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  1. How many colds can one get in a season?

    @sos-the-rope...about 15 days. Maybe the sunshine and end of the windy and rainy days helped? It is a nasty sort of endurance test of a cold.    At our house, the worst days of this particular bug were around the 3rd, 5-6th with broken sleep due to the stuffed nose/that cough that followed. After that the concrete mask of snot started to loosen up and the cough was less frequent and yet more productive.   Possibly helpful if anyone is just coming down with this:  *For the few days scratchy throat, I liked the Anginetten red bon bons (the strongest ones) (found at REWE, DM, Rossmann) *Drank lots of hetrbals teas found at DM and Aldi for coughs and colds and otherwise lots of plain water *Personally liked the Aldi bottle of Krauter Bronchial Tropfen (think it's 30 drops in a glass of water) in a bedside glass of water (sort of a minty taste) for help coughing up the crap and helping reducing the garbage mouth effect of all that post nasal drip *rest, rest, rest be a total lazy ass     
  2. Ok, here's a map about the various accents in Manchester and some more info about the differences. I don't personally know any of them so I went to my favorite source, You Tube's Accent Tag Challenge to try and get a comparison by sound. Here is what I found, @HEM please correct me if I got it wrong.    North: South:    
  3. Smell of Origami paper

    Sometimes packaging of products is what produces a horrible smell. Or damp itself. Damp cardboard or paper can also just really smell bad. With all this rainy weather perhaps damp is an issue? Thinking of the horrible smell that comes from paper/pulp factories.
  4. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Upcycling gone wrong. 
  5. I'm for the safety issue of E-Cars when it comes to pedestrians and bicyclists. Ok, you can see them from far off usually, but there are occassions where they are around a bend in the road and not so visible.    People are part of the environment and pedestrians (and bicyclists) are at a bit of a risk in some situations where an E-Car is involved. We are encouraged to get out and partake of exercise and that in fresh air but the E-Car could be a hazard to some who are trying to do those very things. Of course, walkers and bicyclists could just stay on the paths in parks and woods where E-Cars have no access but at some point they may come in contact with an actual E-Car use road, as in, need to get back off the path and onto the road to their office/home. It's important to develop and intigrate sensors for E-Cars to signal them that people on foot and bikes are up ahead and around those corners but there must also be some development of a divise to allow the pedestrian and the cyclist to also be forewarned in those particular situations.    Ok, you should look both ways before you cross the road, but sometimes where the crossing is, there is a bend in the tree lined road and you can only go on the headlights shining from a distance or stepping out in front of said oncoming E-Car before you know it's coming round that bend. With a 'normal' car you can also hear the car's motor running and that's a warning not to cross the road too. Same for pedestrians who live in rural areas with no sidewalk. Usually you can hear the 'normal' car coming and squish over to the very edge of the roadside, if not onto a patch of turf, if there is any, to avoid the E-car that is hogging the middle of the road and coming up behind you. Without walking at night, dusk or dawn or in inclimate weather to see the shine of the E-Car's headlights, you may not be able to hurry to the very precipice to avoid the E-Car as it blithely rolls at you.    
  6. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Good way to conceal your weapon of choice AND your hip flask.
  7. How many colds can one get in a season?

    Time to mention this head cold going around at my work, seemingly rampant amoung cafe customers, and now invading our home as well.   Starts with lots of sneezing, progresses to two days of sore throat, day three you have a dry unproductive cough and the nasal congestion sets in, day 4-5 you have some energy and sometimes can breathe through your nose, days 6 and beyond (up to 12) you have the mainly clear gluelike snot that just keeps needing to be blown out and coughed up. It's not the flu, has no fever with it but it HANGS ON despite all home remedies of teas and herbal bon bons, steam, chicken soup, spicey foods,  rest, etc. It sucks. I had it in December  for 12 days and now a thicker snottier version of it came along last week. Round and round it goes. My sympathy to anyone in NRW that is draging around with this one. I'm calling it 'The Elmer's Glue Non-Flu.'  
  8. What are you watching right now?

    The Story of Wales because I wanted to learn more about the history of Wales. All 5 episodes are simply online to enjoy!
  9. Since someone liked this post, I have to say, the link gives all of the film but, oh no, to my own surprise, cut off the last few minutes, which was, of course very disappointing. It's based on a short story by the same name, by Edward Hale. 
  10. Looking for a guy called Moritz

    I'm on your side but also be warned that people can and do at times lie about their occupation. Don't waste too much of your time looking for the needle in the haystack Moritz man but rather, if you would like to find someone special, get looking all around you! You could also, ok, look for him in portals like C-Date and Parship etc. as maybe he belongs to those as well? If he doesn't belong, but you join those groups anyway, why not check out other guys who are available? You might really find some other good guys there too? 
  11. What made you laugh today?

    I am feeklng like my hairdo is a real winner now. This guy looks like he ran in Edward Scissorhands on an extra depressive mood kinda day. Ouch. Time for that beanie. Nice he can still smile for the camera though, after all that snipping trauma.  
  12. What made you laugh today?

    This hair on the guy on the left reminds me of a gorilla. But he seems happy and that is most important. Love your gorilla look and wear it with a smile.  
  13. Looking for a guy called Moritz

    If Moritz and Andys third friend was named Max, be careful, as Max and Moritz get up to lots of mischief!
  14. What made you laugh today?

    Up front the short hair is about 6.5 cm long, but the sides that now cover my ears down to the lobe ends, are poofing out like a fro over my ears and giving me a box look. I think I got a very short wedge type bob hairdo but the chunks of hair over the ears need to go. I am just wearing a hairband to flatten them down today. I have wavy hair and I think the stylist was trying to cut along a wave instead of cutting into it. The result is not so good. I am guilty of using  mousse and gel to try and fix the problem here so thanks very much for the styling tips and product tips!  
  15. Bramble's list of what to put on your hand written CV includes more stuff than I thought to put on my own but I think you can leave some bits out if you want. The CV was a few pages long because of all the moves and schools attended. I left out hobbies and never mentioned how I feel about Germany or living here at all. I had about two pages in the end and thought, don't add too much more or it will put them to sleep!