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  1. To apply to not apply for a Gewerbeschein?

      Theoretically, yes, but it is possible to do so (in exceptional cases) and register retroactively.   You could but, as mentioned, that may prove to be far more expensive than paying a penalty for a single minor infringement.   2B
  2. Heating system repair - DIY experts?

      True, but there are many ways to ensure sufficient fresh air ventilation without tempting rats, bats or mice into entering the cosy, warm space.   For example...     And for round pipes such as @rodisi mentioned...         Baumärkte, like OBI, etc., carry them or you can order them online.   Try google.de for 'Heizraum Belüftungsgitter' or, for more flexible solutions 'Schutzgitter'.   2B
  3. What made you laugh today?

      Wonder what the odds are that if you check your balance using that Kontonummer you'll find a line item under Mitteilung showing Porto/Versandskosten - 2,28 €   2B
  4. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    Any UK citizens who are here and have not been working in any form of job which does oblige payment of the statutory social contributions, particularly if they do not have a recognized German or BaFin-approved health insurance, may well find themselves in even more trouble than they might presently be.   There is one form of emergency 'backstop' which will remain open to cover their immediate survival needs which has nothing to do with either the EU or Brexit.   If the UK HoC does indeed reject the May govts advice, does not endorse the UK-EU WA and forces a 'disorderly (no deal) Brexit then that should still have no effect on the existing terms of the Council of Europe Convention on Social and Medical Assistance which was initially agreed in 1953 between the then CoE member states.   It has since been endorsed and ratified by all EU member states as well as many other post-communist CoE member states beyond the EU borders.   This link Council of Europe Treaty No. 014 Paris 11 Dec 1953 Convention on Social and Medical Assistance (PDF) should hopefully be live but if not then you may have some fun finding a better route via the absolutely mis-named Details of Treaty No.014 European Convention on Social and Medical Assistance which does not show what most ppl would call details at all.   One important page to take note of is the Reservations and Declarations for Treaty No.014 - European Convention on Social and Medical Assistance in which there's a list of conditional limitations which many member states have added or amended to meet their national statutory needs. Most of them are simple referrals to changes made in terminology, some from the 1950s - '70s albeit some are quite recent.   Germany has made several, the latest in 2005 and 2011 to update in line with the ALG II provisions of the SGB II and XII. The FRG even made changes just 8 days after reunification (11 Oct 1990) presumably in order to close off possible liabilities for carrying costs of non-DDR citizens from other non- or eastern- European countries who may have been living in the 'new federal states'.   Not all, but most, Member states of the Council of Europe are signatories to CoE Treaty No.014 including Turkey which signed up 3 years before Germany even joined the CoE.   The entire (10 pp) treaty consists of 29 Articles (incl. 5 in the Protocoll) several regarding legal definitions of the terminology used, who it applies to, which state is responsible for what costs etc., etc. but apart from repatriation, the key minimum standards of health and social care are basically those that this quote mentions.     As far as I understand it the exclusion of 'non-contributory pensions and benefits paid in respect of war injuries due to foreign occupation' does not neccessarily mean no-one is going to be able to claim ALG II (Hartz IV) or any post-retirement social security help under this treaty.   2B   Standard TT disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and the above does not purport to be legal advice. In Germany only a qualified Rechtsanwalt or Jurist is entitled by law to give legal advice.
  5. How to get weed near Nikolassee?

    I came across the following US 'internet resource' several months ago. I had forgotten about it until now, didn't even bookmark it, but I found it was still in my history despite routine purging.   It's an aggregation of global tips posted anonomously by ppl who either live where they're reporting about, or were touring at the time they reported the info. One point that hit my sceptical-about-the-value-or-truth-of-some-contributions nerve was the fact that some of them gave similar prices (often $ 100!) per gram as others gave per ounce (~28g).   IME of Germany neither are commonly used measures in the street or off-street weed trade. Maybe a number of grams, but usually they'll either show a piece or package and say a price or, more often, ask how much you want and expect to be told a number of €€s. Back in the day, without a touch, smell and heat-if-hash test I'd never have risked even 1€ and no more than 10 or 20 €s anyway, unless I'd met the party a few times around the same place.   Berlin, Germany Marijuana Prices, Laws, Buying & Information For Weed In Berlin, Germany   Keep your eyes open (not only for 2nd or 3rd guys hustling, but also for drug squad cops) but be relaxed rather than tensed up. Try to walk (look) and sound confident and in command without being loud. Expect them to need to move away from their standing area with you to get out of eyeshot of cops or cameras and coz they'll have different size deals stashed in odd places.   Try to avoid obvious junkies - they won't have anything to sell, until they've taken your cellphone off you!   Info suppliers on TT threads often include a request to "please post your results for the benefit of future readers with similar needs" so it'll be interesting to see if you do @jocoteverde   2B
  6. I've just posted a silly photo

    "Even if it is a wet or dry vacuum cleaner it still won't work unless you plug it in."   2B
  7. Massive Riots in Paris

