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  1. 3 times I've found things in my trolley that I hadn't paid for. Small things, a sachet or something, but always really small. Twice, I ran back into the supermarket to pay the person on the check-out, but one time, there were lines of people waiting to pay and I decided not to do it, I still feel a bit guilty about that.  
  2. The song that always reminds me of my early days in Frankfurt is Phil Collins, In the Air tonight.  Myself and my best friend were staying in the middle of Frankfurt. It was summer, so we had the windows open wide all night.  Coming from Ireland, we weren’t used to the heat.  There was a set of traffic lights just outside our bedroom and at night, lots of cars had that song playing loudly, waiting for the lights to change.  It was so exciting; I loved it and I still do. I feel that song has accompanied me through the years, and I can still hear it being played by oldies like me 😊
  3.   What about us?   God's love is unconditional, he is like your Father and will forgive you anything, but if you don't go to church on Sunday, or if you do, or even just think about doing, anything bad, he will send you straight to hell.    (As a child, I always had such a problem trying to figure that one out!)
  4. A question for all you long-timers:

      It's not just the sports car or trying to look like a 20 year old.  It's something different for everyone as they realise they're getting older. Some people cope well with it, others, not so much
  5. A question for all you long-timers:

    But doesn't everyone get a bit "stuck"  at times and wonder where their life is going?  Especially after a partner leaves, or dies, or when children leave home.  These are big changes in life and they do make us think about the next steps.   I felt some "empty nest" syndrome when my last child left home, but I got over it and found other interests.  Now, I'm waiting for grandchildren (no pressure!) and I'm looking forward to that, if and when it happens.  We need to be proactive, either accept this is where we are and make the best of it, or change something and hope it makes us happier or more content.
  6. Conspiracy theorists

    I have 3 young adults and one of them is trying to get pregnant just now.  They are all getting their vaccinations over the next couple of weeks.  The one trying to get pregnant has spoken to her doctors and done some research herself, and she and her husband feel confident about getting it.  Being pregnant and actually getting Covid-19 has it's dangers too, so they've decided it's the safer option.   This is something everyone has to decide for themselves.
  7. The Vegetarian's Dilemma

      I was having a lot of stomach problems and when I cut down on fruit and wheat, the whole thing settled down.  If I buy bread today, it's usually a mix of rye and wheat, or I make my own Irish soda bread with spelt flour.  My stomach has settled down completely, less bloating, less wind, less cramps and less - how can I say this nicely - loose stools 
  8. The Vegetarian's Dilemma

      I've been using dinkel flour for a few years now when cooking and especially baking, it's much easier on the digestive system. 
  9. The Vegetarian's Dilemma

    I can't eat a lot of fruit, but I can eat berries, so summer and autumn are great for me.  I do eat a lot of veg though, they are the base of most meals I cook.
  10.   What I did, lots of single parents have to do, there are enough people here on TT doing the same. What FF did is on a whole other level and I have such admiration for her in doing what she did - we could all learn something from that!   
  11.   Wow, I don't think I could have done that!   As MUinEU already said, that really does take strength.  
  12. Having been left with 3 children still in school and no financial support from my ex, I managed to get all 3 through school and higher education. They are all now in good jobs, doing well and, more importantly, I have a good relationship with each of them, as they do with each other.  That’s my greatest achievement and I’m damn proud of it.
  13. What's got you flummoxed today?

      I would love to go to a restaurant, but if I have to sit outside, I need it to be at least dry.  Things should get better over the weekend, so I'm living in hope!
  14.   Apparently, someone can, and there'll be enough people out there ready to believe it.
  15. Good for you Aunty Helen, you've taken control over your life back and that's the best thing you could have done.  Take some time now to enjoy your life, and I'm quite sure, something will turn up when you're ready.