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  1. covid self test in primary school.

    My primary school aged child has to take a covid self test twice a week in order to attend school. He had a nose bleed recently which he has never had before.  Seeing as there don't seem to be any plans to scrap this would i be at liberty to keep my child home from school? Does anyone know of any plans to scrap this requirement?
  2. Do I need an architect?

    Thank you for all the suggestions... Interesting to learn about the Bauamt. Do I have to go to the local Bauamt? I seem to be close to a couple, and I'm not sure if there is a 'designated' bauamt for my postcode.
  3. Do I need an architect?

    I currently have a very large terrace on my home. The layout is such that there is a corner of the terrace which is walled on 3 sides - I would like to have sliding doors installed on the last remaining side to convert it to a study (since I will be working from home for the forseeable future). Currently that area is covered by plastic panels so we have a gazebo type thing, but I would like to remove those sheets to make a more 'permanant roof'. I have called around but all the architects claim to be too busy to help. I was wondering what/if any other options I have?