      It should have been obvious to anyone, although apparently not to Trump, that the video he linked showing people chanting in English, "We want Trump" had nothing whatsoever to do with Paris or the French featuring as it did British police officers and having been compiled by the EDL and other Tommy Robinson supporters at 'rallies' which had taken place in Belfast and locations in England earlier in the year during the times said minority bashing bully was under arrest for failing to appear in court to face contempt charges.   Trumpo of the Failey strikes again!   By all accounts the turn up in Paris was significantly lower than on the previous weekends - by Paris' Police standards not so much what they would consider a 'massive riot' but more a conglomeration of politically frustrated country people forming passive groups on the outer periphery with central active roles being played by a mixture of determined extremists from both left and right persuasion taking the opportunity to try and gain maximum publicity whilst some of the local frustrated urban youth got busy vandalizing and looting and causing maximum damage to the city's economy.   No doubt those who agreed with DJT's pronouncements blaming the Antifa for being soley responsible for all the trouble at the 2017 G20 in Hamburg will be along soon to blame Macron, the French government and the EU for all the trouble in Paris as if it couldn't have anything to do with the less than subtle encouragement the rioters were offered by DJT or MLP.   Whatever, they'll probably be the same folks who complain regularly about the 'breakdown of law and order' and whinge on about the democratic obligation to force unpopular legislation on ppl in their own (or other peoples) country whilst condemning another country's democratically elected governments right and obligation to enact policies which were part of their pre-election manifesto.   Still, if it were not for hipocrisy the majority of the human race would have very little in common indeed.   2B
  8. I've just posted a silly photo

    You missed a bit over there by your right foot.   2B
  9. ^^ my, my, that's 4 x Wills in just one (5-part) tweet   - maybe one day he'll finally tweet his last Will   2B
  10.   On the tails of 54 brave mousetronauts daring to sniff where no mouse has sniffed before?   2B
  11.   hahahaha - That should amuse the heck out of the lawyers telephonist/s (not!).   How many times a day do you think they like to get bawled out by their bosses for putting a call through from someone who was intent on wasting their billable minutes on insulting the intelligence of/or underestimating the professional skills and qualifications of their employer?   2B   ETA: Law on the Remuneration of Attorneys - Index (Gesetz über die Vergütung der Rechtsanwältinnen und Rechtsanwälte - RVG) <- English translation for reference
  12. Hartz VI when I don't pay rent?

      Your independent economic activity does not meet the common standards applied by either the tax, employment or immigration authorities defining 'established ' self-employment as referred to in Section 2 (2) 2. and if your status is based on Section 2 (2) 5. then the requirements of Section 4 apply.   However if your partner is an EU citizen and you are either married or in a legally recognized form of partnership then your status may fall under Section 2, (2), 6. and consequently the requirements of both Sections 3 and 4.   2B   ETA: what @someonesdaughter said!
  13. De register car a day after selling it?

      As @Krieg said, you can get an eVB code from any (and I would say IME as a former car dealer every) German motor insurance provider by phone or internet. It will only take effect (and initiate a contractual payment libility) if it is actually presented to and entered into 'the system' by an official Kfz-Zulassungsstelle.   I would call your current motor insurers' regional or head office and ask them why your POC in their company is refusing to issue you with an 'elektronik Versicherungs bestätigung' for your new car. It seems to me they have misunderstood sth or were blowing smoke.   2B
  14. De register car a day after selling it?

      True, but then he'd have to give them a magic carpet (woven from €€€s) to transport his current car 100km to their dealership and his new car 100km back from there with.   2B
  15. Help understanding text written on a visa

    OK, that endorsement means your visa was issued according to the conditions of the following Section (auf Deutsch Paragraph = §) and subsection (Nummer = NR) numbers of the Residence Ordnance (AufenthV)     ... but, despite of being directed at someone with the same type of visa conditions as you, these are questions are far too vague and general in their nature.   Your visa offers a really huge advantage over the majority of visas isued to people on this forum insofar as it does not require the subsequent approval of the local foreigners authority (Ausländerbehörde or ABH) so you will be spared the frustration of having to try to book appointments, waiting for hours in queues, being interrogated by impatient and legally pedantic officials who will (for legal reasons) only ever speak German with their customers no matter whether those customers can understand them or not.   Additionally any difficulties you may encounter are, according to all the reports I've read from other TTers in similar circumstances, far less likely to have anything to do with your type of visa than they may have to do with your employer, and in particular I'm thinking of your direct supervisor(s?) rather than the HR of the uni.   Until you yourself have established a working relationship with that person it would probably be foolish to spend much time worrying about those risks in advance.   OTOH, if you think it may help you (á la 'forewarned is fore-armed') to worry about problems others may have had in the more recent past, you could try searching through topic titles posted in the Legal subforum where several people a week post about employment issues.   Some of those are related to jobs as Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter (or Wissenschaftliche Hilfsarbeiter) in unis or applied science institutes.   Most issues seem to be wrt which step of the public employees tariff agreement they are being prevented from achieving or how many (paid or unpaid) hours they should or may work (during or between semesters) and suchlike.   Key words (or abbreviations) you may see used are TVÖD HiWi and FH.   I hope that's useful because I'm done for now, having just noticed that it's already taken me more time than I had intended.   If you do have any specific questions feel free to post them here. Maybe someone else with some knowledge of academia will be able to answer them.   2B