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  1. What made you laugh today?

    It's been very quiet in the country except for some shooting now and then in the nearby woods. It's hunting season in any month that has an 'r' in it. I wonder if hunting will also be banned? Or if it already is?     
  2. @fraufruit What's the name of this toilet paper substitute?   @robinson100 How did you make your own? What are they made out of please?   Thanks!
  3. What made you laugh today?

    Well, time to go back to a comb with a piece of ciggarrett paper on it to make your own kind of kazoo. That might entertain the kids (and drive you nuts) during a shut in. 
  4. Same problem in my village! My husband says: now you can tell who the Azis are. They are the village groups out dog walking together. The pack. Irresponsible! Great to go walk the dog, just go alone or with one person. Put on your headphones if you can't stand to be alone and talk the whole way on your cell phone if you are so affraid of walking ALONE. 
  5. Conspiracy theorists

    I like the Greta is Satan conspiracy theory. When she whined about her dreams being taken, and no one really responded to give her the dreams back, the angry teen anti-Christ dropped the coronavirus on the world, where it would mainly wipe out those adults that didn't do what she wanted them to. Sounds like a great Marvel comic plotline. 
  6. I'm trying to look for the silver in the lining of the cloud today and found a little: -I got Kurzarbeit but at 90% pay rate (we are still open though, ugh) -saw a happy young man jogging with his headset on...he and I were the only people out for a walk in the woods (doing something healthy/stress relieving) -the Pflegeguy came and helped my father-in-law (the service was still working today) -gas price was down to 1,14 Euros so I tanked full! -the sun shined most of the day -listening to Roger Quilter's 'Rainbow's End' in the car while driving to work relaxed and cheered me   Then...I lost it at work. I yelled at a car full of Dad, Mom and two kids for being 'unverantwortlich' coming to, you know where I work, to buy four stupid ice creams and drive away. Is that Versorgung on a level that meant they really needed to get out and get that food? NO!!!!! I think the man was simply shocked. I was too. Then I lit into my shift leader about how I find it uttered irresponsible that a fast food chain stays open at all. He agreed. Then I got suck on the drive window, we had no gloves, and every time I handed out drinks or food people grazed my hands!!!!!! I washed and washed and washed my hands, but my co-workers rarely did. We passed food to one another and bags to one another and it was wash, wash, wash just to give stupid people ice cream. Go buy a bucket of it for the same price at your local grocery you stupid people.
  7. @brambleCan one flush that down the toilet without clogging it? Or what is the best way to sanitarily dispose of the used newpaper squares? Please share!
  8. Exactly. This is why yesterday I posted how quickly I/we people , who normally go about positive and civil and can actually brush a lot of things off, can and at times do/will find the inundation of the many changes and loads of information to digest...lose it. It is up to those of us who have lost it already, however embarassingly, to forgive ourselves and others who have lost it/are bound at some time to lose it too.
  9. Do you like living in Germany?

    Yesterday in SWR2 radio there was a program about the state of asylum seekers trying to get asylum in Germany now. Because the Amts are closed their cases are on hold. Then the man giving out the information added, 'because the people of Germany are our first priority now.'   As I stood in the kitchen and heard that, I felt the meaning of recently becoming a German citizen wash over me. I am one of the people who is of first priority in this country now. I am German. So yes still like living in Germany!   That said, I DO care about asylum seekers and refugees. Many of my co-workers in Germany fled from the Middle East or Africa and had luck to make it into Germany, find work, and now live outside the lagers that were their first 'home' here. As a German, I feel they are ALSO first priority people and I hope when push comes to shove, they, as well as all the permanent residents, non-Germans, visa tourists, students, etc. that are now in Germany, will be treated with the same care, concern, and humanity and given the same help as we Germans. 
  10. Well, it probably has nothing to do with coronavirus, but who knows: the B-1 just flew over our house again. This time headed North. This morning it flew to the South. We live in an old NATO flight corridor so maybe they are just doing low flight training? The plane has a unique sound and this morning when I actually saw it I thought it was just some sleek passenger plane. My former air force man says, 'It's interesting they are flying them to/from Rammstein.'
  11. Why are you unhappy today?

    Ok, I actually came here to say I'm unhappy today because I just read an Email from my father in America stating that after four botched knee surgeries (the first that led to encapsulated sepsis in the knee) and my mother taking six weeks of an agressive antibiotic, as the previous antibiotcs didn't do anything to erradicate the sepsis, the sepsis is still alive and well. My mother, who hasn't been able to eat much for the last six weeks, is now facing an as-soon-as-possible amputation above the knee with no possibility of a future with a prosthetic leg. She is in a lot of pain because part of her leg bone has broken and the the 'pin' is unstable in there too. My father is pushing for an ASAP surgery to put an end to her physical pain and try and get it over with 'before the coronavirus spreads.' Unfortunately I think the hospitals will soon not allow visitors (like here) and he plans to stay over in the hospital with her (can't imagine that will work, beds are needed!) and then home health aides will also most likely be restricted and not be able to come help with dressing changes and drainage tube. Then there is the rehab after all that, will the rehab clinics in America be open when she need to get to one? I think not. What an awful situation. 
  12. Why are you unhappy today?

    This morning a military plane flew over our house. My husband said 'Reminds me of a B-1. Those carry a type of bomb that's the next worst thing to an atomic bomb. When deployed it burns everything in an 8 mile radius. It could be used to desimate a highly infected area with coronavirus, for example. It's also used as a surveylance plane so maybe they are just looking for crowd activty. Either way, now you know how it felt to be a German in the Cold War.' Oh. Two nights ago I woke in the wee hours to the sound of a series of 'heavy' airplanes flying over. No idea what they were. Maybe just cargo planes.   
  13. Why are you unhappy today?

