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  1. My dog escaped...

    Start looking for Facebook groups  for missing dogs in Wiesbaden. There is a group for lost and found cats in Munich (and area) and loads of people dedicated to helping people reconnect with their pets. Cats go missing much more often than dogs so I'm sure he'll turn up. Especially if he is chipped. Good luck!  
  2. Corona Restrictions

    A little late to this thread....   Duh, we're in Germany. "Other" Germans will "police" you. Nothing has changed in that respect.
  3. Learning SAP

    Questions for the IT people out there:   Do you work with SAP? If so, how did you learn it? By company sponsored training, self-training (on line websites, CDs), or learn on the job?   Do you think it is possible to self-train.   I'm asking because there is such a demand for SAP knowledge and well, I want to get into a specific company and most of the IT jobs there require SAP knowledge.   Please give me your insight.   Thank you.