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  1. Right just a quick short message


    steps 1 & 2 are correct.


    not sure what you mean on point 3 a or b? is it the dauerverbinung? if so this should be 'ein'


    All the connection data is stored in the router so any computer will connect through this without the primary computer being on. :D


    point 4 you are correct.


  2. If you want a small pocket sized camera then the Canon Ixus 65 is the thing to get.

    Check ebay for a dealer in your area where you can pick the camera up from.

    Normally you get loads of extras with it too.


    I went to Saturn and they wanted €280,00 for it , on ebay from a dealer near me I got the Camera plus 2Gb card, second batt, Case, Small tripod for €295,00, the username is kq-shop


    see here too



    Man, you are all starting to sound like members of a previous board with your whinging. Relax, get over the facts that your clicking patterns have to make slight changes.

    we were not whinging :angry:



    So despite the fact I've paid the rights to the song, I'm not allowed to put it in the format that I want??


    No wonder nobody respects the law...

    yes but are you buying the rights to the song or the rights to play this CD? the whole thing is a mix up in my eyes.



    If you have bought a CD of some music overseas and copied it onto mp3s you should be allowed to possess those mp3s even if you dont have the CD.

    How can you prove this? that means every foreigner in Germany can say 'ive got the CD back home'


    anyone got a link or two to sites with copyright info? would be good to read them through.


    I have found this



    So gilt in Deutschland seit dem 13. September 2003 das neue Urheberrecht.

    Es wurde erweitert um das "Gesetz zur Regelung des Urheberrechts in der Informationsgesellschaft":


    Strafbar macht sich wer - ganz gleich ob gewerblich oder privat, entgeltlich oder unentgeltlich Daten - wie Musik, Filme, Software oder Computerspiele - im Internet zum Download anbietet und verbreitet, ohne hierzu berechtigt zu sein.


    Das Knacken oder Umgehen eines Kopierschutzes (z.B. von PC-Spielen, Musik-CDs oder Video-DVDs) ist verboten. Das gilt auch für private Kopien für den eigenen Gebrauch oder den engsten Familien- und Freundeskreis. Wer trotzdem einen Kopierschutz umgeht, macht sich laut Gesetz zwar nicht strafbar, muss aber mit Schadensersatzforderungen der Rechte-Inhaber rechnen.


    "Anti-Kopierschutz"-Programme oder -Geräte dürfen laut Gesetz nicht mehr verkauft werden.


    Auch dürfen keine Privatkopien aus "offensichtlich illegalen Quellen" angefertigt werden. Damit sind vor allem Tauschbörsen und Peer-to-Peer-Dienste (wie eDonkey, Morpheus oder KaZaA) im Internet gemeint, die zig-tausendfach Musik- und Filmtitel und Software zum kostenlosen Download anbieten.



  5. I thought this was about copyright infringements? The whole p2p is just another way of doing this. So far as i know making mp3 from purchased CD's is also illegal, does it not say on every CD that it should not be copied? So far as i know that makes and mp3 that you have on your harddrive that is not bought as an mp3 illegal, wether you own a copy of it in timbuktu or not.


    just a thought.


  6. why is it that so much conspiracy theory is believed by you guys, come on everything america does there is someone that has something to say its not true. Do you really believe that? Do you really think that so much can be hidden out of reach of the public. Who gives a toss really if he was killed before or after the bombing. If he was killed days before (as someone mentioned) then he could have been shot to bits and told it was a firefight. Why is there something suspicious about everything that america does.


    You sound more like that daft iraqi minister, maybe a relative?



    Does he not look pretty good for a guy that just got blown up by not one, but two 500lb bombs?

    another consiracy theory or what, maybe we are not alive and america just wants us to think so :lol: