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  1. What made you smile today?

  2.   It's tiring delving into your twitter re-posts in order to prove you're wrong, only to then have you just not reply, so I am not even gonna fact check this one. But I don't think I even need to. People have been self medicating with Ivermectin (see Jonny's FDA link) and Hydroxychloroquine. This is dangerous. So yes, outlets need to be careful about the content published about these medications. So yes, what you are spouting is conspiracy.
  3. Euro 2020 and 2021

      I watched it with my two German mates in a large bar full of Germans. That second goal from Hungary was one of the sweetest moments in my life. Pure bliss.   I've agreed to watch the game on Tuesday with Germans but have said I'm not going further than 500m from my house. I had a long walk home in 2010 and vowed never to repeat that again.
  4. Where to buy Marmite and HP Brown Sauce

      I tried the Old Henry`s Sausages recently. I thought they tasted OK. Like a middle of the road standard English sausage. I enjoyed it for the memories let's say. That being said, its been 3 years now since I was last home and had any proper English grub so my ability to make a fair comparison is limited these days.
  5.   Do you even read what you post? Or what others post for that matter?   The FDA page is an article urging people not to take horse medicine and the second website you gave is from some fuck knows South African free thinking foundation parroting your theories about ivermectin without any sources.   Again, it is being researched, there is no conspiracy.
  6.   It's not new news. Here again a link I posted on this very thread just one page before: It even mentions ivermectin 
  7.   % of adults. I assume you are quoting % of population.
  8.   Now, did ivermectin deniers really exist outside of your head? And if so, did they deny that it works or deny that it had yet been proven to work?
  9.   Again, to be fair to the UK (not Johnson), although they did not close their borders anywhere near soon enough, the delta variant was always gonna get in eventually, like it has everywhere else in the world (including Germany). And I think opening up is still the right move for the UK. Deaths and hospital cases are not rising, just infection rates. I believe that is the new normal. We can't stamp out the virus completely but as long as the vaccine stops people dying then that's the target right now. I would argue that the UK is doing fine right now. Doesn't mean we should open the border to them yet though unfortunately (for me). Germany is behind on the vaccination program and needs time to catch up.
  10.   To be fair, I'm guessing the UK is almost done with it's vaccine program ( 82% of adults have had the first jab and I assume that's (unfortunately) about as many who are willing to get vaccinated. 60% have had the second jab already so it won't be long until that becomes 80%. So in that sense, not much more they can do. Planning for the Autumn booster is a good idea and was always the plan.   As an aside, I opted to take J&J ahead of Biontech and my German friends and colleagues are losing their shit about this. It's hilarious. But, like in England, we'll all be getting boosters anyway in the Autumn so if the powers that be decide that the boosters will all be Biontech then I'll just get it then.
  11. My wife was in the exact same situation as you two years ago. Her time limited contract ran out during Mutterschutz. If she wasn't pregnant then she probably would have got a permanent contract. It sucks, but that's kind of the way it works. I don't know how it works in your company but often it is the case that one or two times a year each department will get the go ahead to convert a limited number of employees to permanent. If your department only got one headcount then it's between you and the other employee. It's sounds like you both perform well so it could be a case of you just losing the toin coss (although probably the pregnancy helped make the decision in reality).Germany has really good employee protection laws, which is great, but the result is that employers are reluctant to hand out permanent contracts and limited time contracts are rife. They are just letting your contract expire.   My wife ended up getting another time limited contact after her Elternzeit and has since been converted to a permanent employee. So it might be best not to burn your bridges by taking legal action?
  12. Euro 2020 and 2021

    Still no Sancho (other than the last 10mins). But Saka and Grealish were a revelation. That first half was actually...good. Second half returned to normal though. Fuck, I just hope we don't get Germany in the next round. I don't mind going out to Portugal or France, but not Germany. Please not Germany.
  13. Euro 2020 and 2021

    Saturday was fucking awful. We are not gonna win with that team. England have tomorrow to drastically change my mind, but in any case, I am not looking forward to our remaining games, however many that be. I hope we finish second in the group. If we have to face Germany in the next round I will lock myself alone in my room. Fingers crossed the Scots can get through. It's great for Wales.
  14.   Que? What are you on about mate? You've gone down quite some rabbit hole there. There are two studies, one (as Elljay said) about warding off coronavirus, the other about treating it (at least according to those headlines). These studies were reported in the news. That's it.   Here is a link to the first result I got from google when I typed in "covid medical treatments":   Feel free to cherry pick news headlines in order to weave whatever fantastical story you want, but (most of) the rest of us live in reality. A new strain of coronavirus appeared, it resulted in a pandemic, various measures were introduced to stem the spread of the virus and relieve pressure on the medical system, vaccine and treatment research went into full gear and now we have vaccines and treatments. None of this is surprising, outrageous or new. Or as you would say, "get a grip".
  15.   Apparently the vaccines are like buses. Later on Friday I also got an offer to have AZ this week and then later still, another offer to get BionTech this week. Crazy, this German "system" is driving me nuts. Still, at least I can say I'm finally getting it done this week.