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  1. Suicide - would/could you kill yourself?

    Thank goodness it looks like assisted dying will soon be legal in Germany too. An acquaintence of mine with incurable cancer was given a month to live yeasterday and wants nothing more than a swift, peaceful and painless death at the time of her choosing. Living in agony isn't living, it's suffering. I once saw a dog that had been hit by a car. It lay by the road still 'running' though lying on its side, as if it could catch up to Death and find relief. It took a half hour to die. Horrible. No one had the courage to kill it swiftly. Not the doctor, who lay his jacket over it. The police with guns on their hips didn't do anything but call the only animal control officer in town who was too busy rounding up cattle that had gotten out of fencing. 
  2. Coronavirus

    Five cases in all of Germany versus seven in one Oregon county where my father lives. That said, I'm driving to work now. No more bus/train for me. With the saved Job Ticket money I can just put out another 30 Euros a month and lease an E-car anyway. 
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    This reminds me of Karneval. It's my 'throw open the windows and let the music flow out to the garden' song: Camera Obscura The Sweetest Thing. If only it was actually warm enough to leave the window open during the whole song. 
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    I may be repeating myself here but I never heard a band quite like this til I accidentally flipped the tv channel to Jools Holland many years ago. The video for the song is quite interesting too. Reapeat or not: Everything Everything MY KZ, UR BF 
  5. Coronavirus

    Cornona virus. It was smack on the front page of the newspaper at work today with the latest news about corona virus in Italy. Cordoning off areas reminded me of Albert Camus' novel The Plague. The novel is set in 1940s Algeria. Another epidemic realted short story (1918-19 flu) which is wonderfully strange in its stream of consciousness style is Katherine Anne 'Porter's Pale Hose, Pale Rider.' Just in case you are looking for a literary 'escape.' 
  6. Modafinil w/o prescription?

    Go to DM! Not a baldrian fan, I bought some melatonin spray at DM to help me get to sleep and quickly. Only needed to use it twice so far but it worked for me.
  7. The Vent - No Chat!

    Just when your longed for relief came in the form of a competent Pflegeguy who took good care of your man in the wee hours, you staged another personal health crisis and had to call the ambulance to get escorted away from the remaining four days of having no Pflegeguy around. 10 days later and a cauterized hemmeroid behind you, you come home within 12 hours of your renter, in excruciating chest pain, scuttling off in an ambulance to avoid having to encounter you. You feel better now you blasted your son, who cared for your husband every day you were gone, even on the days Pflegeguy came by? Ever wondered why nobody but the shifty little cleaning lady likes you? 
  8. Microwave potato chips

    I baked French fries last night (just from a bag of them found in the frozen food section, sunflower oil already on them) in the oven with some salt sprinkled on top of them. Opening the satay peanut sauce jar from last week's indulgence, I saw fuzzy white mold so went for the curry ketchup instead. Chopped some thin sliced red onions, put them in a small bowl, poured curry ketschup over them and stirred. Just ate the French fries by dipping them in that suace. Delicious! 
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    Manic Street Preachers: 'Motorcycle Loneliness' Somehow I missed this song in the 1990s. Oh well, just about 30 years later, sounds fresh to me.  Pushing replay now:
  10. Good luck! It's wonderful that you are already moving on and in the B2 course, keep going! 
  11. Coronavirus

    @snowingagainYou are right, I read it incorrectly! Embarassing but, sigh, corrected. 
  12. Coronavirus

    Though I have always wondered what happens when digging a new underground tunnel leads to opening up an old plauge pit, a few years back there was a report from BBC about the bacteria and viruses that are in the melting permafrost or simply underground but blasted or dug up in our modern times. What is scary is that at least in this article, these bacteria are antibiotic resistant: So the more ice that melts, the more of this bacteria come out!    I am wondering if there was a warming trend back during the days of the Black Death. Anyone know?    As for corona virus, I like to look from time to time at the weekly infections in NRW report (must be one for other parts of the country as well. A few weeks back tuburculosis was the most common thing around but this week 'Keutchhusten' is running a close second:  
  13. Kirk Douglas in 'Lust for Life'! Seeing the film inspired me to read Irving Stone's wonderful book, which I recommend, by the same name. Daily Motion has the film online for free (in 40 minute parts) here:  I thought the Queen Mum was amazing living to 101 and here Kirk beat her by two years.   
  14. Why are you happy today?

