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  1. I've had a frustrating morning, after finding out that my internet source for prescriptions can no longer send to the EU, due to some fairly new regulations. So, now I have to get to a doctor to prescribe me some things I've been taking regularly for years.   Does anyone have any recommendations for English-speaking doctors in Berlin? I only have expat insurance, so I'm hoping to find a doc who doesn't charge too ridiculously much for a consultation. I've been to see someone but she has the bedside manner of a shark, so I'd like to try to find someone else, even if they're not a native speaker. The nice thing was that her general consulation fee was only €36. Is there anyone else that cheap?   On a side note, at one doctor's office (a Frauenärtzin), the secretary couldn't tell me how much it cost for a standard exam. What's up with that? I just thought that was so weird... she said I would have to ask the doctor. I'm thinking, if this is going to cost me more than €200, I'll have to turn around and leave, because I just don't have that much to spend. What then? Grr... But, I have to do it because I can't order my birth control online anymore. I feel so helpless!   Sorry for the rant, and I appreciate any suggestions anyone can offer!