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  1.   Nice! Can't get much lower now though can it?? Have you been shorting for a while or just with Norwegian Air?   For me, my Earthport visa/mastercard battle is over. I could have sold at 400% at it's peak but I'll settle for just the 300% gain   Another one that did well for me last year is Eckert & Ziegler AG, but has been dropping again recently. I'm selling off my stocks now and sticking to ETF's. It was a fun year though.
  2. Game of Thrones (TV series)

      Indeed there is. Sky Ticket.   They have in previous seasons been available in English. I hope / assume this year will be the same.
  3.   Ah, now I get ya. Good to know. Didn't know this was possible.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

      Of course the numbers wouldn't actually be the same. That wasn't the point. It was highlighting the numbers / statistics of the vote. The idea that the vote was very close, and that the older you were the more likely you were to vote leave, and the younger you were the more likely you were to vote remain. I found it very interesting that 2 years of shift in the voting demographic would have statistically been enough to produce a different result.   Edit: found the article.
  5. Brexit: The fallout

      I know this is satire, but I read a while back a serious article which backed this up with numbers. Basically, if you assume everyone would vote the same as last time, and that the new 18 and 19 year olds would vote in the same ratios as before then this statement would essentially be true. Enough old people will have died and enough young people become eligible to vote that it would be enough to swing the vote a second time around.
  6. FF, the problem is that Pesar had already signed for it. So it will be recorded as delivered and in the possession of Pesar. The problem is that Pesar no longer has the package.   I don't know what the rules are exactly, but if it was a DHL employee then I would be surprised if it was a scam. It wouldn't take long for the employee to be discovered.
  7.   My German writing is also very very shit. If you have time, do the B1 preparation course. It gives you good writing the point where I only really had to make up 1-2 sentences on the fly. The rest were exactly as you said...key phrases.
  8.   I answered a bit in the other thread, but just to add. Try not to be so worried. Lesen and Hören (despite my confidence) turned out to be my worst sections (relative - I still passed absolutely fine). So you'll be fine there. Even if you completely balls up a section. The writing (if you stick to the advice) is actually quite easy. Stick to the formula. I got 100% in speaking. If you can get a point across and understand what the other person is saying then it's basically 100%. B1 is still relatively basic. They are not looking to dock points at all. B2 is where they start to become more critical.
  9. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      I definitely recommend going to a Vorbereitung course. I went to one in Munich. VHS. Seems to be called "Kompakttraining" now.
  10. Brexit: The fallout

      The short extension is if her deal gets approved next week. The longer extension is if her deal get's rejected again.   ETA: what yesterday said.     zwiebelfisch is right and has been saying it for ages. In hindsight, it seems that May has been playing a "clever" long game and has been strategically manoeuvring the process to a point where her deal almost has to be accepted. It may still backfire. She may have just stumbled into the situation by accident. But either way, it's intriguing to watch.
  11. Charlie Whiting: F1 race director dies aged 66 on eve of season-opener in Melbourne   Shame, he seemed like a nice, well respected bloke.
  12. How long did you wait for your Einbürgerungsurkunde?

      I think the OP was talking about which Ausweis is available to them during the time that they are waiting - i.e. whilst they are stateless. Not which Ausweis is available after they get the certificate.
  13. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

      I have to think like that for my job. Assume nothing, test everything, trust only the data. The problem is that over the years it seeps into the way I think and treat everything. Either rightly or wrongly, it does tend to kill conversations. I think I have gotten worse in more recent years thanks to Brexit, Trump, fake news and the general growing hostility towards data, science and statistics.
  14. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

      Exactly. And just like the Bild, our opinion on here also counts for shit.
  15. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

      One could think, yes. But then again...maybe pilots taking control prematurely was resulting in more accidents so they took that feature away. Maybe taking away a disable switch has resulted in one crash, but having it there has caused 5 crashes. Like I said before, you would have to look at the data. You need to be an expert. It's simply not that black and white.   I'm just playing devils advocate here. I have no idea. But that's my point. You don't either. Believe me, I always do this. I believe in data and statistics only. It's a real conversation killer. My wife hates it.