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  1. THe managing agents of my development are carrying out expensive renovations. A loan will be taken out on behalf of owners who cannot pay the funds upfront. I will be paying my share upfront. However, it appears that despite I have not chosen to take out a loan, I will be jointly responsible for any owners who do not pay there share. Is this normal? Any advice would be appreciated.   „Diejenigen Eigentümer, die von der Möglichkeit der Selbstfinanzierung nicht fristgerecht Gebrauch machen, nehmen im Innenverhältnis automatisch am Darlehen teil. Im Außenverhältnis bleibt es dabei, dass gem. § 9 Abs. 4 WEG für die Verbindlichkeiten der Wohnungseigentümergemeinschaft gegenüber dem Darlehensgeber jeder Miteigentümer anteilig in Höhe des jeweiligen Miteigentumsanteil haftet und im Innenverhältnis alle Miteigentümer verpflichtet sind, die Mittel aufzubringen, die die Wohnungseigentümergemeinschaft zur Bezahlung Ihrer Verbindlichkeiten benötigt, so dass bei finanziellen Ausfällen einzelner Miteigentümer eine entsprechende Nachschusspflicht der übrigen Miteigentümer besteht, und zwar auch für diejenigen Miteigentümer, die im Innenverhältnis die Sonderumlage selbst finanziert und ohne Beteiligung am Darlehen aufgebracht haben. Der Hinweis auf die anteilige Außenhaftung und die mögliche Nachschusspflicht hat nur informatorischen und keinen konstruktiven Charakter.“
  2. covid self test in primary school.

    My primary school aged child has to take a covid self test twice a week in order to attend school. He had a nose bleed recently which he has never had before.  Seeing as there don't seem to be any plans to scrap this would i be at liberty to keep my child home from school? Does anyone know of any plans to scrap this requirement?
  3. Do I need an architect?

    Thank you for all the suggestions... Interesting to learn about the Bauamt. Do I have to go to the local Bauamt? I seem to be close to a couple, and I'm not sure if there is a 'designated' bauamt for my postcode.
  4. Do I need an architect?

    I currently have a very large terrace on my home. The layout is such that there is a corner of the terrace which is walled on 3 sides - I would like to have sliding doors installed on the last remaining side to convert it to a study (since I will be working from home for the forseeable future). Currently that area is covered by plastic panels so we have a gazebo type thing, but I would like to remove those sheets to make a more 'permanant roof'. I have called around but all the architects claim to be too busy to help. I was wondering what/if any other options I have?