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  1. Medical overbilling

    Hi,   So I go to a local Berlin ophthalmologist (4.6 rating on Google reviews) for  a refraction, which he does. I also ask him a question about a hyperminus correction in the context of a squint (schiele) that I have, and he answers it.   I have private insurance (Debeka), and since I did not have ID with my address on it, I agreed at the outset to pay in cash.    So after the exam, I get charged 72 Euros something, and I pay up and take the receipt.   After coming home, I realize that he has charged me for a slit lamp exam and an investigation of squint, and also one other "investigation of prism lenses". A total of 30 Euros for stuff he never did.    So I write an email asking him about it, and of course he claims that I have forgotten what happened. I have a medical degree too and a PhD, so I know what I am talking about.   I don't care about the 30 Euros, but I have plenty of energy and angst to do what I can to follow this up. Is there anything I can do ? Write to the insurance agencies and file a report ? Write to the medical commission ? Write to the consumer disputes organization ?   Thanks !!
  2. Medical overbilling

    So after some back and forth emailing, I get this "Das wird mir jetzt zu dumm. Kommen Sie vorbei und bringen Sie die Rechnung und das Rezept mit und wir geben Ihnem den Betrag zurück.  "   So now i will pick up the money first. Saves me 30 Euros: until about 1100 Euros, i pay from my pocket because if I do not make any claim during the year, that is what I get back from Debeka.    
  3. Medical overbilling

    Thing is, he is probably also making up stuff to write in the report - like "Slit lamp examination normal".    It is the kind of stunt I would expect from an auto-rickshaw driver in Delhi, not a well-paid ophthalmologist in Germany. And of course, I would be wrong ... such behavior transcends all boundaries.

    Hi,   I am curious about how does it work ? They allow one to register, place and ad and view student helpers and their contact info, and say they only charge (39 euros) if an ad is successful. I am looking for someone for a one-time job that will probably pay less than 30 euros... and I have some takers and their contatct info... I am just wondering how keeps track of if I hired one of them or not and how I am liable for payment when I have not given them any verifiable information..   Mostly just curious, since I already found another solution as a friend volunteered for the job.
  5. Unemployment and health insurance

    The topic of Mawista never came up when they said it would not be a problem. But I guess now I am forewarned: I am doing my Abmeldung from Goettingen, and so in principle, from Debeka's perspective, I could be leaving the country the next day, I guess. Not sure, but I will tread carefully
  6. Unemployment and health insurance

    Hello,   I have a TVL-14 contract (and residence permit + blue card eligibility zusatzblatt) valid until July 31, 2019.  I am single and am not yet 50 (or is it 55) years old.   As per the informal agreement with my employer prior to the creation of this contract, I am leaving the job on April 30, 2019 and will switch to a (tax-free) fellowship as a visiting scientist at the Max Planck for 3 months. I will sign a winding-up contract with my current employer for this. As of now, I plan to leave Germany at the end of July, but this is not 100 % certain.   1) If I leave the job, am I technically unemployed ? Can I register at the unemployment bureau ? Of course, I will inform them that I am taking up the fellowship at the Max Planck..    2) One main thing I will lose is my private Debeka health insurance, since it will become too expensive for me to maintain on my own (without an employer's contribution). TKK refused me before (long story involving 9 months on a salary and TKK when I arrived, followed by a fellowship and cheap private health insurance, and then a salary again and Debeka because TKK refused). But TKK did say that if I lost my job, I could switch to TKK. So question 1 is related to this...    3) If I cannot go back to TKK, I have to find a cheaper private insurance. Any suggestions ? I guess there is always Mawista, but I would like to have the option of TKK if possible.   Thanks !      
  7. Unemployment and health insurance

    Debeka says they will accept the cancellation if my job situation changes. And I used Mawista Science for four years already while on a fellowship here and had no problem with the Auslaendersbehorde when submitting that as proof of insurance, and Mawista is happy to accept me. So all *seems* well on these counts.   Thanks again.
  8. Unemployment and health insurance

      Mawista is happy to insure me for 3 months.. apparently... but I guess you do not consider them to be proper insurance ?    Thanks !
  9. Hello, someone I know (30 years old, Indian citizen on a student visa) is paraplegic, and is currently in a Schoeneweide apartment with a non-functioning elevator, and is about to get evicted because the apartment cannot handle his disability. He is currently learning German before enrolling at the university.   Any suggested options ? Are there any special apartment listings for disabled people ? Thanks !  
  10. Painting when leaving apartment

    Hello,   I am leaving my apartment after five years there at the end of this month. The apartment is in good condition, and the paint on the walls has not changed much since I moved in (the previous renter did not paint the apartment when they left, and instead gave us a kitchen for free).   My landlord told me this - "Mrs. xxx from yyy company visited the apartment because of the renovation work. She has submitted a cost estimate of € 1,795.46 including VAT. I would like it if a painting company could carry out the work professionally after the long rental period from you. I would like to suggest to you that I participate with € 500.00 and you pay only € 1,295.00. Do you agree? "   I seem to remember reading here that something changed about the rules regarding the responsibility of the tenant for painting. What do you think about this ?   Thanks !!
  11. Disabled-friendly apartment (Schoeneweide)

      I think the answer is "no" to both... it is one of those super-cheap small rooms, with one bathroom shared among 8 students.. and as of now, he is planning to return to India and finish the German lessons from there (which is sub-optimal) before returning to Fulda to start university later this year.   Unfortunately, I somehow suspect that the Mieterverein option is not practical for him, given his language skills and living situation... 
  12. Disabled-friendly apartment (Schoeneweide)

    Budget is 300-350 Euros. His German is A2, studying B1, but he can find someone to help him with translation if necessary.    Thank you for the site: I forwarded it to him. He wants to find something in Schoeneweide or nearby, because that is where his language school is.    ps. Apparently, he has already been through the mobidat website and " I had already gone through the website you given. But didn't get any leads. The rent is comparatively very high, and most of the numbers didn't respond. "
  13. Painting when leaving apartment

      OK. Will do, thank you ! I guess the mieterverein will be fine with my joining at the last minute just before I leave Germany and only when I needed advice ? That is, there is no waiting period ?
  14. Hi, I have a related question:   When I moved in five years ago, the previous renter did not paint the apartment, but instead just gave me some stuff in the apartment (curtains, a kitchen) in exchange. I am moving out now, and my landlord had a professional painter visit, and she submitted an estimate of 1795.46 including VAT for a 71 square meter apartment (with low to normal ceiling height) - my landlord is suggesting that I pay 1295.46 from that amount because he wants "a professional painter to paint the apartment after such a long time there". The paint is in normal condition at the moment (and quite close to what it was when I moved in) - I have not made any changes, or even put in some nails etc.   I seem to remember reading here that something changed about the rules regarding the responsibility of the tenant for painting.   I would be grateful for advice. Thanks !    ps. I guess I should just go to the Mieterverein ...