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  1. Random pointless comments

    It must be...Barbarella!
  2. Climate change discussion

    I liked the comparison of Greta with the character Malachi from Stephen King's 'Children of the Corn.' The character was Issac, not Malachi:  
  3. What made you laugh today?

    A back to school video a family made makes me laugh. Maybe because I don't have kids to entertain in summer or send to school? seems funny to me: 'Bye Bye Bye Back to School' set to an NSYNC song 'Bye Bye Bye' followed by 'We Can't Help with Homework Anymore' set to an REO Speedwagon's 'I Can't Fight This Feeling' Hope they make you laugh too.       
  4. What's got you flummoxed today?

    The latest news in German tv today about how much plastic is in the snow in the Arctic/Swiss Alps. I think it was like 5,400 (micro?) pieces of plastic in a litre of Swiss snow. Apparently the plastic is not just in the snow but in the rain and in the air. Oh. I had no idea I breathe plastic and drink it from my tap etc. every single day. I guess we are all 'plastic contaminated' and have been for, well, ages. So, then also there is just no such thing as 'bio' food etc. anymore when you take this info in and try to digest it.It kind of feels like someone told me I am living in Chernobyl after the reactor problem but will not be allowed to move, ever. Then again, I'm alive (today at least so far) and I feel ok, so, I'm just making the best of being, full of plastic. In fact, that may become the new phrase, replacing 'You are so full of shit!' Now it will be, 'You are so full of plastic!' 
  5. I've just posted a silly photo

    Old spice.
  6. I'm still waiting for my first Deutsche Rentenversichrung statement, having worked over 7 years here and having filled out all the papers they required over two years ago. I called last year to check on the status of that and heard only 'it's being worked on.' That was a year ago. I can well imagine it taking months to get an appointment to talk with anyone there. Ha! I do get my Social Security statements every few years. 
  7. Only in America...

    The Ah-ha song 'Take on Me' comes to mind. 
  8. I ran across Rutger Hauer in the film  'Mysteries' (1978), based on one of Knut Hamsun's novels. He starred as the vulnerable,melodramatic, handsome, eccentric, perhaps insane, Johann Nagel,who toted a violin and kept company with a midget, romanced two women, one whose hair turned white over night, another whose dog he poisons. Poor quality upload of the dubbed in English melodramatic tale: 
  9. I haven't heard that in a while..

    Gross (meaning disgusting) and booger (dried snot from inside your nose)   You just ate that booger? That's gross!
  10. I haven't heard that in a while..

    book it (meaning hurry up/move quickly)   We'd better book it to class or we'll get in trouble with the teacher.    
  11. Alcohol and cancer

    Cause of cancer can also be environmental. You can eat a really healthy diet, abstain from alcohol and smoking too but still get cancer. Many an angry Mormon my mother had to deal with as a social worker in the desert southwest region: angry because they had never drank booze, didn't smoke, and ate in moderation and 'healthy' ...sometimes from their home grown gardens located in that  'downwinder' area of America that is still low glowing with atomic bomb testing fallout. 
  12. Definitions game

    baffled- when you have ice cubes in your mouth and try to say 'barefoot'   pomade
  13. What made you laugh today?

    I am on the road to musical rediscovery and among the bands I had long forgotten was Southern Culture on the Skids. The intro film to their video 'Roadside Wreck'' made me laugh. It is just stupid humor but I do so miss that around me sometimes!        
  14. You could opt for running around with a bull whip, and cracking that next to them. They would be so shocked I think the rudeness would just stop then and there. No need to injure that rude German. Just go on, crack that whip. But practice a lot first or you might end up whipping yourself in the process.
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    Southern Culture on the Skids: 'Walk Like a Camel'   Turn it up now, and walk, like, a camel!      
  16. Definitions game

    Families-  a measurement of distance, used when you are famished and looking for food e.g. .5 Families to the fridge, 15 Families to Burger King   somnambulance      
  17. Two months til test date. Have been using the Cornelsen book 'Prüfungstraining für Zertifikat Deutsch B1' Comes with a CD disc for the listening part of the test prep. I just divided the practice tests/grammar review/vocabulary review exercises up on my calendar. Mainly take about 2-3 quiet hours each week to work through the various sections. I also signed up for a one day/ 3 hrs. test prep course at the VHS near me that occurs two weeks before the actual test. Maybe I am over preparing but at the start here but doing the timed test sections I have discovered that I take too long writing that letter and also read a little too slowly sometimes. The tips in the book seem really practical and useful and have helped give me a good sense of what to expect on test day. 
  18. How hot is it?

