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  1. Electric Meter Number Scam

    I've used check24 for years now, hopping around every year or two between different providers for internet, electricity, car insurance and even credit cards, rental cars and shopping.   As for electricity, well, prices are currently falling...I don't really want to got locked into a 12 month fixed price contract whilst prices are falling. I'm thinking of trying out rabot.charge. I'm hoping that, even without a smart meter, I could benefit from falling prices. And if prices go back up...strompreisbremse!
  2. Car rental excess insurance

    I got a Barclaycard Platinum credit card last year which comes with Auslandsreise-krankenversicherung, Reiserücktritts- und Reiseabbruchkostenversicherung and Mietwagenversicherung. All for €99. I actually had to test the Mietwagenversicherung last year on a rental in Portugal and it was super easy and I had the money in my account within a few days.   I'm not a big fan of the Barclays platform, both the website and the app are pretty rubbish in my opinion. But all 3 insurances for €99 a year seems like a bargain to me.
  3. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Yep, I'm one of them. I would ordinarily go to and from work on the A99, but end up 90% of the time driving through town in some way. The lack of routes across the Isar are a bit of a bottle neck too though I have to say, so an A99 relief road won't help too much with that.
  4. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Yea, it's annoying that the A99 isn't the full 360. Munich isn't such a big city. I would guess that with a full Autobahn ring and none of the European through traffic then the road system would easily cope with local traffic.
  5. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    I hate the Munich traffic with a passion. Especially as Munich drivers are such arseholes. However, I would say the traffic problems are not caused directly by the locals, rather that the A99 is the corridor for soooo much traffic going between eastern and western Europe. This just clogs up the whole city.
  6. What's got you flummoxed today?

      And yet we all still have to pay the rundfunkbeitrag too.
  7. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      Absolutely. I'll need a new car soon and I'm looking to get a 7 seater. Dacia offer a brand new 7 seater ICE for €20k (and soon a Hybrid for €25k). I didn't think I'd still be considering an ICE in 2023 but the price for a 7 seater EV is not even in the same stratosphere as the €20K Dacia ICE.
  8. Switching electricity contract

    We currently have a one year contract with eprimo, due to expire in Feb. So we have a few more days to decide whether to cancel or not not. My question is, what happens if we do not cancel? The price guarantee expires and I cannot find out anywhere what the prices will be after that. The prices on check24 for new contracts are currently around 45c.   But, with the preisbremse due to come in  to effect from March, is it all a moot point? Will we be paying 40c this year no matter what provider we go with? Maybe I should just look for a provider with a lower Grundpreis. We will be away for around 3 months this year so I am expecting that we will not go over the 80% threshold.
  9. BREXIT positives and negatives

      I was wondering about this last night. i.e. has this shitshow all been caused by Brexit? I decided, not really, it's more the other way around. Brexit is a consequence of this shitshow that started way before 2016.   I feel this all started with the 2008 financial crash, and since then it's been a series of strange events and moments in time that lead to now. The crash led to the shitshow coalition that formed in 2010. The terrible austerity policy. The ass hats UKIP gaining ground by blaming the UK's problems on the EU. Cameron then using a referendum to get UKIP votes in order to win the 2015 election. The shambles of the referendum. A result which, I believe, could only have been achieved in that exact, strange moment in time. Theresa May then gambled with a GE, lost, and then got blackmailed by the ERG and DUP meaning Brexit couldn't succeed. Resulting in the rise of the deplorable Johnson. An inept Labour party imploded, giving Johnson a huge win in 2019 and allowing his ineptitude to further send the country spiralling into the shitshow we have now.
  10. BREXIT positives and negatives

      The thing is, it's politics. The name of the game is to win, not necessarily to make the country better or anything. Right now, Labour can just sit back and watch the Tories implode. If there was an election now, Labour would win by default. No work (or policies) needed.
  11. One-month driving ban and fine for speeding

      This. What the fuck. Why does this happen so often. It's so fucking annoying, and so fucking weird.
  12.   So do natwest know you live abroad? I don't think I ever told them. My registered address with them is still my parents address in the UK.
  13. Wasted science money?

    Some of the rebuttals.   Guardian - Letters   Big Think   There are others out there. I've heard from a few of Sabine Hossenfelder's ex and current colleagues in the last couple of weeks. Nobody has a particularly high opinion of her. But I guess that is easy to say after the fact.
  14. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      Just playing devil's advocate here...there appear to be no markings on the surface and no signs indicating that these spaces are for electric vehicles only. I could imagine a slightly out of touch, elderly driver may not know what a Tesla charger is or looks like.   Is that Brunnthal btw?
  15. Queen Elizabeth

    Being a royal seems like a poisoned chalice to me. All this talk of them having immense wealth and don't have to work...would you want to be the King? I wouldn't. To have to live a life defined by rules and pomp and pageantry. Constant public engagements. Public speaking. Public scrutiny 24/7. I wouldn't do that job for a million pounds a year. The dudes mum just died and he has to spend the next 10 days bazzing around the country giving speeches...fuck that.   The Tories cost the public purse a lot more in giving PPE contracts to their buddies than royalty costs us. And we even voted for those clowns.