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  1.   Thanks. I'll have a look :-)
  2. Untrue (Alternative) facts

    A new EU directive has decided that all key fobs for cars should be one uniform colour, which they've decided should be khaki.  
  3.   Saw this in North-west Germany in a Rewe (that was previously Sky before Rewe bought them). I haven't seen it in my local Rewe shops in Bayern yet.
  4.   Thanks. I had been to that page but it looked quite daunting. Hopefully by now (or after a nodeal brexit if it happens) that department will have a memo circulated clarifying what they should already know by now :)
  5.   Yeah. Just hope I don't have to try arguing with them about it. They didn't know about it in May even though it was in law before that.
  6. Pondering out loud what's going on in my head ... I had my application meeting and handed over my documents before the end of May and was told they expect it to take 5 or 6 months. So there's every chance my application decision will be in November or maybe even December.   I asked at my meeting "what if it's a no-deal brexit"? They didn't know. Since then though I learned here that the official German line now is that as long as your application was made before the brexit date, you can keep dual citizenship.   " In the event of a disorderly Brexit, a similar provision has been put in place for naturalization candidates who apply before the date of the UK leaving the European Union."   I just wonder whether they're going to say to me that I can't keep both and I then have to try and convince them they're wrong. Even having a link to the proof in English and in German I hope I won't have to be in conflict with them.
  7. Untrue (Alternative) facts

      In the UK, if the temperature goes above 30°C, it's official policy to switch back to Fahrenheit and refer to it as "in old money".
  8.   Not sure how useful my response will be, but don't want to ignore the question. I'm also a freelancer and told my Steuerberater that I needed a letter from him stating that he's been my tax advisor for (at least) the last 8 years, that I was working during those years, and that he confirm the numbers for the last 3 years. The problem (regarding how useful it is) is that I don't know if the Bürgeramt are happy enough with this letter yet. It would be more helpful if I'd already got my citizenship, proving it was enough.   Here's what was written with some X redactions:   Bestätigung zur Vorlage beim Bürgeramt Stadt X   Sehr geehrter Herr X,   zur Vorlage beim Bürgeramt der Stadt X für die Beantragung der doppelten Staatsbürgerschaft bestätigen wir Ihnen was folgt:   Wir erledigen für Sie seit dem Jahr X die steuerlichen Angelegenheiten. Ausweichlich der von uns erstellten Finanzbuchhaltung und der Gewinnermittlungen ergab sich für Ihre selbständige Tätigkeit als Informatiker jeweils ein Gewinn Pro Jahr zwischen € X und € Y.   Die Ergebnisse der letzten Jahre betrugen:   Gewinn 2016: € X Gewinn 2017: € X Gewinn 2018: € X (vorläufig)   Mit freundlichen Grüßen   X   The numbers are gross rather than net of taxes or any other outgoings. Any typos or grammar errors are probably mine as I retyped it. As I say though, I've no idea if this is good enough. It's just what my tax advisor and myself came up with based on what the list of required documents said we needed. Besides, it's got the tax advisors contact info. They could get in touch if they felt like it. Considering that I also had to provide the yearly tax summary from the Finanzamt, I think the two together should be enough. I also gave my last 3 years tax returns which show taxes and outgoings (pension, insurances, etc).
  9.   That's great for me then, I can chill the funk out, and hopefully you can get your application done in time.   I was getting quite annoyed earlier with my damn krankenversicherung who I asked on Monday to send me a letter confirming I've been KV-insured for the last 8 years. It's Friday and I still don't have it. I'll chill now and won't stress it.
  10.   It's not what the beamter said on Monday when I handed over my documents. He said that whether I get Dual citizenship depends not on the fact that I submitted now, it depends on when the application process is over and I'm accepted. Implying that date is the only important one. Of course you don't always get the same answer from different people. Nothing I can do now but wait.
  11.   That's my hope. Although that's in just over 5 months time and my beamter estimated 6 months for my einbürgerung decision. It'll be close.
  12.   Weirdly they didn't even ask me for any kind of school/university certificates from me. I had originals and copies with me ready. Maybe I'll get a follow-up communication telling me they forgot to ask. It was on my list of docs that I was required to bring. Like you said though Bavaria and Berlin ... different.
  13.   Amazing. Congrats.   I (finally) had my Einbürgerungs handover meeting today nearly 4 months after kicking this all off and having the delays involved in getting the B1 and Citizenship exams etc. They told me today to expect a 6 month turnaround (i.e. November). They said an optimistic view would be October, but no chance of a 3 month response.   I had a weird day. There were 3 things I didn't have with me: 1. My Steuerbescheid letters for 2011-2017. I'd recently had a shredding session and figured I didn't need them. Wrong! I was lucky that I could drop into the Finanzamt and they wrre nice enough to print them out for me. 2. I had to go to the Job Centre and ask them to print me a confirmation letter that I'd never needed their services between 2011 (8 years ago) and now. Got that too. 3. I needed a letter from my Krankenversicherung to confirm I've been insured since 2011 (waiting for that).   I can go back without a Termin to hand these over.   So 6 months of hoping there isn't a no-deal brexit. It doesn't look likely but could still happen.
  14.   I experienced that too. When initially enquiring via email to the VHS about a B1 test many months ago I was told it would be 2-3 months to get a test but I could get on the waiting list for an earlier appointment. Rather than complete the conversation via email, I happened to pop into the VHS and arrange my B1 appointment in person but with a different beamte to the one I had emailed with. It was indeed 2-3 months out. I asked in person if I could also get on the waiting list for a cancelled appointment and was told "there is no waiting list".   When I got home, I continued my email thread (with a different person at the VHS) and said that I'd just made my appointment in person but if that offer of going on the waiting list was still available I'd like to take her up on that. A week later, the email lady phoned me and said we have a cancelled appointment available in 8 days time. I was both happy to get an earlier one (which I accepted) but under pressure to do two months of practicing into a week.