopy landlady) in 7 weeks.   There are still some private landlords in Germany who never list their coming vacancies on internet websites, but in the local newspaper(s) print editions. With local market demand as high as it is they hardly seem to feel the need to change their traditional methods.   In most areas Immobilien, 'Mietwohnung' and 'Nachmieter gesucht' ads only appear on two days of the week, Wednesday (meagre amount of ads) and Saturday (lots of ads).   In most of the larger cities the Saturday edition is already on sale by 22:00hr on Friday night at the Hauptbahnhof, busier Tankstellen and even in the street at major traffic lights. AFAIR both the Stuttgarter Nachrichten and Stuttgarter Zeitung can be found late Friday too.   Other possibilities are to look out for 'Nachmieter gesucht' notices posted on pinboards in the entry area of many larger supermarkets (not Lidl and Aldi) and even Baumarkt by tenants who may be keen to move out sooner than their minimum notice period permits.   It may be worthwhile checking for REWE, REAL, Kaufland, Toom, OBI, and other such markt addresses on Google maps then spending a day or two getting off at each of the S-Bahn stops long the line from Stuttgart to Böblingen to check out all those possible sources.   HTH Good luck!   2B
  15. Conspiracy theorists

      FTFM!!   2B