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  1. 17 hours ago, someonesdaughter said:


    I don't think so. You would have to prove that shortening the route to work has led to a "significant improvement in working conditions". There was one case in which a court ruled this way (FG Köln vom 24.2.2016, 3 K 3502/13).


    The plaintiff could, however, be at the workplace (a school) in 5 minutes on foot after the move and could therefore also be planned more flexibly. And she had to carry luggage she couldn't leave at school. You would have to prove similar conditions or improvements to the tax office.



    Thanks for the reply...I will try giving some other reasons which make out work life more better. Hope it will convince them.



  2. Hallo all I have the fallowing situation and would like to ask what would be the best way to do:

    I applied for tax claim for the year 2017 and I got my steurbescheid recently.

    I claimed for relocation costs and unfortunately finanzamt denied to cosider it stating that the time to travel the workspace is not saved much previously used to be 40-50mins(depends on traffic) and now it is 20 mins.

    They say the basic rule is that the time saving should be more than 1hr and this is not our case so they are denying to consider it.

    Is there any way to convience finanzamt?

    Thanks for ur replies





  3. Hallo all


    I used this thread to learn and get all my questions clarified and got the help from Panda.


    I know the pain how long it will take to read each and every question and reply them with pataince. So I would like to really thank Panda on this note.

    I feel bad that Panda got hurted eventough for the time invested.

    Any how what I want to suggest all the people who ever want to write new questions here in the forum I think most of the questions are answered by Panda and with good time investment If u can really go through this 159 pages you will definetly find an answer to ur situation/question. So before you ask any question please go through the pages (yes I know it will take really lot of time--but thats the best way) and then ask your question with a hope that Panda will asnwer that.


    All the best for your next tax filling.




  4. Hi Panda

    I asked this question before but after started filling the forms say a field there but thought of asking u again why preffered the other way

    Q: we are shifting out apartment from mid of August and we know to where we are shifting. In Anlage ESt_1_A_2016

    in the line 31 there is an option if u want this bescheid to be sent to other address then u can give it there.

    So is it better to write the new address here or is it better to just continue with the present address and then set the nachsendung auftrag from deutsche post?

    PS: due to new address my finanzamt will change as it comes to other kreis

    Thanks for ur time once again



  5. I started working on my tax returns this year and thought it will work out without any question but unfortunately I have some which need to be clarified:

    Sorry I haven't found answer to this question but if it is already answered before my apologies

    q1. Now we are staying in city x and we are planning to shift to city in y in September. But it is 40 kms far from present appartmnet and unfortunately the finanzamt differs from both the cities. So my question I have some time now and I would like to work on my tax returns but before that I would like to know should I better apply in the current city and give them the new address ( I know our new address already) or should I better put a umleitung option from Deutsche post. I am not sure wether the finanzamt uses the Deutsche post or Badenwuttenberg post as I guess the umleitung depends on the company. So please advice me what would be a better option


    q2. In this forum I read in some posts saying that wife and husband applying together or differently makes difference. My wife is in tax class 5 and I am in tax class 3. So can any please advice is it advised to apply together or separately?

    Panda can u please shortly elaborate how come it makes difference between applying separately or together?


    Thanks as always




  6. Hallo Everyone


    First of all I Would like to apologize as I haven't replied my result from my year time tax returns. As It took long time to get the reply from the finanzamt and later I forgot to update the status here. 

    A small Info to the status: I am staying in Germany since long time and I got married 2 years before and my wife came from a non EU country to here to stay with me and I applied for the Umzugpauschale, Flight ticket costs and it is been accepted with the help of Panda. Thanks a lot panda as always ur the best. 

    We applied these are werbungskosten.





  7. HI Panda


    I submitted the Einspruch by saying same as you written above. Saying that I forgot to apply for flugkosten and umzugs kosten. This time they worked really fast and I got a reply yesterday from them they rejected my Einspruch with the reason:

    As your wife is not shifted from Home Country to Germany for Job reasons we cannot consider the above both costs :(

    Can I write a Explanation to the Situation that she is in search of Job and she just completed her german classes? I mean I Need to explain them that she has the moto to work and she will be the future Tax payer if she gets the Job.


    Thank you once again for ur time and comments/ Inputs.




  8. HI Panda


    Thank you once again for the reply

    1. Thank for the table its very informative link
    2. Sure I will write them this letter as soon as possible. Thanks again for the letter with good format. A small question again do I need to fill a new Anlage N form or just a letter will be enough?
    3. sorry to irritate you my intention is just to tell u the thing what happend and yes its my mistake to forgot it and ask you again.



  9. HI Panda

    Today I got the by bescheid from tax office. I have some questions regarding the bescheid.


    q1. This is the first time I did including my wife and we married in Jan 2015 and she is in germany since april 2015 and my tax class is changed to 3 from may 2015. So now I want to know wether they considered for the complete year they cosidered as tax class 3 or not. So in the line calculating berechnung steur they wrote "zu versteurn nach dem splittingtarif" . This means that they considered tax class 3 for complete year rt? did I understood correctly?

    If yes can I know what is percentage they calculate for spliting tarif and for grundarif? does is depend not only on type of tarif it also depends on salary? is there any where table in net about this?


    q2. I forgot to apply for flight costs of my wife when she is first time in germany. Can I apply this now again ? or is better to do it in next year tax return? If it is allowed to apply now again where can I put this amount and in which Anlage? She has no income as of now and she is new in germany with tax class 5.


    q3. I applied for umzugspauschale for a family 1460 eur as I shifted from a single room apartment to bigger 2 room apartment. It is just a street next to the old apartment. so may be thats the reason they might not considered it. But my question can I write a letter to them saying that I shifted my apartment only because of my family as I cant stay any more in single room apartment so I shifted?


    Thank you very much for ur time again as a always




  10. Yes thats the reason in the starting itstelf I appoligised asking this kind of question in this thread. But sorry again to deviate the topic if any further points or clarities required will PM or open a separate thread or post in related thread if there are any.

    Yes I am aware of this agreement to and as presentonline says it is not yet into act and will reasearch further more on this. THank u all for ur time once again.



  11. Thanks for the reply yes I am aware of this that the german status will be no longer valid. But what happens to pensions money? I mean normally if a forgiener works in german country and leaves the country then after rest period he will get back the pension money what he paid ( but not the money paid by the employer). So I am not sure what happens for the pension money if one gives up german and then switch back to his original non EU citizneship ? Any idea or infos hear such cases?

    Thank u


  12. I would like to add one more question.

    q4. If a expat take a german citizenship and then he settle backs in his home country then is the person obligated to file the tax in germany eventough he is working in other country? as a example take into consideration that he is in Class 3 in germany before leaving and his wife is in class 5 and after returning and setlling in other country one started working in that new country?

    Thank you as always:)





  13. HI panda

    I have a general question not sure if it is tax related or not but atleast it will be helpful for expats when it is asked here in forums.

    q1. If a expat applies for German citizenship is he not any more valid for doppelhaushaltfuhrung option? I am not sure as we will be saying center of life not here rather it is home country and then if we take citizenship here then it will be contradicting this is it so? 


    q2. Lets say normally if the expats after working for some years depending on the countries they come from after moving back to there home country and after completing their resting period(eg.2yrs) one can apply for the pension money they paid into pension system.

    So normally this option will be not any more valid if one takes the citizenship here. But I have a question here what if a person converts back into his home country citizenship? (I mean if one takes german citizenship and revert back to his home country citizenship then can he still apply for this pension money is it possible do u have any info abt this?)


    q3. Are there any specific difference in regards to tax returns for a german national and a foreign national? I think no but just want to clarify



  14. HI panda


    As always ur the best helping lot of people for filling out the tax returns I used ur help and filled for more than 3 years and I am still continuing to do ...Thank you a lot and hope ur Karma should be colourful:)

    I started working out with my Tax returns this year and I have few questions to ask

    I am married in 2015 so I shifted into bigger apartment perviously use to stay in single room apartment.


    q1. Can I apply for umzugspauschale ( when I properly understand it is only for the move from EU or non EU contry but not within germany?) If it also applies for moves within in Germany whats the pauschal amount allowed to claim for married people?


