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  1. The 'Corona Honeymoon' is over. When supermarket shopping I now automatically turn my face from people I pass as I make my curved 2 metre way past them. I rarely look in people's eyes anymore but more at masks and also some weird behavior in the supermarket. Gobsmacked, poorly slept/spring allergy/Spring tiredness zombies passing time at the odds and ends bins of stuff at Aldi Süd, like this is their holiday now so 'f*uck it, I've got all day out of the house to stand here turning over this crap in search of a nugget of gold that might fit my super restricted budget.' 
  2. Coronavirus

    1920s in America was both liberal (women got the vote, migration of African Americans out of the South and into the North) but also conservative (Ku Klux Klan, stricter immigration laws, Prohibition). 
  3. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    I watched it at night and it hung up at the beginning of a few episodes but then went smoothly within a minute or so. Maybe try it again/hang in there? 
  4. The "DOWN" side of Corona

    The quiet lone walks over fileds and through woods near my village are slowly being 'invaded' by, at the moment, small family groups where we have to pass like in the supermarket on the narrow paths to get past one another. Also speed freakin' mountainbikers are barreling down the woods paths not really aware that people also walk those paths, and how narrow they are. Hmm. Glad others are realzing it's a wonderful thing to get out in nature but I do already miss seeing next to no one, ever, when I go out. Maybe they will give it up, like the new year's resolution, when the biting flies and mosquitoes kick in.  
  5. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    Tired of zapping around tv stations, I went online and discovered the ARD Mediathek and enjoyed watching a 4 part mini-series based on a novel by Siegfried Lenz called 'Der Überlaufer' last night. Got a bit of hand quilting done on the cat's small blanket while watching/listening too! 
  6. What made you smile today?

    Seeing the two black lambs are now three black lambs in a field I pass on my drive to work.  Baa-baa-black sheep. 
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

    Though happy to still be employed, am unhappy that my shift leaders, younger than me, have decided I am suddenly not a useful worker nor trainable! One is constantly undermining me by blaming me for his mistakes! He even called the boss and loudly proclaimed that I was useless on the shift and then turned around and sent me home 1.5 hours early.   When I asked my boss if someone could please train me on one particular station that I am struggling a bit with, I received no comment and each shift leader I asked just spoke to me as if they already thought I was too stupid to learn anything new.   Instead of doing the lighter work, which I am also more efficient at, I have been given heavier jobs more often, despite having an Artzt attest that says this kind of work should be minimized. It's all about the 'buck' and not about the workers well being now in the struggle to keep our workplace from going belly up. One shift leader even said, 'I don't know what to do with you now your sation is pretty much closed,' and though I told him, 'I'm great at the XYZ station' I didn't get assigned it, as that was his prime spot!  I get the feeling some mobbing is going on in hopes we older workers will just fold and quit. Well, I'm not quitting boys!
  8. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    Planning  the planting of the yearly vegetable garden and at least, so far, buying the seeds/starter plants. It was too cold to plant til now so tomorrow is the day to 'dig in.'   Noticed how nice my man looked from 2 metres behind as I stood with my solo cart at the REWE check out.   Is it really necessary for a couple going shopping to use two carts? One for me and one for you? I ran into this at REWE and Aldi Süd but not at the Baumarkt (we could share a cart). Who cares if couples shopping are closer than 2 metres from one another anyway?   Next thing you know, we'll need to wear tags on our fronts that say: I'm with: HIM/HER and then has the photo of your partner/kid whatever on it. :P
  9. Why are you happy today?

    White flour was back on the shelf at REWE! Bought one bag, albeit it wasn't the Ja! brand so it cost more than I'd usually pay. 
  10. Playlist for the Corona Apocalypse

    The Smiths Panic
  11. Not so long ago, a covered face (Vermummung) was forbidden in Germany and a few other countries (including Austria, which now requires all people in Austria to wear a mask) and that had to do with hiding your identity.  Now I guess that's been scrapped so people can go in public wearing a mask for health purposes? The mask wearing will certainly lead police to have problems identifying criminals by using face recognition software. Hopefully no criminals will take advantage of the mask wearing to go do some stupid things. 
  12. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    Still going to work but...lots less to do on the job and mainly a lot less stress and certainly less industrial noise and all for the same pay. 
  13. Re: Masks.   SWR2 Radio this morning mentioned all Austrians must wear a mask.  A crafty co-worker who likes to sew came to work wearing her own home made mask.    When I make my own masks, one will say: 'FCK COVID-19' on it, I'll write it with black indelible marker; others may sport whiskers like a cat face, etc. I mean to have fun with it while I can.    How to make your own: (two videos)   A caution which might make you think twice about wearing one all day long:  
  14. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    Up side so far has been the great weather we've had!  New activity: Dozing on the sofa in afternoon sunshine.  Old activity: Walk in the woods near dusk.            
  15. Why are you unhappy today?

    The renter passed away at the hospital on the 26th. Up to those last hours she was still able to be cared for at home by her family. No more suffering. 
  16. Coronavirus

    According to today's on the Robert Koch Institute's Coronavirus Dashboard, the majority of reported cases of COVID-19 to date have been people in the age range from 35 to 59: 
  17. Random pointless comments

    bis später/auf wiedersehen. I mean, these days you just never know. You can hope though.
  18. Coronavirus

    One of my siblings lives in the greater Boston area. Boston is way behind Germany with the regulations when it comes to number of people that can gather in public. As of March 25 the limit is 10. Why so many?  Down from a prior restriction of 25. Way to go Mayor Walsh. No wonder coronavirus is going ...viral in America.  The regulations so far:
  19. What made you smile today?

    I got the 'F' right at least.  Taking another look at the vid now. 
  20. What made you smile today?

    Listening to Travis'Why Does It Always Rain on Me' and watching Fred, sorry, Fran, Healy running around in his flappy kilt in the video. Call me a dirty old bat but a young man in a kilt, now that is my idea of sexy.  
  21. Why are you unhappy today?

    Update. My parents decided to wait on the operation. Thank goodness. 
  22. Totally with you!!!!
  23. Three-word story

    Joan of Arc
  24. Lately I'm a fan of the 'dashboard' from Robert Koch Institute: Every morning after breakfast I log on and check out: -the Kreis where I live - the Kreis where I work Though I am following all the precautions, somehow I just have to know how many people around me are sick.