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  1. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

    Where I grew up, nobody called ahead, we always just called by and either the person was home or they weren't.  Even today, when I go back, I call around to my old neighbours to see them and I'm always welcomed in.  I think it is probably changing today, but older generations still do it in Ireland.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    I find lots of people's posts tedious, but that's okay, I don't have to like everyone.  We all have a right to our opinion and to express them on an open forum.
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    Because this is an open forum and she has something to say. Why does this annoy you so much?
  4. Just watched her being interviewed on the news, she's wearing a celtic Claddagh ring on her right hand, I find that a bit odd.     Go to 1.11 and you can see it clearly
  5. Refrigerator temperature

    I was talking to my egg supplier only yesterday about this, and he claimed that it doesn't matter if you leave them out or store them in the fridge, but he did say that once you put them in the fridge, you should leave them in there!
  6. English language learning!!

    Greenmango, what do you mean by "the total worth of the English language learning market"?     
  7. what happens at a pap smear test

    If what you describe were a typical pap smear, then I would never go and neither would a lot of woman.  I don't know why your German friends are telling you this, but it hasn't been my experience.   I do need an Überweisung , but that has to do with my insurance.
  8. Class trips - right to refuse?

    Clearly, but my understanding is that if a parent goes to the school and lets them know that it's too expensive for them, an exception can be made, or they will be given some financial help.  Basically, the school needs to know what the problem is because that child will not be attending "school" with it's classmates for that time. 
  9. Class trips - right to refuse?

    I agree with the above, class trips are seen as part of a child's overall education here.  I suspect the school may have to send a report to the Schulamt as to why some child is not participating and they are asking you for details because they want to tick all the boxes.
  10. Dangerous use of fireworks on New Year's Eve

    I love New Year here, I don't like to be near the fireworks, but I love to watch them, so I stay indoors.  There's something special about saying goodbye to the old year with a bang and then starting fresh into the new year.  Sometimes the weather is clear and it's fun, other years the weather is bad and we don't get the full effect, such is life.   Germans grow up learning how to deal with fireworks, I saw that with my children.  People mucking about with them are often dumbass foreigners who think it's funny to aim them at people.  If you're nervous, find somewhere safe to watch them, but don't try to ban them, it's a tradition here and I think it's one of the better ones.
  11. This is true, but English is still being taught as a subject to pass an exam in, not to communicate in, which is why I've had a job here for the past 20 years helping people actually speak English.  I've met so many people coming out of Realschule/Hauptschule who can pass a written exam, but can't hold a conversation, and I don't think that's just in Germany. 
  12. The 10 Most Spoken Languages In The World in 2018 Chinese. According to Ethnologue the number of Chinese native speakers is close to 1.3 billion, roughly a billion of whom speak mandarin. ... Spanish. ... English. ... Arabic. ... Hindi. ... Bengali. ... Portuguese. ... Russian. Also from Google!
  13. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I wish it were that easy john, but for many people it's not. There's a chemical reaction in the brain and once that kicks in, people keep gambling to get that kick again and again, they can't seem to control it, at least not without a lot of help.  I've had all of this explained to be by doctors and psychologists and I was warned to watch my kids in case they displayed the same tendencies, but luckily, so far, they haven't.  His parents had "flutters" on horses and bingo, that's where the doctor's say it started. Today, the tempetation seems to be much greater and much easier to access.
  14. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Sorry John, but you're wrong, gambling is an epidemic today, it's completely out of control and is destroying lives.  You can spot drugs and alcohol, but gambling you can't see until you go to the bank to get some money and the accounts are empty - I've been there, I know what it's like.   More and more gambling is done online and people are becoming so addicted to it, they can't stop until all the money is gone, and where does that leave a family?   Please don't make light of it, do some research and you'll see what a huge problem it is everywhere, for both men and women, and it's getting worse because it's getting easier and more acceptable. 
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    https://www.independent.ie/business/irish/moodys-raises-credit-outlook-for-irish-banks-37402030.html   It all depends on who you read and what you read.  This article is from 10 October 2018 and puts a much more positive spin on things.  Of course, you'll find all the negativity when you look for it, but until something happens, we have to stay positive.