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  1. On 20.3.2020, 17:26:54, cybil said:

    The renter, who is dying of lung cancer, was sent home from the hospital today. They needed her bed. She will die in her old apartment in the company of her sister and son. We have no idea if they can get any kind of Pflege helper to come or hospice but I assume they have given her a lot of drugs to ease her end. 

    The renter passed away at the hospital on the 26th. Up to those last hours she was still able to be cared for at home by her family. No more suffering. 


  2. On 17.3.2020, 20:06:46, cybil said:

    Ok, I actually came here to say I'm unhappy today because I just read an Email from my father in America stating that after four botched knee surgeries (the first that led to encapsulated sepsis in the knee) and my mother taking six weeks of an agressive antibiotic, as the previous antibiotcs didn't do anything to erradicate the sepsis, the sepsis is still alive and well. My mother, who hasn't been able to eat much for the last six weeks, is now facing an as-soon-as-possible amputation above the knee with no possibility of a future with a prosthetic leg. She is in a lot of pain because part of her leg bone has broken and the the 'pin' is unstable in there too. My father is pushing for an ASAP surgery to put an end to her physical pain and try and get it over with 'before the coronavirus spreads.' Unfortunately I think the hospitals will soon not allow visitors (like here) and he plans to stay over in the hospital with her (can't imagine that will work, beds are needed!) and then home health aides will also most likely be restricted and not be able to come help with dressing changes and drainage tube. Then there is the rehab after all that, will the rehab clinics in America be open when she need to get to one? I think not. What an awful situation. 

    Update. My parents decided to wait on the operation. Thank goodness. 


  3. 1 minute ago, AlexTr said:

    So, I work at home. I am mildly agoraphobic and prefer small gatherings in my home to big gatherings out. I don't go to festivals and seldom drink in bars here because in this little town bartenders are people who open cans of mixed drinks. My life has changed relatively little over the last two weeks other than that I have had the pleasure of having lunch with my wife and I have edited and/or written summaries for a dozen COVID-19 articles. 


    There is some benefit to being satisfied being alone with your spouse. This is the time for introverts to shine. I feel like I've been training for this my whole life.

    Totally with you!!!!


  4. 6 hours ago, zeox said:


    Found this pearl here:


    This is very interesting. Alongside that, we are also free to take up part-time jobs it seems, as long as we inform our employer, and the extra income would be deduced from the compensation for Kurzarbeit. We were actually told we could not take any extra work. This was obviously false. The more I read into this, the more I believe our company is acting in bad faith.


    At Aldi Süd today there were flyers to take with you about how they are looking for employees and stating go to their website to find out more:


  5. 17 minutes ago, lisa13 said:

    @cybil I have to ask:  is keeping a job at mc donalds really worth so much anxiety?  Is it beyond reason to simply resign then find something new when this dies down?  If you can find a way to avoid going in, you're not going to get paid anyway (at least I am not aware of any programs to support that scenario yet) so I am not seeing a net loss if you just quit.

    I am currently receiveing Kurzarbeit at a 90% rate by not quitting. So far I'm only asked to work one day out of seven in the days of corona so I am hanging in there, as best I can. If anyone knows if Kurzarbeit means you can simply not show up to work til the coast is clear, please let me know. 


  6. 12 minutes ago, fraufruit said:

    The high risk group is changing weekly from all the stuff I read. Of course the elderly and people with underlying conditions have the most chance of dying from it. Then comes all of the exceptions to the rule. Just stay at home.

    I would like to stay home but today I got called to show up at the McWork later this week. I wonder if I can be held to that, being between 50 and 60years old and also having a vorerkrankung (cancer, I never told my boss about it though). I will be passing bags of food and also drinks to the parked in cars public, albeit they must take that stuff off a tray now instead of directly out of my hands. 


    I am already not visiting my shut in in-laws as I'm considered a potential disease carrier. My husband, who I do see, obviously, is still helping them out and Pflegeguy is still coming for my FIL three days a week. MIL doesn't have a cleaning lady any more so my husband will be cleaning their home as well as cooking etc. for them. The cleaning lady left as of today as she's considered non-essential help. I assume my husband, who turns 60 soon, is also likely to carry whatever I bring home to them. So it's all a bit difficult to avoid in the best of circumstances.