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  1. Quote

    However, after democracy was dismantled and a culture of spying on your neighbour introduced people became fearful and dared not voice opposition

    Turkish villages have a headperson who is appointed by the rural community called a 'mukhtar', these 'muktars' from a selected number of villages are invited to the White Palace every month where they are hosted by the president and fed propaganda. The 'selected' number changes every month so that muktars from every locality in Turkey are invited.

    They are asked to report about people in their district and all have a hot line to the presidential palace - the culture of spying began about two years ago.


    swigging raki after work

     Have you seen the price of raki? the majority of people cannot afford to swig raki after work.


  2. I travel from Germany (Hanover) to Turkey (Izmir) quite regularly. My next trip is on the 10/3 returning 14/3.

    If the samples are not prohibited goods. Please note I would have to check what the was in the package/s and hence would open it.

    I could bring them across for the price of a beer !!


  3. Hi All,


    I am British, work in Germany, but live in Turkey. My son (waho was aged 6 in January this year) has dual British/Turkish nationality and until last September was living here with me in Germany. I pay my taxes as a Freelancer and received Kindergeld for my son.


    We did not like the German school system here and he went back to Turkey for his education.


    In April this year I received a letter from the Families Dept saying my son had de-registered from Germany and was not entitled to any Kindergeld from September 2012 - I repaid 1472 Euros.


    My question is:


    Was the Family Dept correct? - as my son lives in Turkey


    If they were right in their decision is there any tax relief I can claim?



    According to the school grapevine, a number of teachers have just been sacked for being cr*p. So there is some justice for the kids! Interesting question regarding the tax rebate...I've asked our tax advisor and apparently you used to be able to offset Nachhilfe - though only if provided by proper organisations or if your kid has some kind of learning disabiliy.


    We enrolled my (rising) 4 year old son in the local Kidergarten but after about 6 weeks we saw that he was not going to learn anything - at the time I was paying the maximum amount for the Kindergarten. To cut a long story short I took him out of the Kindergarten and he went home (to Turkey) where he was enrolled in a private kindergarten. I was able to claim a tax rebate for his Kindergarten fees.


    I have been notified by the school authorities that he must register at the local Grundschule to start in August 2013, but he must do a preparatory language course (starting August 2012) to study German before he starts school.


    We have decided to enrol him at an International school (at home) and I am informed by my tax advisor that I shall get a taxrebate for his school fees.


    I work as a Freelancer - I dont know if that makes any difference.


  5. Please be aware that I tried to read one of the posts re'child abuse' today

    and I got a malware which crashed my computer at work - the IT department took my computer away to quarantine it.

    A notice in German from the bundespolice said I had to pay some money for visiting a banned site.

    I tried the same message at home and my antivirus software warned me not to open the site as it had a well known malware - be warned


  6. Sorry for the late response but I use


    Astrid Perrey

    Kurt und Norbert Becker


    Schoenaich-Carolath-Straße 5

    22607 Hamburg

    Telefon: 040-822 40 9-0

    Telefax: 040-822 40 9-30


    They are located in Hamburg but have been dealing with them for 3 years and have no complaints only praise.


    We correspond by email and occasionally phone Astrid Perrey speaks English


    Good luck


  7. I have been offered a contract in Montreal Canada.


    The problem is I know nothing about the city and am looking for information from people who have lived/visited there..


    I will be working at the Bombardier plant (St Laurent area -I believe)and expect to stay there for a couple of years.


    What would be the best location to live considering that I have a 5year old boy. Any thoughts on schooling/kindergartens, cost of living, apartment rental, cars etc.


    Many thanks for your input.


  8. "Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak." William Congreve


    Try some "Karma sounds" music like Buddha Bar you will begin to meditate without knowing it. if you have trouble finding some PM me and I will try to help.


    This has helped me through some harrowing experiences


    Good luck


  9. Lived and worked in Bandung for 4.5 years and have never regretted the experience, I tended to stay off the beaten track and visited places like Ujong Kulong (about 150K from Jakarta) which was an experience (if you like jungle trekking) and Gilli Air - some islands off the coast of Lombok, where the snorkelling was unbelievable. Did not like downtown Bali but loved the other parts UBud, Nusa Dua etc.All I know about Jakarta is the Airport which I used when I flew in and out of - did not like it much.


  10. Hi Ilmor,


    I live in one of the villages near Braunschweig my rent is €620 including heating, Electricity is €40 Internet and phone is €29.99. Child care I dont know but keep in mind that you may be entitled to Kindergeld which is €184 per month.


    Consider that living in a village Transport can be a problem unless you have a car


    Good luck


  11. Hannoverian,


    Thanks for the response the Order is one sheet of paper with the heading


    "Placing of Order for subcontracted work Order No ------------

    and the following details

    No of hours

    Time Frame



    In case of cancellation of this work by the customer, the notice will be 2 weeks served on you in writing."


    The letter goes on to say how I should Invoice them


    Nothinfg else


    There is no small print.


    Your help is appreciated


  12. Hello everyone and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all,


    I am currently working as a Freeelancer and have an Order ( for a specified number of hours) to work as a subcontractor from a Recruiting Agency.


    The Order has an option that the User (Third party) may terminate this contract with two weeks notice if the project is cancelled and hence my employment will be terminated.


    Do I have the same option to terminate my contract if I find a better job (maybe in a different country)?


    Thanking you all in aticipation of responses