    It's finally 'cooled' to 31 C. Time to 'Stop the World and Melt with You' My 80's music fest has been a great way to forget the heat and enjoy an afternoon off.
  19. Which Social Platform German People Use?

    Disqus is popular with youth at my work who have dropped out of Facebook. 
  20. @matthewsmith You need to come to my coffee counter next time you are in Germany. A song for your terrible times in Germany: The Sundays 'Here's Where the Story Ends'
  21. How hot is it?

    You could actually power your German a/c using solar panels. With more sunlight you get good cheap/free a/c? No need for coal and co. Just need to also protect those panels from impending hail storms, so someone needs to invent a kind of tampoline tarp made of rubber and wires (maybe Dunlop or Goodyear makes these already?) so it would be flexible/could roll up, which you could roll over solar panels to protect them from hail damage? Some of our solar tubes on the roof, used to heat water, were shattered by hail twice in the past few years. If only some kind of great shield was available. If it is, please let me know! Wall solar panels have withstood the hail ok, so far. 
  22. How hot is it?

    Yesterday a red faced man told me the Americans are to blame for the climate change. The atom bomb made this happen. Um? I think he was totally overheating. 
  23. Why are you happy today?

    The German guy that grew up in England was back at the McBox with his two young boys. He brings them to the counter to state that the boys are bi-lingual German/English as their mother is German but that his own German is terrible. They are in Germany now, having left England. He is hard of hearing due to his military service, which might be part of the reason he's struggling to pick up his 'native'/German language at late 40s/earyl 50s whilst back in his 'homeland.' He also can't hear me very well. First happy: he's back, I haven't seen him and the boys for a year or so. Last time we had a disaterous service, serving his boys the wrong pancakes three times til the guy on the grill got it right.  Second happy: he asks for his coffee in a 'posh cup' a phrase I've never heard before but I know exactly what he means and the 'u' in the cup makes me smile, reminds me of a guy I once fell for from Liverpool Third happy: he returns to the counter with the empty posh cup and tells me 'you have a lovely smile and a really refreshingly nice personality, but you talk too fast and I am very hard of hearing' I'm not sure if I am being insulted... Fourth: he tells his boys to ask me something in German to test my German, so one asks 'Like how old is she?' 'No, that's rude' So he goes ahead and asks me how old I am in German anyway. Firth: as the three have turned and start walking away he asks loudly: 'What did she say?' 'She's 52!' I hope they come back again. Even if the guy can't hear me, I like his miserable self-depreciating, appologizing self. Wish I could cheer him up. He looks so miserable in DE. Maybe he and I need to go back to the things that used to make our spirits soar,  Heaven by the Psychedelic Furs: would be a good start.
  24. How hot is it?

    It's 37 C. So hot my brain has opened a long closed little door reminding me to look up the Beatles spoof band The Rutles. Makes me laugh! 'Piggy in the Middle' : 'Joe Public' 'Cheese and Onions' 'Doubleback Alley' Maybe when the day cools off I will forget The Rutles for another, oh, 35 years again. Meanwhile...            
  25. Did you ever wish you had not seen

    Way too many bum cracks of co-workers, hairy or not, peeking over the low waistband of the workplace uniform. I want that fuzzy rectangle or black rectangle you see on censored tv shows. I want those rectangles right THERE and THERE. Bam! Bam! But no. Just look away. Own crack tucked safely in the depths of my pants that actually fit properly. NO ONE will be exposed to my bum crack when I'm on the job. Nope.