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  1.   I guess my point was that, at the moment, only "rich" people can afford EV's and therefore enjoy the benefit of paying no road tax (in the form of a petrol tax). Not all rich people drive EV's but all EV drivers are rich, lets say.   John Oliver mentioned it in his recent piece about utilities. Rich people can afford fancy solar panel setups (which is good), but then are no longer contributing to the cost of maintaining the grid. This is bad because then poor people will bear the costs of that in the form of higher electricity prices.
  2.   Well, that does make a certain amount of sense. The road network has to be paid for somehow. If rich people with EV's get to avoid this then it will be the poor picking up the tab by paying more at the pump.
  3.   Agreed. I also saw the Netflix doc and, if to be believed, the odd victim or two did come forward at various times but they're cases were mishandled or even buried by the police at the time.
  4. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Maybe this should also go in a "what made you sad today" thread:   The year 2022. The most valuable firm in the world is...drum-roll please...a Saudi Oil & Gas company. Fantastic.
  5. What are you cooking today?

  6. What are you cooking today?

      To me, a chicken burger doesn't mean ground meat. I'm English. To me, what you describe is a chicken burger. A chicken sandwich is something different to an Englishman.
  7. What are you cooking today?

      Annndddd saved.   I've made many buffalo wings before but never thought to make buffalo fillets and turn them into a burger...this is gonna be banging. I just picked up loads of wing sauce on my last trip to Ramstein. I like my blue cheese dressing really chunky, but I usually thin it out with a little buttermilk. I'm obsessed with panko breadcrumbs right now so they'll probably make an appearance on the chicken.
  8. What are you cooking today?

      Edeka have Brioche Burger Buns
  9. German sausage rolls

      Yea, they seem to come and go for some reason. I guess the demand isn't quite there. Our Penny had them for a while but one day they disappeared and never came back. If there is any supermarket around me that would stock them indefinitely then I'll be shopping there every week.
  10. German sausage rolls

    It's time for my annual making of sausage rolls. Got me wondering whether there is any news on the Munich sausage roll front? House of Pies is long gone, as is British Allsorts I believe.   Our local Rewe periodically has the Geflügelrolle which, I have to say, are really damn good. 
  11. Scam calls, Ausweis/Residence Permit problems

      Well, I guess if you don't have caller ID then you are limited. Delivery guy - I know when I am waiting for a particular delivery to arrive, in that case I'll answer. Insurance company - caller ID, voicemail, email, post Finanzamt - caller ID, voicemail, email, post   I'm picking nits, but honestly, I cannot think of a time in the last 10 years that I got a call from an unknown number that turned out to be anything useful/genuine.
  12. Scam calls, Ausweis/Residence Permit problems

    Why do you guys answer? Genuine question. By comparing the number in the original news article, it looks like I also received a bunch of these calls 2 weeks ago. I also received a bunch of calls from a New York number last week. But if my phone doesn't recognise the number (either from my contact list or google caller ID), then I don't answer. Anyone legit should either leave a voicemail or send an sms/whatsapp.
  13. 3G in Restaurants?

    Germany has a higher Covid death rate than the UK. Interesting...   Covid: World’s true pandemic death toll nearly 15 million, says WHO    
  14. accident in car wash

      But that only gets you so far. Like you quoted, the operator is not liable if they have documented maintenance and inspections. If they have that, then you are shit out of luck apparently. They could total your car and you have to personally foot the bill.
  15. accident in car wash

      So who is responsible then? It would mean car washes are a "enter at your own risk" kind of area. If they can damage my car and there are no insurances to cover it then no way am I going in one again. And I have a shitty car. Smash up some Munich wankers BMW and not fork out for any damage...sounds like a risky game to me.