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  1. De-register as Freelancer (providing evidence)

      Simple instructions are available in both German and English on the relevant pages of the Berlin.de website.   Please see Steuerliche Abmeldung eines Unternehmens - Dienstleistungen - Service Berlin - Berlin.de  and Tax de-registration of a company - Services - Dienstleistungen - Service Berlin - Berlin.de   Unfortunately both the links to the downloadable PDF 'Formulare' or 'Forms' on those pages will, irrelevant of the language of the link title, only permit you to save a German language copy which is a very simple 2 page 149Kb pdf.   NB: the above links only apply to Berlin!   For readers seeking similar sources of info relevant to other locations in Germany some of the following links might help.   abmeldung freiberufliche tätigkeit finanzamt vorlage - Google-Suche   fragebogen zur beendigung der gewerblichen oder selbständigen tätigkeit - Google-Suche   finanzamt freiberufliche tätigkeit abmelden formular - Google-Suche   If not then the standard search tips for Germany are to use a minimum number of German(!) key words (e.g.; 'beendigung+freiberuflichetätigkeit+Finanzamt+your city+PLZ (i.e.; postcode zipcode) and put that into www.google.de(!!!)   HTH   2B
  2. I've just posted a silly photo

    Port Vice-Admiral to Starboard Captain - 'on my mark - release inboard and outboard portside brakes'   'mark five, mark four, mark three, mark two, mark one, MARK!!'   Starboard Captain to Port Vice-Admiral 'oh bugger me! Missed that one, sir!'     2B
  3. Definitions game

      piccolo paleo   espirit de l'Stade   2B
  4. Being the outsider in a village

    Apart from an apparent total disregard of 70 years of history and 30 years of reunification pains, it sounds to me a bit more like a removal to rural northern Germany of the 1932 published comic novel, (described as occuring during 1946 in the period following the Nicarguan-British War), Cold Comfort Farm   2B
  5. I've just posted a silly photo

    My mates say PAX on board be happy if they get given enuff 'stewardess mince'   2B