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  1. Why are you happy today?

    Two happys today. Second is: this 'irische butter' that has 'Berlin' stamped on the back of the gold wrapper with green clovers and lettering. Is it really from Ireland? Wherever it's from, it's spreadable and if I dare say it, edible all on its own (even the cat gets a little bit of it from time to time) and  tastes so fantastically good on this 'Mehrkorn' bread I made from a bread mix found at REWE (mix costs 59 cents, I kid you not). House smells of warm baked bread, butter melting on slice of said bread. Heaven.  
  2. Why are you happy today?

    Mailed off the over 2 kg box of my Dad's family history in paper notes, gooble-d-gook of various family trees etc (too much stuff really, I was starting to re-invent the wheel with repetition, a good sign that it's time to stop/wrap something up!) to a cousin in America. Hoping she and my cousins, their kids and now grandkids might find something of interest in what was an on/off 40 year hobby/journey for me. 
  3. Why are you happy today?

    The suspended coffees idea is good! 
  4. Why are you happy today?

    This year I wanted to get back to doing some random acts of kindness, because it feels good to add a little postive in some stranger's day. So here's a start.    Today I bought a magazine from a jobless/homeless guy outside my local Aldi. There was a photo of Rosa Luxemburg on the front so that made me kind of curious to read what was inside, as today is the death date of Rosa, 100 years ago.   He only needed 1,50 Euros but I went back and gave him all my spare change. I'm reading the magazine now. It has some good article titles like 'Bullshit Jobs: Meaningless occupations, the zero Jobmarket,' and 'No time for the Toilet: Using the toilet damages the Workplace.'  The guy is supposed to get 75 cents of the 1,50 Euros, but he needed more than that. Later I remembered reading that it's ok to buy the magazine but even better if you ask if they need some food and to go buy them something healthy that can even last a few days once it's opened. A warm drink would also be good in winter, or one of those re-fill thermoses so he could have gotten refills cheaper even or kept the drink hot longer. Oh well, next time.
  5. US Taxes - FBAR/FATCA reporting minimum

    And here I've been filing that FACTA religiously for years, although I never had over $200,000 USD at any time in any of my German bank accounts. Well, the IRS hasn't complained about the extra e-file there and every time I've filed it online, they send me a nice confirmation e-mail to say they received it (and maybe automatically then deleted my info I shared, as not of any interest?). Ha!  Anyone with IRS questions? Go look at the IRS website for the 2018 tax year low down. 
  6. Why are you happy today?

    Back to the excess snow and what to do with it. You can make an' igloo,' yes! Here is how: 
  7. Someone is seeding the clouds?
  8. Handed all the stuff in and was told that it would take between 6 months and 3 years to hear back. Oh. In 3 years I might forget I ever applied. Which might be a good thing, actually.   
  9. Why are you unhappy today?

    Your situation brings to mind one of the first films I saw in German in Germany and understood: 'Der Fangschuss,' (1970s) about a preußisch hetero couple about to marry and yet the groom is secretly more interested in the marriage as a way to always be near the bride -to- be's brother. It plays more like a stage play and in it's way is as heartbreaking as your situation as a married woman currently is. I only found a short clip but the topic is a timeless one. The eccentric grandma (seen cutting strips of paper for toilet paper in the film clip) up at the top of the house knows what's going on.
  10. Today I spoke in a chat box with a Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) rep asking about Ausländers with permanent residence's right to Pflegehilfe in Germany. If they have paid into the Krankenversicherung (KV)  and Pflegeversicherung (PV) as a worker in Germany, according to the Rep., they have the same right to apply for/have access to Pflegehilfe as a German citizen does. 
  11. Wanted: People to help unload shipment

    I just had to check in after laughing at the post title and wondering what was in that shipment.Are you sure those books aren't hollow? I remember being stopped in New York after a trip to Amsterdam where I had bought a heavy suitcase worth of very old books. I myself was underweight at the time so I guess I was mistaken for a junkie? What a waste of time I had with that crabby customs lady flipping through the books and finding them loaded with nothing but text and pictures. 
  12. If you have to write a Lebenslauf by hand for your application, buy LOTS of the fancy paper and a pen you can write comfortably and flowingly with, just in case. Today I sat down, having typed up and multi-proofed my hand written Lebenslauf, and set about copying it onto watermarked paper with a very nice pen. Then it happened. A mistake. Start over. Then another mistake halfway down the page! No! On and on, little trip ups. Thank goodness I had the whole day to keep giving it a try and a whole fat ream of fancy paper to wad up and start fresh with. What was causing the problem?  The slick new pen, the glossy glare from the fancy paper? Or was it that inner reluctance to go through with the application at all? Gearing up to hand in the papers, the photos, etc. next week and then wait it out. Half hoping it doesn't work out! Why? I just sucked my Lebenslauf dry of any of the things that I really wanted to put in that reminded me I had wonderful grades through school, had won awards for various ventures in the Arts, had published in my native language, etc. and now I am  just handing in something bland that says, in the end, I now work as a 'shift worker' here. If ever a butterfly had it's wings removed and ended up a caterpillar instead!
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    Yes, goosebumps! I did a little looking around to try and learn something about the cycle of songs. The lyrics come from various poems, including one by Elgar's wife Alice. It was composed in 1894 and debuted on October 5,1899. Though the songs are described as not really fitting together except by the theme 'Sea Pictures,' they do lead one to look back at that time period. One does then see 'Sea Pictures' was first presented less than a week before the Boer War (Oct 11, 1899-31 Mai, 1902) began and performed a second time on October 20, 1899, this time for Queen Victoria. The songs, though not directly about war at all, did provide, in my opinion, a Victorian soundtrack for wartime, with a wash of sorrowful, lulling tones, mixed with upright patrotic brass and symbols dispersing the sometimes murky depths. Lyrics like 'He shall assist me to look higher!' giving a comforting Christian boost; 'Oh brave white horses/You gather and gallop...On your hollow backs/On your high arch manes.../I would ride as never man had ridden' suggesting not only riding the waves but the cavalry plunging into yet another Victorian era war. Funny though that at the debut the singer, Clara Butt, wore a mermaid costume! That fact sort of 'takes the wind out of my sails'/wartime idea. That initial performance sounds like something from a pantomime actually. Were there cardboard waves and a cutout ship bobbling around behind her? I'm sure the British flag was flying high on that cutout ship and flapping (along with her mermaid tail?)! So much for my fanciful ideas! 
  14. What are you listening to right now?

    Classical Music Flashback! Driving to work on a chilly morning,  I caught two of the songs from Edward Elgar's song cycle 'Sea Pictures' on the radio and sang along! 'The Land Where Corals Lie' followed by the shivery and pompous build up at the end of 'Sabbath Morning at Sea.'