    q2. In my Lohnsteurbeschenigung it says for 3 days in month of september for some reason my steur klass is 6 any idea what is it mean? I googled it and they charge the highes tax in this month! But to my knowledge steur klass dosent matter for tax returns as they have their own values in database right?


    q3. Have u come across any cases where Doppelhaushalt is still valid eventought wife is moved with the person? I know where the wife thats the Lebensmittelpunkt but are there any cases or any one contradicted it sayind eventough wife is moved  our lebensmittelpunkt is still my home country and after some years we will both move back to our country together we are here just due to work basis? We still pay all our bills in our home country for the house we have!


    Thanks once again





  15. HI Panda munich


    Hope you doing good:)


    Some questions came up when I started filling my tax returns for year 2013.


    1. We can claim for umzugs kosten if we move in purpose to the job. I shifted last year and the postal charges for my stuff has costed around 350EUR and it is completely reimbursed by my company and I have some other expenses like traveling for appointments for visiting rental apartments etc which don't have bills. I saw in a post that u mentioned we can claim this amount under umzugspauschal. I just wanted to know what was the pauschal amount for a single?


    2. I am single and I proved to finanzamt since last 2 yrs with many converstaions and letters that germany is my second home. Now to even stronger this point I bought a house in my home country. I bought the house by taking loan in my home country (outside EU) and I am repaying it back every month from my German Salary. The monthly installments is 2 parts (principal amount + Rate of interest which is too high around 11%). I read in a post that we can claim the 100% of the interest rates and 50% of prinicpal amount. Can you please explain it in clear where can I fill this in the Elster forms I mean which Anlage and which column. Should I Sum up all the interest rate I paid for the loan of last year and fill it in the form?

    What supporting documents are required to prove it? - Bank loan documents, apartment purchase documents etc (all are in english should we need to translate them?)


    Thanks you in advance!




  16. Thanks for the replies:)


    can u please explain this point u mentioned before:

    Also, did you maybe have overlapping rental payments both in your old and new town? If yes, then you can claim for the overlapping rent for on the old apartment.


    I vacated my old apartment in the old town and shifted to the new city new apartment so I am not paying any more rent in the old place..What u mean exactly by overlapping?


  17. Hi Panda


    THanks for the reply. Ya I already registered in the city office.


    Ok so I need to test my luck again and also answer many questions if they have any :((( but no other way any way thanks for the info.


    I have some more qs:

    q1. Can we also insert the ADAC membership amount expenses into any of the Anlage? Or will it be coming under the personal expenses which cannot be inserted some where into this documents.


    q2. Actually currently my office is 7km from my home now and I am traveling with my car (THis office is as per the contract only administrative people sit here) but I need to sit and work in other branch which is 27km far from my place, so my company is paying the fuel expenses for that by calculating as 27-7= 20km x 0.30cents. So now my question is can I claim this 7km distance as the expenses to the arbeitsort in anlage N (is it valid)


    q3. For the umzug it costed me some money and the company has paid the amount, but there are some expenses happened without bills which the company did not paid for me. so is it possible for me to claim some pauschal price with regards to umzug kosten or as the company paid already some amount I am no more allowed to claim any amount regards to umzug?


    q4. I am paying a "Gebraucht guarantee insurance" for my car so is it possible to claim this amount in any of the Anlage? or is it personal expenses?


    q5. I am also paying this Teilkasko+ Haphflicht versicherung for the car I guess this also comes under personal expenses right? Just out of curiosity I am asking :).


    Thanks a lot..I owe lot of coffees to you


  18. HI Panda


    A quick question. Actually I wanna apply for tax returns for the year 2012 now. I shifted my city from one State to completely other state so now the finanzamt changes.


    q1. Do I have to register extra before applying for tax returns or just go and submit the documents for tax returns document?

    q2. I got Einkommensnachweis from the old finanzamt for all the last 3 years so is it advisable to submit a copy of all these documents to the new finanzamt as the finanzamt is changed now or it is not required(If I submit these may be the process may be easier for them)