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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    And yet the POTUS gets raucous cheers and laughter from his troglodyte followers for doing just that.
  2. Lists of typical German mistakes in English?

    Walley was insisted upon by @sarabyrd's 5th & 6th Klasse English teacher, along with piarno [sic].
  3. What made you laugh today?

    You can do weird and wonderful things with vegetables.  I put cooked spinach into a quesadilla last night and used a little lard to fry it. It turned out great.  
  4. It's kennel cough.  (Seriously.)
  5. Conway played a postal employee who has gone postal and been reassigned to the dead letter office after biting a dog, in the movie Dear God. Dear God trailer
  6. Wonderful Chicken Pox!

    Chickenpox is a herpes virus, and while the typical child's chickenpox episode may result in only minor discomfort, in an adult it can be serious: in a pregnant woman, it can affect the fetus so seriously the child will die in utero or be born with significant birth defects.   I know why so many people are cavalier now about the formerly common childhood diseases - they've been protected by vaccines for two full generations.  It's called 'the confidence of ignorance.'
  7. It's a perfectly good name.  Not one I'd choose, but after all, it isn't my baby!
  8. What made you laugh today?

  9. Politics Gen XYZ

      They're stuck with the baby they've got, but I'll bet they'd like to trade it in for a classy model - which they don't deserve.
  10.   For those on this side of the pond who for some reason aren't interested in Baby Sussex.  You can't deny Harry is over the moon about his Babykins - did you notice his little bounce as he announced the good news?  If he were a puppy, I'd describe it as a happy wriggle.  
  11. Opinions on MMR vaccinations for children

    I can remember being kept quiet and mostly in a darkened bedroom when I had measles, at eight years old.  I don't remember whether my little sisters were also sick, or whether they took the contagion during a later wave.  My mother allowed me to read only one chapter a day of my new Bobbsey Twins book.  My eyes survived, and my brain, such as it is.  And when two of my children brought home measles from nursery school when their little sister was almost two, we were all quarantined for a month while first they, then she, were sick.  We were a lucky family, as the experience of little Olivia Dahl and many others proves.  
  12. Only in America...

    Not enough, but it's getting better.  Of course, for it to get better, more people of color have to die.