    Tim to get nostalgic and take a look on You Tube: free English films and series, juts got to dig around and find them.    
  14. Coronavirus

    Diaper disposal is not off topic. Pick up of waste materials is very on topic when it comes to coronavirus. 
  15. I find looking at info about coronvirus is gobbling up my short at home holiday. I admit though, I get an adrenaline rush every time I read the next bit of 'what if'. I am a little ashamed of how I have swiftly progressed from a 'glass half full' type to a 'glass half empty.' It only took a few days. Not as 'tough' or 'cool' as I thought I was.    Examples:    -After doing the weekly grocery shopping and hearing occassional short/hysteric laughter over missing prodcucts, I noticed I was feeling protective of my grocery cart containing the last package of fresh chicken.   -Later in the parking lot I actually yelled 'Shut up!' from a distance at a whining kid in a grocery cart with a nervous as I was grandma trying to talk soothingly to the snotty nosed kid she had previously shoved right next to me in the checkout. I think the kid was simply picking up on the tight thin lightly strummed waves of panic stuffed below the skin of many of us out shopping today.   -I know I'm more easily irritated lately. A few days back I threw a glass across the home dining room (and of course cleaned it up) which in shattering did relieve some stress. Then I had a pillow fight with my husband (literally,with sofa cushions, and we ended up laughing).   I'm set to go back to work tomorrow, in food service, because the powers that be can't decided if McD is a 'Restaurant' or a 'Delivery' service. I hope they shut us down pronto. Why go back to a workspace where there is NO possibility of workers maintaining a 1 metre distance in the kitchen or between a customer at the counter and the cash register, nor when delivering trays of food to guests' tables. Not to mention the traffic slipping in and out of the public toilets there.           
  16. Looks like the start of a painting by Edward Hopper. 
  17. Coronavirus

    Not a joke. My father-in-law wears adult diapers. My town used to have a dumping station, I had to drive the two big bags of used diapers there once a week from our village. Now the city decided to no longer allow this dumping station and instead have created garbage cans (just like the green, brown, yellow, black ones) JUST for diapers (adult, kid or baby ones) and will then send a truck around to empty that stinky can once a month. Will get 'ripe' in summer for sure. We ordered a can but it hasn't shown up yet. April 1 is truly the day when 'no more diaper dump' begins. One has to use the diaper garbage can (and pay for it, it's 'rented' cheapest was 250 Euro a year) and is not allowed to put diapers in the black or yellow cans here. 
  18. Coronavirus

    I think there is an official statement you write down and get notarized for this sort of thing?
  19. Coronavirus

    I'm wondering how long the cleaning lady and the Pflegehilfe will be allowed to visit my in-laws. If such services will be cancelled, like the local Taffel, because they involve contact with elderly (the Taffel was run mostly by elderly volunteers).    Wondering if the Diaper Tonne our Kreis came up with will get delivered to our home before the date to permanently close the public diaper dump arrives: April 1. If not, where should those diapers go?     
  20. Coronavirus

    With boarders closing, and Turkey no longer wanting to take responsibility for refugees living there, will the refugees have to stay in Turkey? 
  21. Why are you unhappy today?

    Just realized: I can mail off my US taxes per usual (paper) as they didn't qualify for E-file but the paper taxes might just sit a long time in a Germany post office if so flew planes are flying now. I assume the US govt will understand if/when my tax return arrives late. Having that uneasy feeling again. 
  22. Coronavirus

    Been out in the back yard and noticing how quiet it is without the airplanes flying over. So many spring birds chirping! 
  23. Why are you unhappy today?

    Doing my US taxes. Oh no. New forms this year.   Yesterday I got stuck at line 12a TAX. I saw I had some to pay. But usually I don't. So I stopped. What was going wrong here?! I slept on it.   Today I went back and through the worksheets and the instructions online again and was still owing tax. So I even signed up for a free tax service and at the end of the tax service walking me through, I got no printable copy of the forms to see how best to fill them out on paper. Argh!!!!   So back to the worksheets, the online step by step instructions.   Hours later, a few wads of paper later...I just ended up leaving 12a blank. It looks like it's covered elsewhere on the 2555, the Schedule 1 and the worksheet for foreign income. Many zeros added and subtracted many times on the worksheet later. I think I'm done but have that uneasy feeling.
  24. covid-19 testing for people without health insurance

    Rumor has it that in America they have no more stuff to test with: it comes from China. Possible? What with the embargo...that could be a problem. 
  25. COVID-19 and Berlin‘s nightlife

    Wouldn't it be possible, through the online social networks to create invitations to much smaller gatherings in people's appartments? Like the old salon culture? Limit on how many can come in! Makes it more 'exclusive' and intimate even. Simple as: show up with something to drink/eat to share around. You can still dance/spin the music/dim the lights/decorate/dress up or down/put on a performabce, etc. Just quiet after 10 pm please (the neighbors!).    Charge a 'donation' fee. Post a bouncer at the door...with a thermometer, just to check the temps of those going in. He/she could wear a mask like from the Plauge era...that bird beak look, and gloves. Or even just dress like a doctor or nurse? Why not?  And have a stack of cards to fill out before going in just case the visitors need to be contacted about a flu issue later. And one of those hand disinfectant dispensers should be posted outsdie as well. Not hard to do, I'm sure!   Someone could even start a blog about how the nightlife changed in Berlin this year and document it! How cool is that?