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  1. Whether it's a good idea to be open about your job search depends on what kind of person your boss is and what kind of relationship you have with them. It may be a good or a bad idea depending on circumstances.


    Certainly, and without any need to know your colleague, your company, nor the boss, welcoming your new boss by telling them "I hate this company" has nothing to do with transparency - it's just an act of sheer stupidity. You may have valid reasons to dislike the company - the moment you express them like that, your reasons count nothing. Is it so hard to stay professional? No wonder the boss wasn't angry...they were happy to see him off!


  2. Hi all, I have launched an online survey to collect data for a dissertation in Strategic HR Management. The goal of the study is to determine if and to what extent temporary agency workers commit to their clients beyond their contractual duties. 

    The survey is completely anonymous and only takes 5 minutes to complete. If you would like to participate and/or know anyone else who might be interested, the link can be found below:

    Thank you!



  3. He's allowed to ask, it's not forbidden. But you are under no obligation to provide details. Don't let them pressure you into disclosing more than you are comfortable with.


    Whether this happens before or after you've handed in your notice is immaterial. Keep working to the best of your ability, stay professional and you have nothing to worry about.


  4. Where you have a small sample size including outliers, the median may in fact be more reliable than the mean, since the mean would be disproportionately affected by the outliers.


    The key distinction to be made here is that the median is not an average - it's a measure of central tendency. If you're looking for an average, you're never gonna go for a median.


  5. It depends on the line. Some will be more crowded than others. While I agree that it's never as bad as Japan, the S-Bahn/U-Bahn into town at around 8/9am and back out at around 5/6 pm can get crowded without available seats. Again, it really depends on the line.


  6. You are entitled to your remaining days off unless your employer has a strong business case justifying rejection of your vacation request. (Which they would have a hell of a hard time proving in court.)


    However, you do not get to choose when. It is up to your employer to decide when it is most convenient for you to take vacation. That is to say, even if you applied for the last month, they may decide you get the middle one, for example. You do not really have a say in that. On the other hand, employers are usually aware of the consequences of not accommodating reasonable requests like yours e.g. working to rule, throwing in fake sickies, you name it.


    You should talk to your boss constructively and explain why you very much need the last month. You can always approach the Works Council as a last resort.


  7. I have lived in Gallus for 8 years and struggle to understand the bad publicity it gets. The area to the north of Mainzer Landstraße has been safe for at least as long as I've lived there and it's further improved over the last few years.


    Having said that, the area to the south of Mainzer Landstraße where you've found the house is not as good. My old employer paid for my flat in that very area back in the day when I moved to Germany and I was very relieved when I found another place. Dark, gloomy, full of unsavoury characters. If you got a different impression it must have improved a lot but I would still suggest that you try it out at different times of the day or indeed in the evening/late at night.


  8. A couple of friends of mine used to attend weekend classes at A-Viva:



    I can't find any schedule on their website, but it might be worth getting in touch with them.


    Back in the days Lahor e.V. had weekend classes too:



    The website does not look promising, granted. However, one of their teachers - Nenad, who is actually a Croatian national - is hands down the best German teacher I've ever had.


    Good luck!


    • ist 1845 gebaut worden = has been built in 1845 
    • wurde 1845 gebaut = was built in 1845

    The 1st verb form is called Perfekt and it looks like English present perfect. The second tense is Präteritum and it's like simple past in English. Although my translation of the 1st phrase would be grammatically wrong in English, it is not in German and it would actually be more common than the second variant - particularly in spoken language, where Präteritum/simple past isn't used very often.


    What you would say ie war ... gebaut is incorrect in German. Unlike English, passive forms are created with a different verb (werden) in German whereas you keep using sein (to be).


    And yes, werde/wurde/worden are all different forms of the same verb (werden). Werde is present and it's used as an auxiliary verb for the future tense like you said. Wurde is simple past, worden is past participle. The latter two are used to build the passive.


    Source: I'm a linguist and hold a C1 certificate in German. (and that's where someone tells me I got it all wrong haha)


  9. I live in Gallus, work in Niederrad - and I hate Niederrad with a passion, it's the pits. Where I work I couldn't even go to the chemist's if I had a headache, simply cos there's none for miles. I remember once working on a Saturday and having to feed myself junk food from the vending machine cos not even a single kiosk was open within walking distance. Nada. The place is like a lunar landscape. Granted, it is quite big so it's bound to have nicer and not-so-nice areas in it but the transport is def below par for Frankfurt - trams (slow) + buses (zzzzzz) + ONE S-Bahn every 15 minutes. Utterly ridiculous compared to any other part of town. The only places that are easy to get to from Niederrad are the central station and Sachsenhausen. Anywhere else takes ages, from 40 minutes upwards.


    Gallus is not the poshest area and it certainly does nothing for your nightlife, but it's very close to the city and also, contrary to common belief, very quiet. Also, as you mentioned, it is slowly getting better. I would never ever move from Gallus to Niederrad, although I work there.