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  1. 3 room apartment available for rent

    Oh, gosh, I used to work (at BMW) on the 6th floor of this building. I can attest to the gorgeous view of Munich and the Olympia Park.
  2. It would be nice to know this, of course. I mean, there were two houses for sale on the same street, built by 2 brothers at the same time on the same size piece of property (1500qm). Both went on the market at the same time - one wanted (wait for it) 2.4 million and the other only 950,000€. Neither is still on the market. So, I'm wondering if they sold or not and for what price. I suspect the cheaper one was sold within days (because in Unterschleissheim, a single family house on anything bigger than 500qm for less than 1€mil is cheap.   Something like Zillow would be really cool.
  3. Hi. Mods, please feel free to move to approprate place.   My husband and I are thinking about selling our house and want to know the value of similar houses sold in our town. One can find this info, no problem, in the US (on Zllow). But, how do you know what people have sold their houses for here in Germany? This would go a long way towards helping us decide where to price our house (without a Makler...).   Is there anything like this in Germany?
  4. German credit card recommendations

    I need a German credit card - a free one... like in the US.   I have a Citibank card for all my US shopping (on EBay). What I really need a German card for is to do a monthly deposit to my offshore 'savings' account. They will allow only a direct debit from my German bank account or from a German credit card. Right now it costs me 12€ each month to do this stupid wire transfer. I'm not making that much money doing that!!!   So, does anyone recommend a German card with either a very low or no yearly fee?