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  1. Why are you happy today?

    Civil War era Union soldier and lady in crinoline showed up at my work on Halloween. Something about it was very charming, something else made my scalp actually crawl. That kind of shiver you get that says, 'Remeber this?' not just from history lessons or having lived near Bull Run in my youth and having gone to one of those re-enactment battles as a teen but, how very odd it felt to see this uniform on a happy go lucky man somehow and then this woman sweeping by. It was hauntingly charming. Later I found they belong to a Verein near me that dresses up and gathers frequently to try and live out lives from 1830s to 1860s America. I wonder if it might be something fun for me too? 
  2. True Confessions

    Are you sure you didn't go ahead and bury a fish in the flooring instead? My sister lives in a crappy place in Boston and she and her husband still can't get rid of the illusive bad smell coming from the flooring. 
  3. Climate change discussion

    Keep waiting for Extinction Rebellion to chain themselves over the McDrive, where fast food fans sit in long lines, letting their autos run the whole time, just to buy their latest coupon inspired meal (then chuck the packainging/wrapper out their car window later on). The coupon time extra food production there equals more plastic and paper waste (plastic lids, straws, salad forks and knives, plastic wrapped cookies for the to go drinks, etc.) as well as more energy waste (water run in diswashers, power consumed by lighting, grills, fryers, oven, coffee machine, etc.). What would happen if the service people refused to give customers all the plastic articles? Bring your own thermos or cup is ok at such places but few people bother to. No one brings their own eatting utensils, plate, or a glass/cup for their soft drink etc. But they could. Actually. It would be interesting to see. And non-violent. But better still, just don't frequent such places?
  4. cybil passed the B1 Prüfung. After all that studying at home I would say the most helpful thing was going to the one day prep course offered by the VHS. Knowing how generously the letter and the spoken part of the test would be 'graded' took a lot of my stress away. On test day, my partner for the spoken part of the test didn't understand that we were supposed to ask and answer questions back and forth. Partner launched in with a monologue covering every point to be covered and I had to scramble to say something about myself without partner having ever asked. But, having swapped phone numbers, I can say we both passed, so a little improvisation can be just fine. 
  5. True Confessions

    Probably 9 years old, I discovered our teacher had a nice stash of various soft toffees in a box on an upper shelf in our class supply room. I told the sweaty boy that sat next to me about the stash and admit we both dipped into that but one day he got caught and never told the teacher I'd told him about the stash to begin with. A true gentleman! He got the strap not me. 
  6. Why are you happy today?

    After about a half year now of buffeting around in a daze of overwork and dr. visits and physiotherapyand still not feeling any better really, I finally had a computer muscle strength test done at the dr.'s order (but paid only by me) and found what muscle groups needed strengthening. I have put together exercises and stretches for myself from online because I can't afford the gym fees that some guy tried to sell me today nor did any place near me have any openings until December where I could get my free and prescribed 6 Krankengymnastik visits in. Happy because I just took the info and got on with doing some proper exercises! Already did them for today! Hope they help. :) 
  7. Why are you happy today?

    Went on a walking trail near my home which I'd never tried before and will be going back again, it was so lovely!    Caught the mouse that our cat brought in the house over a month ago. It was so clever, avoiding all the traps and eatting the cat's food...til I caught it! It's now back outside enjoying the rainy weather.   A book I ordered on Ebay in May and got a refund for because it hadn't arrived by August, arrived yesterday in my mailbox. So I got it for free.   Tomorrow at this time that pesky B1 test will be over and hopefully permanently done with.   
  8. Planning to! I may have to give it up at the cloakroom but it's worth a try.  
  9. Yesterday I went to the B1 Test Prep course at the local VHS. It lasted about three hours and though I'd worked through two model tests in my test prep book, it was great to sit in the future official test classroom and see and get to speak a bit the other test takers.   The teacher walked us through every section of the test offerig some tips but didn't have us actually write our own letter, just gave us an example letter. We tried out the three spoken sections of the test. The course started out serious but then lightened up as we tried out the spoken part of the test. We ended up laughing at times and in the end I think most everyone felt things would be ok on test day.    We were also told that some students were only there to re-take half of the test. Apparently if you fail the written or spoken part of the test, but not both parts, you can come back and re-take the failed part within a year. Nice to know. Of course you do have to pay to re-take that.    It was good to also actually sit in the test day classroom and realize that the seats were hard, the closed windows turned the room into a furnace by late afternoon, and with the windows open we'd hear the occassional ambulance siren roaring by as there's a hospital right by the VHS. Distractions to be shoved aside in order to focus on the test.    Another note, it may depend on your VHS but I got a letter when I arrived home from the test prep course which stated things like this: *arrive at 8:45 a.m. and give up your purse/wallet, cell phone, personal belongings at a cloakroom *written test runs to noon then there is a pause *after the pause you meet with your given spoken test student partner at a given time. Unfortunately my time is about four and a half hours later! What a LONG day! But also, what an important one. *test results supposed to show up in my mailbox in 4 to 6 weeks *bring a pencil and eraser and your personal id (passport or German residence id, etc.)  
  10. Quitting a Job in Germany

    I wonder how this story ended.
  11. Why are you happy today?

    I know it well! At the top there is a Starbucks. It makes it worth the climb. 
  12. ...Zupfkuchen! But as you can see, one can bake it wherever one lives.                         
  13. Why are you happy today?

    Looks like a very nice place to go for a walk!
  14. I get left side chest pains at my work but I work in a very stressful job coupled with operating an Italian coffee machine with the coffee sieve holders needing to be held at about my neck level. I have to grip the sieve holders with both hands to twist them in and later out of the sockets hundreds of times a day. No wonder my chest can hurt (and my whole stomachh/core musculature) at times. That's like using a wrench at above shoulder level off and on in nine hour work day. Yes, I do have 'buff' arms from that but should also take time (when not exhausted) to stretch before and after the job to ease all the muscles that are used. I also try to make sure I do some winding down stuff like go for a walk in nature/yoga but at times I am simply too exhausted. Maybe you have a physical job too? 
  15. Why are you happy today?

    The new Downton Abbey film is coming out this month in the UK theaters and will also be shown at a small town near me here in Germany IN ENGLISH (with German subtitles)! I am so surprised it will be shown in a small theater here and have marked my calendar! What a nice autumn treat to look forward to.