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  1. Hello Everyone


    I'm employed full time in Germany. However, I would like to start my own business (a nanny agency), which would specialise in matching UK and Irish nannies with overseas families.


    It's not financially viable for me to quit my job and start this full time so I would like to set up my agency and run it alongside my day job and spend a lot of time building it up over the holidays with the intention to be able to run it full time by the end of the year, if possible.


    I would like to set it up as a sole trader UK business. I understand I can do this whilst resident in Germany and use a German bank account (which I would prefer as the families would mostly be paying me in €).


    My questions are about how this would affect my taxes in my current job? What would I have to declare to the German tax office? Is there any kind of time limit on having two incomes?


    Has anyone else done this and has some advice for me?


    Thanks for your help


  2. Hello Sarah


    The one at the church on Sebastian Rinz Str (which is on the link that jumpsuit27 gave) is really nice and friendly, with lots of Brits and Americans and it is the only one I know of in Frankfurt which is like a "parent and toddler" group, rather than classes etc. There are a lot of nannies there too.


  3. Have you tried contacting the Jewish Community in Frankfurt? If not, maybe they can help out. I work next door to them and they are Hebrew speaking. I know nothing about Judaism but maybe someone there can point you in the right direction?


    Juedische Gemeinde Frankfurt

    Westendstrasse 43

    60325 Frankfurt/Main

    Tel:+49-69-76 803 60

    Fax:+49-69-76 8036 66


    Hope you find what you are looking for and good luck to your friend with her baby!


  4. I really can't speak for the whole of the UK but where my mother lives (North Norfolk coast), you get the most delicious freshest seafood really cheaply in local restaurants. In Sheffield, my German other half and I have already got a few favourite places - even the pubs tend to cook from scratch. Tasty, inexpensive food in nice restaurants really is readily available in the UK - I don't know, maybe the trick is to eat at smaller restaurants and pubs rather than chains which tend to buy in bulk more. I do agree with Luke though, you can't often get a slight variation from the menu here. Mind you, I just love any meal that I don't cook myself though...


  5. THL


    Congratulations on your move to Madrid - my father lives there and it is a wonderful, FRIENDLY place. In fact The Herr and I are going there in Feb/March time.


    But you do know it is bloody cold this time of year, right? I've seen it snow in April in Madrid!


    Have fun but do pack a scarf!


  6. We might be interested as well - although I am not sure if I would be able to commit to a weekend a month unfortunately. We go hiking most weekends in the Taunus and really enjoy it - especially in winter - we went to the top of the Altkönig today in the snow and mist and it was amazing. I'll keep an eye on this thread to see how it goes and hopefully there'll be some nice hikes to look forward to in the future!


    I've got some good maps of both the Odenwald and the Taunus if anyone is interested and I would be more than happy to suggest some good walks, even if I am not able to go along.


  7. I met a woman just before Xmas who said that she would like to live in Offenbach but as she works as a lawyer, it is just not possible!!! My best friend lives in Offenbach and I have a co-worker that lives there too. They both really enjoy living there - I can ask what areas they would recommend but as you can see from these replies, I think they would even be in the minority by recommending the place! I quite like Offenbach myself but all I really know if it is the few times I have been out there in the evening for dinner/drinks - I don't know how it is to live there personally but as I work in Frankfurt, I prefer to live there too, just to save time in the morning! We are vaguely looking to move ourselves and have found some nice apartments in Oberrad, which is between Sachsenhausen and Offenbach.


  8. When I was in minimal this evening, they were selling curries behind the counter where the lady puts the amount of cuury that you want into a container for you and you go home and heat it up (there is a word for this I am sure but it has been a long day and I can't remember it). It said they were freshly made but they looked a bit dry to me - might be better after being heated up. I think they had three types - chicken jalfrezi was one, along with naan bread and curry stuff. In the ready meal section, they also had a variety of curries.


    Don't Karstadt and kaufhof sell naan breads too? I am pretty sure I have seen them there, although I am not certain. My other half likes poppadoms with mango chutney and we buy them from kaufhof (sharwoods brand).


  9. I used to live in the Russian speaking part of the Ukraine where the supermarkets are not self service and there is a counter for milk and a counter for butter etc and you have to go to the individual counter and ask for everything. When I first got there, I remember asking for milk at the milk counter in my best Russian and the woman claimed she didn't have a clue what I wanted. Things did get better though as my Russian improved!


    Germany might be better than that but I still think that as a rule, the service could be improved. Come on, even in those Ukrainian supermarkets you would get a forced smile and a greeting! Here, I always making a point of saying hello but in return I seem to get a scowl and my food hurled down the conveyor belt...


    I completely understand what you're all saying about the small expensive shops, with their over attentive staff but that seems to happen to me wherever I am, not just here - I must make an effort to dress posher when I am out shopping! I was looking for a suitcase last year and I was literally getting followed around some shops but it was those places that lost a good sale though... It was the same when I went jewellry shopping at Xmas. However, when I went back with my other half, it was a different story!


  10. Aw, I hope it worked out OK for you. If I'd have read this before, I would have invited you to come and join me in Frankfurt - all we did was go to the Römer and dodge drunkards throwing fireworks though, so you might well have decided to stop home after all!


    Anyway, a belated happy new year and looking forward to reading some more of your posts.


  11. I had a look at this thread right before Xmas and thought I may as well join in and also upgrade to a faster broadband speed, as it would work out cheaper for me as well - got my connection with Telekom and my flat rate with Tiscali. Got a letter today saying there would be a €49.95 one off fee for transferring which was the first I'd heard about this! When we called Telekom, they instantly said well, if no-one said anything to you, then we don't make you pay it - I was expecting a bit of a fight from them to be honest. Which kind of makes me think that I wasn't the first person to call them with this...


    Mind you, I was meant to have my upgrade today - three minutes to midnight and I still don't have my faster connection yet!


  12. Hello


    I think I have finally given up putting a brave face on things and I really need to get to a chiropractor or osteopath for my back pain. I have had some problems recently, trying to see a doctor so I want to make sure I go about this the right way. Do I need to be referred by a doctor? (I don't have a GP so I would need to sort out that first!) Is it normally covered by the medical insurance - I have the public insurance? And finally, can anyone recommend a really friendly, good, English speaking osteopath or chiropractor in Frankfurt?


    Thanks in adance for any replies.


  13. I was going to send an IM but then decided to post the topic so other members could read too. I was wondering if there was still a weekly meet-up every Thursday in Frankfurt? I used to have something else scheduled for Thursday nights but that has now changed so I might be interested in going every so often. If so, where and when do you meet?


  14. Depends where your loved ones are. I will be in Germany this year - I will miss my own family but we will hopefully be in the UK next year. However, I have found an English speaking Catholic church in Düsseldorf which I am hoping will do a midnight mass on Christmas Eve - that is one my favourite parts of Christmas.