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  1. This is surely a bank fuck up. As far as I know it's standard procedure that, for an existing account, any new card will retain the old PIN. In which case, there should be no problem. As the OP has said, for some reason, commerzbank issued a new PIN with the new card (which is seemingly unorthodox and surprising as per the OP's story of interacting with the bank). That's hella dangerous. I don't remember ever having to activate any new card in a banking app or anything. Once you have a card and a PIN you have access to the money, full stop. When opening a new account then a PIN and a card will be sent (separately), but there should be little risk there because there probably won't be any money in a new account at that point. But to do that for an existing account...well that's bad. The problem for the OP is how does the bank know it wasn't him that took the money. But that's for the OP, Bank and Police to hammer out I guess. There must be procedures for it.
  2. BREXIT positives and negatives

      It was initially a tactical ploy by Cameron to shut down UKIP (and possibly some members of his own party?). These Tory members (ERG) embraced Brexit as a way to make money for themselves and their friends and, along with UKIP, they sold it to the public on a platform of xenophobia and, et voilà, here we are.
  3. child to travel with Oma

      I used these when I traveled alone (outside EU) with my eldest son. I also took a copy of my wife's passport. And these were checked by border staff upon leaving.
  4. What made you smile today?

  5. What made you smile today?

      Whilst I do find the Roald Dahl thing to be strange and unnecessary, to say "there is no place in today's society for humour" is, ironically, laughable. Comedy is alive and well. As this thread, other threads, tv-shows, countless netflix comedy specials, etc etc etc can testify to. Just because Bernard Manning isn't funny to anyone born after 1980 doesn't mean humour has gone. Just because you shouldn't make a joke about "the P*kis" anymore doesn't mean humour has gone. Sad and soulless? Give me break.      
  6. What made you smile today?

      Is calling a trans woman a man a slur? Is calling a trans woman a tranny a slur?   I'm still trying to find out where on the scale you think I should stop. It's very confusing.  
  7. What made you smile today?

      Is it OK to install ramps so that a person with cerebral palsy can have easier access to a building? Is it OK to call a person with cerebral palsy a retard? Is it OK to call a person of colour a n***er? Is it OK to call a trans woman a man? Is it OK to call a *insert minority here* an *insert insult here*?   I'm just trying to work out what the meme is referring to and where on my scale above we should stop?
  8. What made you smile today?

      Probably not the place for such a debate but imagine you replace the words "offended by everything" with "disabled" (or any other group that could be labelled as a minority). There may be deep seated, psychologically (and, consequentially, physically) damaging reasons why some people take offence to some things. We should all attempt to cater to these effects just like we cater to the effects of disabilities (or the effects of anything that could arise from belonging to a minority group).
  9. Changing the months of Elternzeit

      You can even extend and, in that sense, apply for more money (I think/assume). As long as your employer approves any Elternzeit changes, the Elterngeld rules are applied as normal. With kid 1, my wife and I did a complete shuffling around of our Elternzeit when we were about 6 months in and the Elterngeldstelle did a complete recalculation. No problems. But maybe we were lucky...YMMV I guess.
  10. Changing the months of Elternzeit

      Changing your Elternzeit is exactly as you described. Get written approval from your employer of the change and then inform the Elterngeldstelle. They will make the changes as appropriate. I just went through this process myself.  But what Santitas said is also true. If you are talking about Basis Elterngeld then that can only be paid out in the first 14 Lebensmonaten. So June 2023 needs to be within those 14 months.   Wie lange kann ich Elterngeld bekommen?   It's worth remembering though that Elternzeit and Elterngeld are two different things that have two different sets of rules. But they are linked in that, in order to receive Elterngeld, you must be in Elternzeit.  
  11. Electric Meter Number Scam

    I've used check24 for years now, hopping around every year or two between different providers for internet, electricity, car insurance and even credit cards, rental cars and shopping.   As for electricity, well, prices are currently falling...I don't really want to got locked into a 12 month fixed price contract whilst prices are falling. I'm thinking of trying out rabot.charge. I'm hoping that, even without a smart meter, I could benefit from falling prices. And if prices go back up...strompreisbremse!
  12. Car rental excess insurance

    I got a Barclaycard Platinum credit card last year which comes with Auslandsreise-krankenversicherung, Reiserücktritts- und Reiseabbruchkostenversicherung and Mietwagenversicherung. All for €99. I actually had to test the Mietwagenversicherung last year on a rental in Portugal and it was super easy and I had the money in my account within a few days.   I'm not a big fan of the Barclays platform, both the website and the app are pretty rubbish in my opinion. But all 3 insurances for €99 a year seems like a bargain to me.
  13. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Yep, I'm one of them. I would ordinarily go to and from work on the A99, but end up 90% of the time driving through town in some way. The lack of routes across the Isar are a bit of a bottle neck too though I have to say, so an A99 relief road won't help too much with that.
  14. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Yea, it's annoying that the A99 isn't the full 360. Munich isn't such a big city. I would guess that with a full Autobahn ring and none of the European through traffic then the road system would easily cope with local traffic.
  15. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I hate the Munich traffic with a passion. Especially as Munich drivers are such arseholes. However, I would say the traffic problems are not caused directly by the locals, rather that the A99 is the corridor for soooo much traffic going between eastern and western Europe. This just clogs up the whole city.