    Happy today that, despite a not so good night's sleep, I made it on time to the Einbürgerung and found myself seated next to an Englishman who also now has a dual citizenship.    Came home and found the Christmas box from my parents in America, mailed on December 18, had finally arrived. Inside, among other things, the Constant Comment tea like my grandma used to serve when we visited her home so long ago. Had a cup, savoring the scent of oranges and spice, then had a cry of relief. All those hoops to be jumped and in some cases re-jumped are over!  Am I now an American-German or should that be German-American? I don't really know what to say.
  15. What's got you flummoxed today?

    My father wrote an email this week mentioning he'd taken some prescription drug that led him to a whole array of hallucinations. He didn't say why he'd been prescribed the stuff but was, like your mom, aware enough that what he was seeing wasn't real. He found it entertaining. I wondered why he'd ingested it. Hope he tells his dr. what happened. 
  16. Thanks @Funkndunk! First go to your local Rathaus and say you would like information about Einbürgerung. Each Rathaus has their own requirements for what documents you need to provide. They might ask you some basic questions at that point like: -can I please see your Aufenthaltserlaubnis -how long have you lived here/are you married to a German  -have you taken the B1 test and Einbürgerungs test (if not, go sign up for them at your nearest VHS) after that they may give you an application to take home and fill out, along with a checklist of documents to bring back with you (like last three months' salary statements and those of your partner, handwritten Lebenslauf in narrative form, passport photos, a small fee to get the process rolling, etc.)  Take your time to gather your stuff. There's no rush for Americans trying for dual citizenship!    
  17. Maybe too costly due to the distance from Berlin but 'Gentleman with a Van' may be of help (or know of someone closer to you):    
  18. I had a similar situation last week. Got a note from DHL stating they couldn't deliver a package. I had to go pick it up at the post office and pay 10 Euros for it. I thought this was the still not arrived Christmas Box from my parents in America (posted Dec 18) but no, it was a new but turned out to be faulty Tablet PC I'd ordered via Ebay last summer from China. I had tracked it's return, had been refunded in full back then, but the tablet PC had sat at the customs in China and was never picked up by the seller. The numerous destinations where the package then went included Canada. As the Tablet is crap and the package was never opened, I wish I had thought quickly last week, but no, and refused to take it back at the local post office, and also I was dumb enough to pay the 10 Euros. Now it just gets thrown away as some electro recycling box. 
  19. Just a side note: one must already  register to travel to the USA. No waiting to 2021 there. 
  20. Contact your local Standesamt (in your local Rathaus). Tell them you need information about a Namensänderung.     
  21. I want to share that this week I had a letter from the Landrat stating my application for dual citizenship was approved and I'm to go to a ceremony in February. I think I smiled all day, despite having at the same time almost, coming down with a nasty head cold. I travelled to work and looked out at the landscape and said to myself, 'Oh, this is my landscape too!'  I want to thank everyone here for the many posts that helped me along the way, especially thank @pianostar69 whose post long ago gave me the idea of trying for a dual citizenship.   
  22. Do you like living in Germany?

    I like living in Germany because I live in a nice rural area. This is the first time in my life I've been a 'country' person and I enjoy my quiet life surrounded by nature. The countryside is a nice place to come home to after a stressful day at work too!    
  23. New Year Resolutions

    The pursuit of happiness most days, if not every day of 2020.     
  24. Expat Burnout

    I would say, do what you feel is best. You can always change your mind and come back to Germany. 
  25. buying agricultural land for organic farming

    Some house properties come with considerable land attatched to them. I live in southeast end of NRW where in rural areas such houses are popping up for sale as the old owners pass away and their kids have no interest in living so far from the bigger cities.