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  1. Hi,   I bought a house in Darmstadt 7 years ago for my work when I moved here. I am now about to leave, my work having come to an end, and I need to put my house up for sale so I can buy again in the UK. I have lived in the house with my family for the whole of this 7 years, and have never rented out any part of it.   I need to know about the situation concerning Capital Gains Tax on house sales in Germany.   I am aware of the rule about no CGT being payable if you own the house for 10 years or more, but are there any exceptions within the 10 years?   Several German forum sites say that if you LIVE in the house then no CGT is payable if you sell within 10 years, and it is only payable if you bought it as an investment and have been renting it out. See these sites for what I mean:   Link 1 Link 2 Link 3   Does anyone know for certain? Anyone here sold since 2009?   Any advice gratefully received,   Wibs