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  1. Contact your local Standesamt (in your local Rathaus). Tell them you need information about a Namensänderung.     
  2. I want to share that this week I had a letter from the Landrat stating my application for dual citizenship was approved and I'm to go to a ceremony in February. I think I smiled all day, despite having at the same time almost, coming down with a nasty head cold. I travelled to work and looked out at the landscape and said to myself, 'Oh, this is my landscape too!'  I want to thank everyone here for the many posts that helped me along the way, especially thank @pianostar69 whose post long ago gave me the idea of trying for a dual citizenship.   
  3. Do you like living in Germany?

    I like living in Germany because I live in a nice rural area. This is the first time in my life I've been a 'country' person and I enjoy my quiet life surrounded by nature. The countryside is a nice place to come home to after a stressful day at work too!    
  4. New Year Resolutions

    The pursuit of happiness most days, if not every day of 2020.     
  5. Expat Burnout

    I would say, do what you feel is best. You can always change your mind and come back to Germany. 
  6. buying agricultural land for organic farming

    Some house properties come with considerable land attatched to them. I live in southeast end of NRW where in rural areas such houses are popping up for sale as the old owners pass away and their kids have no interest in living so far from the bigger cities.
  7. The Recycling Thread

    Where do I recycle my old sewing machine needle? Should it go in the razor recycling box at the local REWE? Or can I just throw it in the black garbage can (stick the used to be sharp end in something?)? 
  8. What's got you flummoxed today?

    No. The house dr. stops by each month to check on her but she won't let him in the door. She doesn't leave the house but has been living with husband with dementia for several years. We have too, live right next door and help them out. Stopped in and she was doing ok. That note is what worried me most. I guess she just needed some extra attention. 
  9. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Just stepped outside and found my MIL from next door, who's been in a bad mood today, had placed a basket at our frosty front door containing: -coloring book for adults she had previously said she enjoyed, not all colored in yet -bird identification book  -room dehumidifer box with new bag of crystals that do the dehumidifying -her and her husband's daily pill sorters (empty) -Post-It that says: Zum sterben brauch kein Tabletten    Will stop by and see what's going on.      
  10. My husband got on the phone back at the bureaucrat and asked that they not simply call requesting more information be sent them by Email but rather send their request  per post and signed. Previous request for information was per post and signed after all. That was on Wednesday. No letter has appeared in our mailbox. 
  11. I think I have been guilty of what the NFL fan Germans are guilty of here.   There I was, the perhaps only American at the 'Downton Abbey' film in a tiny theater, surrounded by mainly 40 year old and up German speaking females, who clucked like hens in a hen house over the free 'British Happchen' that consisted of only free champagne and cucumber sandwiches. I'm not from England but I know that there is more to 'British Happchen' than champagne and cucumber sandwiches but the little Britsh flags in the sandwiches were a nice touch and the sandwiches tasted good. I can't vouch for the booze. However, my point is, I felt as swept up in watching a fictional England as the packed in German females (ok, not all viewers were so engaged, a snoring man did distract me for a moment and even I wondered how much more ooze of sentiment could come off the screen from time to time), some of whom may have really needed the German subtitles to help them laugh along with those of us who understood the film, which was shown in English. But irregardless of our countries of origin, we all laughed at Maggie Smith's quips, and stared at the oppulence of Downton Abbey, and  (SPOILER ALERT) rooted for the rebelling kitchen staff and felt an inner cheer for the gay butler finally finding a man that understood him, etc. We were/are just fans of a soap operatic series. Isn't that cool?   Next time you run across NFL fans, talk to them about your team! They would probably love to hear about them.   
  12. Update on using the financial hardship for dual citizenship (US/German). I applied in January of this year, turning in all required papers at that time. It took the NRW powers that be til June to send me a letter stating that my B1 test wasn't a telc and I needed to send the results of a new B1 test to them as well as now my husband's latest Steuerbescheid (previously not required at the local Rathaus, which, by the way, approved my B1 test which turned out not to be telc).   As the VHS was then closed til September, it took til October to get my B1 test results squared away and mailed off, along with the husband's tax info, to make it a packet that gave them what they wanted all at once. In two weeks, I heard back from the local office and heard that although they had the last three of my pay stubs from 2018 as required back in January, and my husbands Steuerbescheid, too much time had lapsed and now they want my latest three stubs again but not his 2018 tax paper rather now his first quartal of 2019. Not even his last three pay stubs.   Sigh.   But will gather and send.   So be aware that if 'too much time' lapses between the start of your application and it drags on, you may have to send in more recent information at least in regards to your income status. Apparently they DO/CAN pull in your partner's income to use as a deciding factor too. Although we have Gutertrennung (haven't mentioned it to them yet but can also send a copy of that, if needed)and, don't together ever make the 2,350 USD in any given month.    Sigh. 
  13. Why are you happy today?

    Civil War era Union soldier and lady in crinoline showed up at my work on Halloween. Something about it was very charming, something else made my scalp actually crawl. That kind of shiver you get that says, 'Remeber this?' not just from history lessons or having lived near Bull Run in my youth and having gone to one of those re-enactment battles as a teen but, how very odd it felt to see this uniform on a happy go lucky man somehow and then this woman sweeping by. It was hauntingly charming. Later I found they belong to a Verein near me that dresses up and gathers frequently to try and live out lives from 1830s to 1860s America. I wonder if it might be something fun for me too? 
  14. True Confessions

    Are you sure you didn't go ahead and bury a fish in the flooring instead? My sister lives in a crappy place in Boston and she and her husband still can't get rid of the illusive bad smell coming from the flooring. 
  15. Climate change

    Keep waiting for Extinction Rebellion to chain themselves over the McDrive, where fast food fans sit in long lines, letting their autos run the whole time, just to buy their latest coupon inspired meal (then chuck the packainging/wrapper out their car window later on). The coupon time extra food production there equals more plastic and paper waste (plastic lids, straws, salad forks and knives, plastic wrapped cookies for the to go drinks, etc.) as well as more energy waste (water run in diswashers, power consumed by lighting, grills, fryers, oven, coffee machine, etc.). What would happen if the service people refused to give customers all the plastic articles? Bring your own thermos or cup is ok at such places but few people bother to. No one brings their own eatting utensils, plate, or a glass/cup for their soft drink etc. But they could. Actually. It would be interesting to see. And non-violent. But better still, just don't frequent such places?