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  1. Sally Ann Howes singing 'The Heather on the Hill' from Brigadoon  What a beautiful voice! 
  2. What made you laugh today?

    My cat is staying indoors more and more. He's almost 19 years old now and doesn't play like he used to. For fun I thought I'd find some 'cat tv' videos on You Tube to try and keep his mind entertained. He was immediately interested! Unfortunately when he tried to bat the bird, mouse or red laser dot, he would step on the keys on my laptop and reduce the screen or freeze up the action!   Here are videos your bored/older cat might enjoy on your tv screen or a computer monitor too:   Mice: Birds: Red Laser Dot:
  3. 3G in Restaurants?

    Just to hijack the thread further: it's 2-G in restaurants now, but, for your entertainment many guests at the door show up with insufficient i.d. and get turned away.   Examples I have had to deal with so far: -school kids who think because they had a corona test at school they can now come into the restaurant (NO) -lady with letter from a doctor stating she can't be immunized and with a negative corona test from said day in her hand (NO) -people with QR codes scanned in various corona apps but also only their personal id scanned (NO, the id must be the actual id, not just a scan of it) -people with only their first immunization and it's not been 2 weeks since they got it (NO) -people from overseas with immunization passes that show no immunization sticker/doctor's office stamp and signature, these passes have been from Poland and Spainish speaking countries, are not the typical in Germany yellow pass and none have the QR-code either (NO)   one sketchy but Ok case: -yellow immunization pass with two stickers but the third booster signature nowhere to be found although the dr. office stamp was on the pass and the same signature on that (OK,  this was only a booster shot...they are still immunized)   All these examples occurred in one day on the restaurant door. I must have turned away over 20 guests. Most people were fine about it. One lady who actually had all the correct id had a sudden bout of anxiety or I don't know what and just threw up her arms, said she'd had enough and left although she was perfectly OK to come in.    Although no violence has occurred while checking id at our restaurant door, it is a very stressful job all the same. One just never knows how people will respond. I already told my boss we need REAL security people not the typical co-workers checking id on the door but this suggestion has, so far, fallen on deaf ears. I believe the real securtity will only be paid for if one of us gets hurt by an angry potential customer while we are checking id on that door.