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  1. Only 1 week left to book your tickets!   "My Tormented Heart" is an hilarious comedy that will make you "laugh until you cry" (or "cry until you laugh" if you prefer it that way) and also give you so much to think about !   In short: From the day her husband brutally leaves her after 15 years of marriage, Maggie’s heart is unable to find peace. However, what might have turned into a tragedy from that moment onwards immediately unfolds into a hilarious on-stage experience as, unlike any of us, Maggie is then granted the magical ability to meet each of her emotions “face-to-face”: as if these were, in fact, real characters which Maggie (and only Maggie) can see/hear/speak and relate to…   Performance schedule:  Wednesday 29 June @ 20:00 Thursday 30 June @ 20:00 Friday 1 July @ 20:00 Saturday 2 July @ 20:00 Sunday 3 July @ 18:00   Venue: Theater… und so fort, Hinterbärenbadstraβe 2, 81373 München   Reservation: https://www.undsofort.de/stueck/my-tormented-heart,1579   Ticket price: 16 euros (normal price), 10 euros (reduced price for students, theatre colleagues and anyone of you typing in "Rabatt" in the space normally reserved for the phone number when making your reservation)   Looking forward to seeing you there soon!   Your East & West Encounter Theatre Group (full info: https://eastwestencounter.com/)
  2. The East & West Encounter Theatre Group presents the world-famous 'celebrate the vagina' play by Eve Ensler (in English language):   - Performances: Sunday 13 March at 16:00, Sunday 20 March at 16:00, Sunday 3 April at 16:00   - Reservation: https://undsofort.de/   - Venue: Theater... und so fort, Hinterbaerenbadstrasse 2, 81373 Munich   - Full information: https://eastwestencounter.com/    - Cast: Emilee Bonner, Kirsty Grace, Adriana Green, Sarah Huebner, Cristina Richardson   - Director : Isabelle Rege   - Overview: the play is about this "intimate part" of a woman's body that no one ever had asked her to talk about before. According to Eve Ensler, "women secretly love to talk about their vaginas" and... once they get going, you can't stop them! Even though many stories recall traumatic memories, the play is never sad. On the contrary, its tone is generally hilarious and it will make you laugh out loud!