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  1. I kept my UK registered car in Germany for 4 years. It was insured through the AA Overseas Dept. with Axa, which gives you unlimited green card cover. After 4 years of reaching across the seat to get my ticket from car park machines, I changed to a German car... then 4 months later moved back to the UK with German car and now have the car park problem again <sigh> anybody want to swap a LHD for a RHD?


  2. You're in luck! (if you're in Bochum). There is a frauen arzt in Dortmund (close to the centre) who speaks fantastic English, and is a really great person.


    His name is Dr Claus Bollermann. I highly recommend him.


    Dr. med. Claus Bollermann

    Saarlandstr. 75

    44139 Dortmund


    fon 0231 - 12 46 82

    fax 0231 - 12 46 66







    I need to find an OB/Gyn who speaks English as my German is basic.


  3. Beware of Dr Oetkens diet puddings - they have gelatine in them! Also a lot of biscuits from Holland contain animal fat.


    Boni sell delicious wok tofu - doesn't look like tofu at all.


    I've lost count of the number of times I've been served vegetarian food with meat in it, and when pointing it out the waiters/cooks INSIST that its not meat. Even when I'm proved right, and they're proved wrong, I get no apology - clearly its my fault.


    Unlike my experience in Japan last December, where I was inadvertently served veg. soup with meat broth. The geisha practically committed hara kiri, and I was given some beautiful presents to apologise for the mistake.


  4. I call them a lot from here. In fact, it was somebody at Sky who originally told me how to get Sky tv here!


    The signal strength and quality are very high (better than last week when I only had partial channels), so will check whether dish has moved - somehow I don't think so tho. Maybe its the equipment has given up the ghost? Bad timing - 6 weeks before I leave Germany, and no TV over xmas... now what can I do instead <sigh>


  5. OK, now this is beyond a joke... I went to the UK again last weekend and when I came back last night, I find that my TV channels have completely disappeared! Absolutely nothing, zilch, de nada, nichts... What on earth is going on. I rang sky technical support but gave up because I had a 37 minute wait hanging on the telephone...


    Any ideas anyone?


  6. Hi Satman


    Its a skymaster. It worked absolutely fine until last weekend. We're going back to the UK in 1 month, so I wouldn't want to spend any money on fixing it - what would the filter be for?




  7. Thanks BBulldog. I've checked the dish, and there's no snow on it. The channels are the same as yesterday - I can get the sky paid ones (but not Channel 4 films), with interference, but the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 channels are completely dead. The signal quality is still only at half although the strength is still full.


    Our valley is still very white with snow, but I don't remember things being this bad last year when it snowed, I'm sure I still got my channels then.


  8. Hi Neil


    I didn't realise there were high winds too - we didn't have those in Wales.


    I'm still having problems, I looked at the system test, and it said the signal strength was full, but the quality was only half. I'll ask Otto to check the dish position, and see if that has moved.





  9. I've just come back from a weekend in the UK, and find that I've lost half of my tv channels. I can't get any bbc, or itv channels, I can get channel 5, and sky altho they have some interference. I don't know whether its because of the snow here this weekend, or whether its because I turned off the whole system, and it hasn't come back up properly.


    Anybody able to shed some light on this matter?




  10. Hi, Does anybody know anything about the ins and outs of claiming this? If I voluntarily give up my job, because I have to return to the UK, can I claim it? (I have worked for 3 full years and paid unemployment tax). If so, how do I go about this?




  11. Thanks Neil. I think that's a bit too far north for me, I'm going to Liverpool. The problem with the Easyjet to Liverpool flight is that its in the afternoon, which is very inconvenient.


    I think I'll go in the evening to East Midlands, and then drive up.


    Thanks for suggestion :D


  12. Hello all


    I'm sure this has been already asked and answered and so apologies for repetition - I would like to know of flights from the dortmund area to the north of england. So far I've found BMI and BA (very expensive), and easyjet to Liverpool - are there any others I haven't thought of?




  13. Hello


    Does anybody have any recommendations for taking out car insurance here? I have 11 years no claims discount from the UK. Direct Line (Germany) quoted me a price, then a week later increased it by 120 euros becuase my no claims discount was british!!!





    So in theory you could just show up at the doctors, tell them you are privately insured, give them a dodgy address, and get treated for free.

    oh yeah, great advice!!! hope you never turn up at my husband's office... doctors are people with staff to pay and families to support too.


  15. Its even harder buying at karstadt... for some reason they always put the price sticker across the blurb at the back, so not only is the german title different, but you can't figure out the film by reading the blurb.


  16. Not really a neighbour tale, but still along the lines of somebody telling somebody what to do...


    Last night I went to see my horses and I have to drive up the private driveway of the owner's yard. A car was stopped across it, (a stranger) and I asked him to move so that I could go down there. He told me I wasn't allowed to go down there, it was private. <sigh>


  17. @veela


    Hi, Have tried about 6 lawyers, several district attorneys etc. Nobody wants to know. She's German, he's Dutch, so she gets everything, he gets nothing. Furthermore, I didn't realise that corruption here was so bad - she and her family have carried out a vendetta against him, including corrupting his own accountant, never mind several of his attorneys. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't experienced it personally.


    I wish she were more like you. Unfortunately not. There is currently a court case going on, but in the meantime, she's still trying to have him made bankrupt before the judge gives a decision, and has signed a form to have him arrested to be made bankrupt. Can you believe it? The court has proof of her ownership of the houses, provided by the stadt, over which she lied in order to get legal aid. Nothing has been done. Oh yes, and this paragon of virtue is a "christian" who teaches religious instruction at a high school!


    And this is solely over dosh for her, not for the child, as he's paying that money, even though he actually had no income at all for 2 years.


  18. I could probably beat you on moaning ablehalle...


    My husband's ex is a millionairess, she owns 24 houses, but she has tried to have him arrested (and still may), and forced into bankruptcy, because he can't pay her 1500 euros per month.


    She has lied to the courts to get legal aid, telling them she owns only 1 house, and even though they have proof that this is a lie, so far they have done nothing about it.


    My husband had a loss over the past year of 30K euros, but he didn't get legal aid and is still supposed to pay that fat rich cow.