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  1. Planning to! I may have to give it up at the cloakroom but it's worth a try.  
  2. Yesterday I went to the B1 Test Prep course at the local VHS. It lasted about three hours and though I'd worked through two model tests in my test prep book, it was great to sit in the future official test classroom and see and get to speak a bit the other test takers.   The teacher walked us through every section of the test offerig some tips but didn't have us actually write our own letter, just gave us an example letter. We tried out the three spoken sections of the test. The course started out serious but then lightened up as we tried out the spoken part of the test. We ended up laughing at times and in the end I think most everyone felt things would be ok on test day.    We were also told that some students were only there to re-take half of the test. Apparently if you fail the written or spoken part of the test, but not both parts, you can come back and re-take the failed part within a year. Nice to know. Of course you do have to pay to re-take that.    It was good to also actually sit in the test day classroom and realize that the seats were hard, the closed windows turned the room into a furnace by late afternoon, and with the windows open we'd hear the occassional ambulance siren roaring by as there's a hospital right by the VHS. Distractions to be shoved aside in order to focus on the test.    Another note, it may depend on your VHS but I got a letter when I arrived home from the test prep course which stated things like this: *arrive at 8:45 a.m. and give up your purse/wallet, cell phone, personal belongings at a cloakroom *written test runs to noon then there is a pause *after the pause you meet with your given spoken test student partner at a given time. Unfortunately my time is about four and a half hours later! What a LONG day! But also, what an important one. *test results supposed to show up in my mailbox in 4 to 6 weeks *bring a pencil and eraser and your personal id (passport or German residence id, etc.)  
  3. Quitting a Job in Germany

    I wonder how this story ended.
  4. Why are you happy today?

    I know it well! At the top there is a Starbucks. It makes it worth the climb. 
  5. ...Zupfkuchen! But as you can see, one can bake it wherever one lives.                         
  6. Why are you happy today?

    Looks like a very nice place to go for a walk!
  7. I get left side chest pains at my work but I work in a very stressful job coupled with operating an Italian coffee machine with the coffee sieve holders needing to be held at about my neck level. I have to grip the sieve holders with both hands to twist them in and later out of the sockets hundreds of times a day. No wonder my chest can hurt (and my whole stomachh/core musculature) at times. That's like using a wrench at above shoulder level off and on in nine hour work day. Yes, I do have 'buff' arms from that but should also take time (when not exhausted) to stretch before and after the job to ease all the muscles that are used. I also try to make sure I do some winding down stuff like go for a walk in nature/yoga but at times I am simply too exhausted. Maybe you have a physical job too? 
  8. Why are you happy today?

    The new Downton Abbey film is coming out this month in the UK theaters and will also be shown at a small town near me here in Germany IN ENGLISH (with German subtitles)! I am so surprised it will be shown in a small theater here and have marked my calendar! What a nice autumn treat to look forward to. 
  9. Why are you unhappy today?

    I haven't heard any follow up news about the over 100 tuberculosis cases near Karlsruhe that made the news in early August. The story was in a Deutsche Welle article and only a blurb about the number of cases having risen to I think 120 popped up on the news ticker on the bottom of the screen on the tv channel Welt last month. The story involved a school where the majority of the cases showed up. 88% of the eighth grade class was infected. Why? No further news. Strange. Was it fake news? 
  10. American in Germany

    This post reminded me of American high school autumns eons ago. I was never actually a football fan but rather liked the entertainment folded around the games. That and the rare social life of gabbing with classmates as we sat in the bleachers pointing out other classmates (who was on a date mainly) and teachers (oh look, Mr. Foley has a girlfriend).    But this post above, and the video, inspired me this week to pick up a flyer at my local REWE that advertised the Heavenly Forces Dancers. Up to spying the flyer, I didn't know there were German cheerleaders at all. The things one finds when pausing to read the adverts and flyers at your local REWE.    The videos linked here remind me of my age. I was imagining the autumnal cheerleaders of my high school in Virginia with their fat bi-colored pompoms and school colors turtleneck sweaters and pleated skirts. Obviously Heavenly Forces Dancers are not only cheerleaders but event dancers. One video does show what I guess may now be the 'old school' cheerleader look though.     Here's to another autumn, where, back home, brassy bands, flag corps and cheerleaders will once again add sparkle and splendor to the many American high school football games.     
  11. stairwell terror

    What kind of exercise do you do in the stairwell and for how long? Is part of your need to exercise in the stairwell that you need stairs to do it? Like an aerobic stepper routine or just stretching your calves before going for a jog? 
  12. Random pointless comments

    It must be...Barbarella!
  13. Climate change discussion

    I liked the comparison of Greta with the character Malachi from Stephen King's 'Children of the Corn.' The character was Issac, not Malachi:  
  14. What made you laugh today?

    A back to school video a family made makes me laugh. Maybe because I don't have kids to entertain in summer or send to school? seems funny to me: 'Bye Bye Bye Back to School' set to an NSYNC song 'Bye Bye Bye' followed by 'We Can't Help with Homework Anymore' set to an REO Speedwagon's 'I Can't Fight This Feeling' Hope they make you laugh too.       
  15. What's got you flummoxed today?

    The latest news in German tv today about how much plastic is in the snow in the Arctic/Swiss Alps. I think it was like 5,400 (micro?) pieces of plastic in a litre of Swiss snow. Apparently the plastic is not just in the snow but in the rain and in the air. Oh. I had no idea I breathe plastic and drink it from my tap etc. every single day. I guess we are all 'plastic contaminated' and have been for, well, ages. So, then also there is just no such thing as 'bio' food etc. anymore when you take this info in and try to digest it.It kind of feels like someone told me I am living in Chernobyl after the reactor problem but will not be allowed to move, ever. Then again, I'm alive (today at least so far) and I feel ok, so, I'm just making the best of being, full of plastic. In fact, that may become the new phrase, replacing 'You are so full of shit!' Now it will be, 'You are so full of plastic!'