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  1. Hello,   I have a legal question concerning a certain copyright situation. I would appreciate any legal advice, or whether I should contact a lawyer online/in person. I have searched about the topic in the forums but it is slightly different from the existing one.   A long while ago I have created a website for my wife (we are both not good at this) and on the front page used a picture from Wikipedia listed under: Creative Commons-Lizenz which says you can freely use, copy or distribute. SO I assumed I am fine. After sometime I did not need the site anymore so I shut it down, freed the domain and deleted all files. So far, so good. about 5 months later I receive  letter from the Photographer who owns the photo asking me to pay around 1500 euros (2 x full license = 700 euro) because I used it without permission and I did not mention the source on the front page. Going back to the license agreement, indeed I find in some note that I can use the picture freely if I mentioned the source, which I failed to see. Now he keeps sending me letters (3 so far) asking for payment or taking legal action.   Where do stand legally? The photographer never sent me any letters while the site was up, he sent me the first letter 5 months after it was taken down. Does this change anything? Should I just pay or should I see a lawyer? The amount he is asking for is crazy: 1500 euros!   Thanks for any useful (educated) advice!