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  1. Cool stuff worth sharing

    Falling stars alert!  Ok, if you have time and want to bundle up and go outside, tonight is the best night to see some more falling stars. Yes, starting around 11 pm Nov. 17th, 2018 and continuing til early morning, you can see as many as 15 falling stars per hour in the Leoniden meteor shower. Here's that handy meteor shower map where you can type in your location in Germany and see which direction to look and around what times are for you: Make some wishes! 
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

    Happy Birthday Tor!
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    Will Brexit effect the school exchange programs between Germany and England?   Note concerning 'partner towns': in the town nearest me, they have already removed the 'partner' town in Essex from the shield that now only shows a town in Poland and one elsewhere in Germany. 
  4. Why are you happy today?

    This little story made me smile today. Thanks for posting Mr. Jones!
  5. Kicking the bucket, are you prepared?

    I am not  prepared but I have some ideas, like I know I do not want to be buried in my village cemetery, I found one nearby where your ashes can be buried in the forest. I like this idea better than my husband having to plant fkowers at my grave seasonally just to keep the Schmidts and Kleins tongues from clacking. He also would not need to get on his knees and weed the plot. However, what if I am the last to go here? There are only, him, my 80plus yr old in-laws and me to my family here. The rest live in America and have no clue about burial law in Germany. It would be wise to leave them info about the rental for 25 yrs at a local plot versus in that forest and the cost of that up front, esp. as I have no death insurance to help with that cost. Perhaps at that point my siblings will also be too old to figure out what to do or to fly to Germany to say adios let alone figure out how to understand a Notar in Germany that will have my will, um, when I make one. None of my American family knows German well enough to deal with such things IN German.  
  6. Retirement age in the US is currently 65 but in Germany it is 67. When a dual US-German citizen living and working in Germany reaches 65, do they start receiving pension from the US and later, at 67 receive their German earnings? Or do they have to wait til they are 67 in Germany to then claim and receive any retirement benefit? The dual citizen would have worked a few decades in the US by age 65 as well as a few decades in Germany so they are entitled to pensions from both countries. 
  7. Tip of the day

    Anyone wanting to follow the mid-term election results in America today, Nov. 6, 2018. can do so, live online here: So far the Republicans have more votes in the Senate (42) versus Democrats (23). 51 seats gives a party the majority.   
  8. Daily drilling, last 4 years

    What kind of 'drill in concrete' work can someone above you be doing over 4 years? A sculpture student with a drill going at chunks of stone perhaps? What does the landlord say? Have they ever looked in that apartment? MAybe it's like walking into another terror horrible scene from 'Saw' up there. 
  9. Daily drilling, last 4 years

    Are you sure it is a drill sound? It might be someone who uses a noisy vibrator at night, frequently. Perhaps a noisy electric toothbrush? A tatoo machine? A mixer for mixed drinks at night or smoothies? 
  10. Was last Sunday, 28th of October, 2018 the last time we change the clock back one hour in Germany? Do we still need to change the clock forward an hour in Spring or is the current time how it stays?
  11. Cool stuff worth sharing

    Bruce Lee's shirt is almost as cool as yours in your great new profile picture! 
  12. What are you cooking today?

    Marinated New Zealand lamb with boiled potatoes and fried leeks on the side, and a mixed greens salad with cherry tomatoes and dried cranberries. After gathering more fallen apples, I made my fourth Eve's Pudding in the past month or so since J2 first posted the recipe here.  At sundown, cooked a batch of squash soup, squirreled half the Pud and half the soup away in the freezer for some future cozy autumn lunchtime! I'm all baked and cooked out!
  13. What made you laugh today?

    Good solution! Better than almost ripping a layer of skin off your fingers/hand and still not getting that bottle open. 
  14. Three Lies, One Truth

    1. Billy the Kid is a distant relation of mine 2. Eating nuts gives me a rash 3. I married a Mormon 4. My right eye is blue and my left eye is brown
  15. US election ballot submission (Nov. 6)?

    I filled the forms out, scanned and made PDFs of them, and sent them to Oregon via e-mail. A confirmation e-mail came back within a few days saying 'your vote will be counted.' Nice to know!