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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    The Alarm 'Everything Under Control':  My inner punk is coming out now...time to pogo!
  2. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Not about Tesla but E-autos in general and that 6000 Euro premium.    My husband was set to buy a new VW Up! as with that premium it was in financial reach. He called around to see what some dealers could offer pricewise and delivery times as well.    One dealer in NRW would only sell the car if my man paid 6000 Euros down and had the car signed over to the dealership's name (as 1st owner). Nope.    Another offered to get him the VW 'within nine months.'    Another offered 'starting at 12 months, maybe a bit longer' and said it's a 50/50 chance that you are still waiting for the car when the preium expires end of 2021.    Then he looked in some online forums and saw other people mentioning they'd had extended waiting time for delivery.   Unless the preium offer is extended beyond end of 2021 you may have to pay full price because your delivery time went over the end of 2021?    Anyone know anything about this?     
  3. Why are you happy today?

    CORRECTION: Last night my husband went to look at comet Neowise with me...upon seeing 'it' he said, 'sorry, it IS an airplane. Wrong angle to the horizon.' Oh. I hope others in Toytown will have more luck. 
  4. Why are you happy today?

    Out on a stroll near sunset (sunset was at 9:21 p.m today) I looked from the top of the village hill and saw the new comet (discovered in late March 2020) Neowise! No binoculars or telescope required! It was about a pinkie finger long, looked a bit like a jet plane reflecting the sun at the 'head' but the tail was short. If you look in the night sky and find the big dipper around 10 to 11 p.m. that will give you the location of the comet for the next few days. It hung low on the horizon, a bit to the lower right of the bottom of the where the big dipper is at night.    I don't know how early the comet was visible from that vantage but when I saw it it was 9:35 p.m. I jogged home to get my husband to come up the hill for a look as well but by then it was 9:45 p.m. and the comet was already under the horizon here.     More about Neowise here:  
  5. Why are you happy today?

    Discovered pink and blue rose print on white fabric, made up as long curtains, that had lain folded in a cupboard in the cellar of my in-laws for over a decade. Printed on the selvage: Sanderson & Sons, Ltd. Rosemoor 1986.   I looked the company up online and found 2020 is their 160 year anniversary:   Enjoyed browsing the many, many, prints online!   Washed and trimmed down the curtains to hang in a 'sunny in the morning' window. 
  6. Why are you unhappy today?

    The irony is that the inventor of the segway apparently also died while using one (heard this on the local radio yesterday at least). 
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

    Mobbing has suddenly reared its ugly head in my workplace. I'm the target of the week.
  8. What are you watching right now?

    'A Run for Your Money' (1946) Light comedy about two Welsh brothers who win a prize and go to London to collect it. Along they way they meet a femal con artist, a journalist (played by Alec Guiness), and an old friend with a harp such in a pawn shop. The many misunderstandings, turn of wit and sprinkling of Welsh songs makes the film a nice gentle comedy to enjoy. 
  9. Back to the attempt to cash a US treasury check from P. Trump. My husband's bank wouldn't allow him to deposit my check (third party check) and I only have the online bank that doesn't accept checks t all anyway. Now his bank says, if I get an account with them, pay that 5 Euros a month to them for the account, they'll cash the check. I quit this bank a few years back to get away from that monthly fee. I guess to get the check cashed I have to open a new account with them, cash the check and then close the account. How crazy is that. The other bank filiale in my town are closed on the teller side due to corona. They know they have leverage. Sigh. 
  10. I've been working in the kitchen area where the air was always more 'thick' due to fryers and grill there. I think standing at a fries station filling boxes of fries while wearing a mask is just sort of clogging it up with fat. Perhaps I exaggerate?   I am also finding my lungs feel compromised just when I'm standing many hours in one station. I feel a sense of panic about having to wear the mask now. After work I have dark rings under my eyes, no idea why, but at the end of my shift I make sure I get out of the building and go for a short stroll in fresh air, without the mask, as it's a rural area...I feel at that point I'm trying to re-expand my crushed feeling lungs.   I was wearing the same cotton mask (two layers) six hours with no pause, no pulling it down from my nose even. Now I have a second mask so maybe switching out after three hours will help?   Still seeing REWE workers with only the thin plastic shield instead of a cloth mask, even ones working at the meat/cheese area where they work with the unpackaged food and they work in the same Kreis as my place of work, so why isn't my boss mentioning this as an option for us? I have to ask him, I just can't get a hold of him for a few seconds even to ask. 
  11. Berlin restaurants reopen

    Opening not just in Berlin...McD seating indoors is opening in my neck of the woods. I liked it far better as just a 'to go' place actually. I had dreams that it would stay so and we'd just sell off the rest of the unused building. Dream on!
  12. Anyone else tired of wearing their mask at work? 
  13. What's got you flummoxed today?

    That economic stimulous check in the ammount of 1200 USD arrived in my mailbox from the US Treasury. I only have an online banking account. My bank doesn't accept paper checks from overseas and asks that I have that money just transferred to my online account. That doesn't work either. What to do? Must I now open a 'real bank' account just to cash this check out? 
  14. Looks vaguely like my workplace (first picture) only the mask is lower there, as in, worn under the chin entirely, most of the time. I am wondering if the official law (is there one) about 'you must wear a nose and mouth mask' failed to specify you had to wear it so it COVERS your nose and mouth. Even our boss doesn't wear a mask although the boss provided the boxes of disposable masks for us. Maybe it's a form of cost saving that he sacrifices his mask so others can wear one. 
  15. Yes, good point! Hence the link to a history of the Red Army Faction included in my post.