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  1.   I also did the ferry trip (Amsterdam <-> Newcastle) with my German-registered car just before Christmas on my UK passport (both ways) and never got asked at either end what my deal was. Security seems to be getting looser ;-)
  2.   I just got hit with a massive (5-figure) tax bill out of the blue. I made the mistake of getting a 33% payrise early in 2018 (well, I just decided to work 40 hours a week instead of 30). As a self-employed person it meant that for the whole of 2018 I was under-paying my tax vorauszahlung (pre-paid quarterly tax) and the same for all of 2019 because I only just finished my 2018 tax return late October.
  3.   So on the UK passport renewal it must have had a box to tick along the lines of "have you got citizenship in any other country?" I guess.
  4.   Been doing my tax returns here since 2007. No chance of forgetting that. As for Personalausweis, already done. German Passport also. I'm told the Ausweiss will take 2 weeks and the passport 5 weeks. That was the easiest passport application I ever had to do. I didn't have to fill in any forms, the Bürgeramt did all of that. I just had to sign and pay my fees. I think it was around 29 (ish) for the Ausweis and 60 for the Passport. It's gonna be handy having a 4 year overlap between passports (my UK one expires in 4 years).
  5. Well that couldn't have been easier. Doppel confirmed. As if I had any doubt.
  6.   So the fact that they said "bring 255 Euros" means that they are willing to hand over my German citizenship today. If they were just going to tell me "yes you've been approved but you only get it if you give up your British one" then they wouldn't be asking for that €255 today. Case closed!       
  7.   Yeah, it's those forms you have to sign though. Now I'm armed with the key phrases to look out for so that I won't accidentally sign something that says I agree to go and give up my UK citizenship :-) I know it definitely sounded like the certificate had already been issued and I was just going to collect it (with the passport for id verification as you said). I have been known to miss one small word in a German sentence and completely take the opposite meaning from it (as my Gerwoman likes to remind me of on a regular basis).  
  8.   Thanks a lot. That's pretty clear. I had a call with them and it sounded like all I'm doing is popping along to pick it up and in the follow-up email they said what I should bring (photo for the id card, fee, protective A4 thing so I don't bend/damage it, passport).   Do either of you (or anyone) know the exact German phrase they use for this renouncing of your previous nationality so I can look out for it?   A quick google translate offers me this: "Gib deine Staatsbürgerschaft auf".
  9. We've talked in this thread a lot about being able to get Doppeltestaatsbürgerschaft or not, but how do you actually know if that's what you got? I recall from my original meeting that it's what I asked for but I'm not sure how I'll know if I got it (when I go to pick up my Staatsbürgerschaft documents today. Is it somehow like with the driving licence? I'm not sure how it can be, but with the driving licence swapover to German you have to hand over your UK one - you can't have both. I could imagine if I had such a British Staatsbürgerschaft document then the question of whether I would have to hand that in and get a German one in return. But for Doppeltestaatsbürgerschaft I wouldn't have to hand it in, I'd get to keep both. But of course I don't have such a British Staatsbürgerschaft document, I just have my birth certificate and passport. There's nothing else that proves my British citizenship really.   So this idea of whether you get to be Doppel or not, I'm not sure how that works. I want to ensure I did get to keep Doppel (because Brexit still didn't happen) but I'd rather do it without having to ask (as it would seem somewhat ungrateful).
  10. Untrue (Alternative) facts

      Followed by them stripping off, turning to dust and then it gets dark and god destroys the universe.
  11. Has anyone received a phone call during the processing of your application asking for more info? I just got one asking for more income info of 2018/2019. It makes me wonder if I'm almost at the end of the process now, assuming they're happy with the info I give them.   Or have people here had such calls and it still took months beyond that?
  12.   Thanks. I'll have a look :-)
  13. Untrue (Alternative) facts

    A new EU directive has decided that all key fobs for cars should be one uniform colour, which they've decided should be khaki.