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  1. What made you smile today?

    Listening to Travis'Why Does It Always Rain on Me' and watching Fred, sorry, Fran, Healy running around in his flappy kilt in the video. Call me a dirty old bat but a young man in a kilt, now that is my idea of sexy.  
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

    Update. My parents decided to wait on the operation. Thank goodness. 
  3. Totally with you!!!!
  4. Three-word story

    Joan of Arc
  5. Lately I'm a fan of the 'dashboard' from Robert Koch Institute: Every morning after breakfast I log on and check out: -the Kreis where I live - the Kreis where I work Though I am following all the precautions, somehow I just have to know how many people around me are sick. 
  6. Curly Neal on the court. The Globetrotters tune is still in my head so many years later!
  7. The English Teacher's Corner

    Just give her the lyrics to Move Away, Culture Club, to diagram.    
  8. Playlist for the Corona Apocalypse

    Culture Club Move Away
  9. Waiting to see if toilet paper shows up as a new form of currency. What will the exchange rate be measured in? Rolls or squares?        
  10. Or that crack in the wall where Pyramus and Thisbe would whisper to one another.  
  11. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    At Aldi Süd today there were flyers to take with you about how they are looking for employees and stating go to their website to find out more:
  12. Playlist for the Corona Apocalypse

    The song is 'Down with the Sickness' band is Disturbed. 'Will you give it to me?' Ha! 
  13. Coronavirus

    At least he didn't call seniors Q-tips?
  14. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    Kurzarbeiter must show up to work (unless they have a Krankenschein) whether they have anxiety about catching coronavirus or not:  
  15. Coronavirus

    I am currently receiveing Kurzarbeit at a 90% rate by not quitting. So far I'm only asked to work one day out of seven in the days of corona so I am hanging in there, as best I can. If anyone knows if Kurzarbeit means you can simply not show up to work til the coast is clear, please let me know. 
  16. Coronavirus

    I would like to stay home but today I got called to show up at the McWork later this week. I wonder if I can be held to that, being between 50 and 60years old and also having a vorerkrankung (cancer, I never told my boss about it though). I will be passing bags of food and also drinks to the parked in cars public, albeit they must take that stuff off a tray now instead of directly out of my hands.    I am already not visiting my shut in in-laws as I'm considered a potential disease carrier. My husband, who I do see, obviously, is still helping them out and Pflegeguy is still coming for my FIL three days a week. MIL doesn't have a cleaning lady any more so my husband will be cleaning their home as well as cooking etc. for them. The cleaning lady left as of today as she's considered non-essential help. I assume my husband, who turns 60 soon, is also likely to carry whatever I bring home to them. So it's all a bit difficult to avoid in the best of circumstances. 
  17. Coronavirus

    I had previously thought that the high risk group for a more serious case of coronavirus started at 60 but here I read that it's at 50 to 60: (have to scroll to the FAQ about which groups are especially at risk)
  18. What made you laugh today?  I would bet you a jar of Ragu they bought theirs at Wal*Mart. 
  19. I notice sound more too. On a walk in the woods I realized that 'crack' sound every now and then was just pine cones falling from the tall trees. I've never heard that there before. Like someone throwing small rocks.
  20. What made you laugh today?

    The question remains: which one of those dumb asses wore the onesie? At least they didn't use the Prego ('please' in Italian) sauce. 
  21. Do all American citizens get that 1,200 USD help money from Trump's govt, irregardless of whether we live in the USA? Asking for a friend.
  22. I am hoping that my McD co-workers that can trasfer and work at an Aldi get to stock shelves AFTER HOURS. I worry about the customers harassing/harming them if they have to stock during usual open hours. Not that we didn't get harrassed working at McD or anything but there was rarely a violent customer (those got Hausverbot). Will grocery stores also have the right to impose a Hausverbot on violent customers?
  23. In some other talk show (aren't they all about Coronavirus these days...) mention, like a little blip on a radar that then went totally unaddressed: with the current coronavirus situation we are to expect more violence around us. This latter topic needs to be more fully discussed in such forums and also programs should be broadcast to help people gain some better coping skills.     
  24. Lana del Rey Video Games
  25. That said, yesterday on Anne Will, I heard from Quarks and Co.  Ranga Yogeshwar that it takes 2/3 of a population getting a given flu in order to establish a resistance to it. In this way of thinking, I see that the move to keep people appart may be working against that. How can we get resistance when we aren't getting enough exposure to coronavirus? Or is the allowence to go grocery shopping/tank your car etc. the way in which the poplation is still contracting the virus but at a more controlled rate? Anyone care to comment?