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  1. I recently injured my knee in a skiing accident and was diagnosed by a local (in Potsdam, where I reside) with a torn ACL. Unfortunately, the orthopedist that diagnosed me did so through an interpreter (a friend), and it created a barrier to the flow of information that I am not comfortable with - a good deal was lost in the flux of translation, and I left with many unanswered questions. I need to be able to communicate confidently with my orthopedist on the same level; it felt like I was caught in a dream-state yelling to someone on a seventh-floor balcony.   I've been living in Potsdam for about 3 months and I don't speak German. Does anyone know of an English-speaking Orthopedist in Potsdam or Berlin? I have had no luck as of yet. Or, I am also looking for an English-speaking Primary Care Physician in Potsdam - they might also be able to help me find a specialist that can converse in my native tongue. Thanks!   Brett