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  1. Betriebliche Altersvorsorge as a US citizen

      RÜRUP is well possible for US-nationals living in Germany because during duration you can't remove capital out of it...which is one of the requirements accoding to the German-US-agreement.  RIESTER is a different matter entirely, because there you can - albeit with penalties - retrieve your capital during duration/before pension-age. The jury is still out if this is sufficient and US-De agreements to make it free of tax-reporting requirements in the US. Therefore the priority ranking of recommendation for US-Expats in Germany is - bAV/company pension (provided you are an employee - RÜRUP pension for all others.   Cheerio  
  2. Since I have been asked this: thru an error and without our knowledge our add here in the Finance Forum, running since 2006 at this place, was moved to the Business Forum. Now we are back where we belong :-) And yes, we are still fully active, our advisors (as the recent recommendation above shows) are still assisting Expats allover Germany in finding the best insurances for their needs, setting up tax-saving pension plans and also, if requested, offering suitable investment advice.   Cheerio