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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    The renter passed away at the hospital on the 26th. Up to those last hours she was still able to be cared for at home by her family. No more suffering. 
  2. Coronavirus

    According to today's on the Robert Koch Institute's Coronavirus Dashboard, the majority of reported cases of COVID-19 to date have been people in the age range from 35 to 59: 
  3. Random pointless comments

    bis später/auf wiedersehen. I mean, these days you just never know. You can hope though.
  4. Coronavirus

    One of my siblings lives in the greater Boston area. Boston is way behind Germany with the regulations when it comes to number of people that can gather in public. As of March 25 the limit is 10. Why so many?  Down from a prior restriction of 25. Way to go Mayor Walsh. No wonder coronavirus is going ...viral in America.  The regulations so far:
  5. What made you smile today?

    I got the 'F' right at least.  Taking another look at the vid now. 
  6. What made you smile today?

    Listening to Travis'Why Does It Always Rain on Me' and watching Fred, sorry, Fran, Healy running around in his flappy kilt in the video. Call me a dirty old bat but a young man in a kilt, now that is my idea of sexy.  
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

    Update. My parents decided to wait on the operation. Thank goodness. 
  8. Three-word story

    Joan of Arc
  9. Lately I'm a fan of the 'dashboard' from Robert Koch Institute: Every morning after breakfast I log on and check out: -the Kreis where I live - the Kreis where I work Though I am following all the precautions, somehow I just have to know how many people around me are sick. 
  10. Curly Neal on the court. The Globetrotters tune is still in my head so many years later!
  11. The English Teacher's Corner

    Just give her the lyrics to Move Away, Culture Club, to diagram.    
  12. Playlist for the Corona Apocalypse

    Culture Club Move Away
  13. Waiting to see if toilet paper shows up as a new form of currency. What will the exchange rate be measured in? Rolls or squares?        
  14. Or that crack in the wall where Pyramus and Thisbe would whisper to one another.