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  1. Update on the application for dual U.S./German citizenship.   Today I received a letter stating that my Zertifikat B1 was not considered acceptable.    It was a TELC B1 taken at a certified TELC private language school in Germany, in a different Kreis as I now live in, about nine years back and I had perfect scores. However, my Kreis is saying the B1 Zertifikat doesn't qualify because it doesn't come from the Association of Langauge Testers in Europe (ALTE). This sounds a little odd to me. At the interview in my current Kreis, the Beamter only required my B1 Zertifikat. There was no mention of TELC or Goethe or now ALTE nor where the test was taken being of any significance.    Along with the letter came a list of local Kreis places to take the B1 test again. VHS, IB, and some private langauge school.    Anyone have any experience with this? What is the difference between a TELC B1 Zertifikat and one that is ALTE? Does location of where you take and pass the test actually matter or are they splitting hairs?  
  2. Fly to Boston and mail yourself a letter to Germany. Fly back to Germany and wait and see how long it takes for you to get your letter. 
  3. Ok, usually it takes about 10 days for mail to get from Germany to the U.S. (depends on where in the U.S. though). 
  4. What made you smile today?

    A second team of workers came to pick up the job another team of workers (from Berlin) had dropped a few months back. Though they haven't finished the job either, at least they got a step further and said they'd come back (on Monday) to complete the work. My in-laws can use the barrier free shower without the glass doors but it would/will(?) be nice to finally have those doors installed.    
  5. Question for people who wear glasses

    Take it from a glasses junkie: try Kodak Lens.   I thought I was going to try buying glasses via Mister Spex last week but I ended up buying a great pair of new glasses at one of their partner shops, Kodak Lens, instead when I went in to get the eye test that Mister Spex requires. The glasses plus lenses at my local Kodak Lens only cost 111 Euros and were ready to pick up and enjoy wearing within a week. I had fun trying on a lot of frames at Kodak and why not try Kodak, they are lense experts for cameras, why not for glasses too? Makes sense to me.  
  6. I tend to say, 'Ooops!' in Germany when I mess up something/realize I've forgotten something/just about run into someone accidentally with my backing up shopping cart, etc. I don't think I ever said that before I came here. 
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    Tragic lawyer, Sydney Carton, from 'A Tale of Two Cities,'s song 'I Can't Recall' sung by James Barbour  
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    'Shallow Brown,' Percy Grainger's version
  9. The 'big cigar in the sky' otherwise known as Oumuamua is making astronomers and just curious people like me scratch our heads. What is it really? Where did it come from? How did it end up in our solar system or was it 'sent' here? Is it just a piece of space trash from some other system or what? How could it speed up while in our solar system? Is there someone/thing driving it or is it on auto pilot or is it a ship of some kind at all? Astronomy magazine has an article here: but I open this thread for people to both have fun speculating about it or also to try and have a serious look at it, and wonder about it. 
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Uptown Funk! Eat another Easter chocolate and get your funk on.        
  11. What are you watching right now?

    An interesting short documentary about the women who were part of Bauhaus. I never really liked Bauhau architecture but I do like some of the furnature and textiles! Moreover I found it really interesting to hear about women who studied and worked at Bauhaus in the 1920s. I'd never heard about them before. 
  12. I came here thinking I could pick up everything quickly (new language, good job, friends), only to discover I suddenly had some limitations and those have not all improved with time here, so I have come to accept the limitations and focus on the things I have (be thankful I have a job at all, that I can get by ok in daily life auf Deutsch, that though I have no friends nearby but at least I don't have the troubled friends I had back in the old country!)   Today I am thankful for anything good in my life in Germany. I can't say that I was so thankful in my old life in America, I was always hoping for 'more' somehow, and this 'more' thinking was prevalent in my first years in Germany too: it only led to self-disappointment and a looming sense of regret, so I dumped it.    
  13. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    Ex-prisoner tattoos are about as aesthetically disturbing as the scars on forearms of 'cutter' teens (1980s). There's a loaded story behind both sorts; a story you probably don't ever really want to hear. 
  14. Being the outsider in a village

    Beats dodge ball, the all-American subburban street game where two teams take turns throwing a large rubber ball at one another's bodies. When you get slugged by one of these, the other team gets the ball so you better dodge it! 
  15. What are you cooking today?

    ''s what's for dinner'
  16. What are you listening to right now?

    Aaron Copeland's 'Billy the Kid' The part that brings the first a smile to my face comes around 5:15, giddy up!  
  17. What made you laugh today?

    2,750 Oreo cookies used to re-create the opening sequence from 'Game of Thrones' how Or(eo)iginal.       
  18. What are you watching right now?

    The barn dance from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  
  19. What are you listening to right now?

    Whistling in the Dark sung by Julie Andrews   
  20. The Interstellar Asteroid Oumuamua

    When they pick up a message along the lines of, 'Dave, what are you doing?' or the song 'Daisy' emitted from that thing, we'll know that HAL 9000 is back. 
  21. All Things Wales

    After recently watching the series 'The Story of Wales,' I felt that the 5 part overview of the history of Wales was missing something, mainly much of any mention of women.    Here are some interesting links I found today that gave me pleanty to help fill in some of that missing information:   Welsh Women's History 1900-1918:  (audio interviews with accomanying text and photos) Welsh Women's History: Women's Archive Wales:    
  22. How many colds can one get in a season?

    @sos-the-rope...about 15 days. Maybe the sunshine and end of the windy and rainy days helped? It is a nasty sort of endurance test of a cold.    At our house, the worst days of this particular bug were around the 3rd, 5-6th with broken sleep due to the stuffed nose/that cough that followed. After that the concrete mask of snot started to loosen up and the cough was less frequent and yet more productive.   Possibly helpful if anyone is just coming down with this:  *For the few days scratchy throat, I liked the Anginetten red bon bons (the strongest ones) (found at REWE, DM, Rossmann) *Drank lots of hetrbals teas found at DM and Aldi for coughs and colds and otherwise lots of plain water *Personally liked the Aldi bottle of Krauter Bronchial Tropfen (think it's 30 drops in a glass of water) in a bedside glass of water (sort of a minty taste) for help coughing up the crap and helping reducing the garbage mouth effect of all that post nasal drip *rest, rest, rest be a total lazy ass     
  23. Ok, here's a map about the various accents in Manchester and some more info about the differences. I don't personally know any of them so I went to my favorite source, You Tube's Accent Tag Challenge to try and get a comparison by sound. Here is what I found, @HEM please correct me if I got it wrong.    North: South: