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  1. Since I have been asked this: thru an error and without our knowledge our add here in the Finance Forum, running since 2006 at this place, was moved to the Business Forum. Now we are back where we belong :-) And yes, we are still fully active, our advisors (as the recent recommendation above shows) are still assisting Expats allover Germany in finding the best insurances for their needs, setting up tax-saving pension plans and also, if requested, offering suitable investment advice.   Cheerio  
  2. John Gunn & Partner - Independent insurance broker for expats

    That was to be expected in the wake of a poorely and only partially negotiated Exit-agreement. My hope still is that the EU and UK will negotiate a complete and comprehensive settlement for all social affairs, including health insurance and public pension, that will solve this. But for now it is as you say...   Cheerio