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    Why do you care so much? I think it is great that so many here don't have that prudish shit that you Englanders infected us Americans with. The whole world should be naked whenever they fell like it. I saw a couple of girls today that should have been naked.

    think you got this wrong, us brits are not prude, its all behind closed doors. I would not like to see everyone naked, some people i would not like to see fully clothed :P


  2. Saturday, 29 April 2006

    Birmingham v Newcastle, 1-1

    Charlton v Blackburn, 2-1

    Chelsea v Man Utd, 1-2

    Liverpool v Aston Villa, 2-0

    Man City v Fulham, 1-1

    Middlesbrough v Everton, 1-0

    Wigan v Portsmouth, 0-2


    Sunday, 30 April 2006

    Tottenham v Bolton, 1-1


    Monday, 01 May 2006

    Man Utd v Middlesbrough, 2-1

    Sunderland v Arsenal, 0-1

    West Brom v West Ham, 1-1


    Tuesday, 02 May 2006

    Blackburn v Chelsea, 0-0


    Wednesday, 03 May 2006

    Bolton v Middlesbrough, 1-0


    Thursday, 04 May 2006

    Man City v Arsenal, 1-2

    Sunderland v Fulham, 1-0


  3. Well its off to the Sternwart Bochum tonight for my Astro Wrokshop. Four hours gazing at the stars :lol:

    Will let you know what happened, specially you Loopy :D