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  1. well the social organisation has got pretty non-existent of late.. so I thought it was about time some decent info was posted!   Starting this week there is the Hamburger Fish market 5 - 15th on the Karlsplatz in Stuttgart, worth a visit if you are in the Stuttgart area   In 2 weekends time Fri 20/ Sat 21 July there is a very decent street festival in the bohnenviertel ( bean quarter ). I went 2 years ago and it was really good. Some bands, dj's and lots of different food and drink. Predominantly a young crowd, I guess around 5000 people and it is completely free! http://www.das-bohnenviertelfest.de/ something unique to Stuttgart. If there are some people interested in meeting up I will try and get group of us who know each other here in Stuttgart and we can all meet up + anyone who wants to come from outside Stuttgart ??   The following week from the Bohnenfest there is the Henkersfest just up the road on the Wilhelmsplatz. This is an open air band fest that runs for 4 days. Music isn't always of the highest quality but again worth a visit if you are in Stuttgart.   Also for anyone that had missed it the ( World famous ) Stuttagrt Jazz Open runs from Sunday this weekend for about 10 days, highlights next week include Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone and Steely Dan. www.jazzopen.com   more information to follow when I have time...