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  1. Neighbor noise issue

    . Hello, i have question regarding neighbor noise. Actually my neighbor have a big family and they always talk loud day and until late night. There is always something going in at their home and they have lot of visitors. I asked them few times to be quite specially in night. Furthermore my bedroom and their living room wall is together so i hear everything which i told them. But they don’t listen and i feel helpless. Today again they were talking loud and it was 3.30pm so i asked them to not to be loud and that i am sick and i need to sleep but instead that the neighbor got angry and he said the “i should put a big poster that i live alone. And that i come every time with this loud noise” . I didn’t say anything but i felt very bad that instead of talking about noise issues he is talking about that i live alone and that i come again and again with this noise issue. with this behavior i think nothing is going to change. Any ideas what can i do? Where i can complain and actually who would listen to me. I heard that there are lawyer who specifically deal with neighbor noise issues.