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  1. Ticket kontrolle rules

    Guess I could ask Mr. Wieseke... "Ausweis zeigen lassen: Jens Wieseke, stellvertretender Vorsitzender des Berliner Fahrgastverbandes IGEB, rät Fahrgästen, sich bei Ticketkontrollen den Ausweis der Kontrolleure zeigen zu lassen, wenn sie es nicht ohnehin tun. Der Ausweis müsse mit einem Foto, der Gültigkeitsdauer und dem Hinweis auf den Auftraggeber versehen sein. Hundertprozentig fälschungssicher sei so ein Ausweis nicht, räumt Wieseke ein. Bei Zweifeln empfiehlt er, sich an die Polizei zu wenden und die 110 anzurufen. " 
  2. Ticket kontrolle rules

    "Achtung vor falschen Kontrolleuren! Jeder Kontrolleur muss sich auch als solcher ausweisen können. Falls Sie sich nicht sicher sind, lassen Sie sich einen Nachweis zeigen." What they don't say is what they are supposed to show. Now if my German were better, I would just call them and ask... they do offer a fax number, but no email.    And this is for the Bahn.. couldn't find an equivalent page for the BVG. 
  3. Ticket kontrolle rules

      Let me just say that only in a few places, like Germany, would I try it, without fear of getting beaten up or worse Though, I hear that also happens in this particular case with BVG/Bahn ticket checkers.
  4. Ticket kontrolle rules

      Sorry, I should have followed my first impulse and mentioned it: I always buy and validate my tickets, and I have not been fined, either.   I do have some interest in knowing the rules and well, making sure the "controllers" obey them too, especially if and when they are being really arrogant, rude and patronizing. Put it down to some unresolved resistance to authority.
  5. Ticket kontrolle rules

    1) Which IDs should the inspectors (both BVG/railway employees and temporary workers) show to the passengers? I read somewhere (unofficial) that both a Betriebsausweis and a Dienstausweis are required before a passenger has to show them a ticket: Is this explicitly stated somewhere? The BVG site does say that ID should be shown - is this a picture ID ? The last three times I was checked, they had no ID visible on them, and when I asked one of them for ID, I was shown some BVG-yellow-card that did not look like any sort of employee ID (no name, picture etc).   2) If the passenger is asked to leave the train, can the inspectors physically move the passenger off the train if the passenger does not comply ?  Or legally, they can only call the police? Can they then demand an additional fine for refusing to follow instructions?   Thanks !   
  6. Medical overbilling

    So after some back and forth emailing, I get this "Das wird mir jetzt zu dumm. Kommen Sie vorbei und bringen Sie die Rechnung und das Rezept mit und wir geben Ihnem den Betrag zurück.  "   So now i will pick up the money first. Saves me 30 Euros: until about 1100 Euros, i pay from my pocket because if I do not make any claim during the year, that is what I get back from Debeka.    
  7. Medical overbilling

    Thing is, he is probably also making up stuff to write in the report - like "Slit lamp examination normal".    It is the kind of stunt I would expect from an auto-rickshaw driver in Delhi, not a well-paid ophthalmologist in Germany. And of course, I would be wrong ... such behavior transcends all boundaries.
  8. Medical overbilling

    Hi,   So I go to a local Berlin ophthalmologist (4.6 rating on Google reviews) for  a refraction, which he does. I also ask him a question about a hyperminus correction in the context of a squint (schiele) that I have, and he answers it.   I have private insurance (Debeka), and since I did not have ID with my address on it, I agreed at the outset to pay in cash.    So after the exam, I get charged 72 Euros something, and I pay up and take the receipt.   After coming home, I realize that he has charged me for a slit lamp exam and an investigation of squint, and also one other "investigation of prism lenses". A total of 30 Euros for stuff he never did.    So I write an email asking him about it, and of course he claims that I have forgotten what happened. I have a medical degree too and a PhD, so I know what I am talking about.   I don't care about the 30 Euros, but I have plenty of energy and angst to do what I can to follow this up. Is there anything I can do ? Write to the insurance agencies and file a report ? Write to the medical commission ? Write to the consumer disputes organization ?   Thanks !!
  9. Hello, I went through the posts on this forum and figured out that even as a German citizen (which I am not, at the moment), I would find it very difficult  to invite my non-EU elderly parents to stay with me, since they would not be eligible for a residence permit (even if I could get them the basis tariff for health insurance: approx 700 Euros per month ?).   I am not sure if this is a good place to ask, but is there another EU country with similar quality of life (and job opportunities) to Germany (like the  Netherlands or France) where bringing parents over would be easier ? My parents have a fair amount of financial resources (let us say between 100K and 1 million Euros) and I should be able to find employment without too much difficulty..    Thanks !!