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  1. What are you watching right now?

    Any Manchester City fans out there?  You may enjoy watching the film 'Trautmann' in the ARD Mediathek.  Based on the life of Bernd 'Bert' Trautmann Manchester City goal keeper's life:   There's also a short documentary about him in the Mediathek:  
  2. What are you watching right now?

    'Requiem' from 2018 on the ARD Mediathek (offers the series in original English or German). What's going on in this creepy Welsh town?!   A kid goes missing years ago, the locals all seem to be living shady lives or witholding info about that incident decades later, devilish symbols abounding, seemingly vengeful spirits leaving burn marks on people who encounter them, a couple of suicides, identity issues, freaky soundtrack with erie babyish voice singing atonally, strange sort of devilish sounds eminating from the dense lush woods, a bagman, a violent husband, a mute old lady in a wheelchair with info to convey, flasbacks and forward and episodes of seeming amnesia. Is this a story of child abuse? Deamon worship? Who can anyone trust in this town? And that room with bricked up window atthe end of the hall and that wallpaper...yikes!    Six episodes total but only four streaming online so far:  
  3. Auntie Helen, you have my sympathy. I have a similar ass in my workplace. None of the co-workers like him. I think he's actually a bad worker himself. He's supposed to delegate, support, inform, train, and work alongside us in a congenial way but he seems frequently out of his depth and on a daily basis berates  or tries to belittle someone on the team like he has some harassment quota to fulfill. Talking to the boss about him hasn't led the boss to move him to another of our filale either. We are stuck with him until his x number of months with us are up. He's a young, ambitious refugee so I think the boss is trying to give him a good chance in Germany, which is noble and well meant, but comes at the expense of the rest of his workers. We have new hires so it's not some weird boss trying to get a middle man to mob out workers to try and save money in corona time either.   Morale in the place is like everyone is on gaurd when the guy shows up in case they find they are on his secret hit list that day. Who will get humilated, betrated, in front of customers/coworkers or hey, just alone one on one with Mr. Tantrum today? Does he have a spinning dart board in his home that has every worker's name on it? He throws a dart as the board spins before heading to work and hones in on that 'darted' person. Eine meanie minie mo! This guy needs to quit, not any of us. We are staying like a wall and he can't break us down! Don't let that ass in your workplace get you down either. 
  4. What are you watching right now?

    The black and white German sci-fi series 'Raumpatroullie Orion'   The plastic space helmets remind me of those Dickmann's chocolates you see at the grocery.