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  1. 7 minutes ago, fraufruit said:


    Not a criminal matter. And the State's concerns stopped there? How about child endangerment - child, loaded gun, access to gun? Oh, no, wait. Florida is one of those states where children are endangered only while they're in the womb. Once they're out, their safety is no longer the government's concern.

    Nothing to see here. Move on.


  2. In response to the above, a shopkeeper in a Southern California mall attempted to shoot two shoplifters, chasing them through the mall with his gun ablaze. The shoplifters escaped unharmed, but he did shoot a 9-year-old girl three times, injuring her seriously. She was waiting to see the mall's Easter bunny.
    So much for the idea that everyone should be armed, just in case.


  3. I get so sick and tired of thoughts and prayers being offered. I suppose it makes people feel better than trying to change the system. And they're cheap. After all, we all know that throwing money at a problem never solves anything, so what remains?


  4. On 4/10/2022, 6:44:35, BethAnnBitt said:

    Made it to Yerevan on Tuesday, and the weather has gone from bad to good.  Loving my visit with the 2 & 5 yo Germerican-Armenian grandkids.  Russians are everywhere and I had to laugh today after the 3rd instance of being mistaken for one.  

    Just gain weight, wear clothes with American flag motifs, and talk loudly in public. That should solve the problem, @BethAnnBitt.


  5. A lot of people here in the U.S. wanted Smith hanged, drawn and quartered. I think it's likely that, in a year or two of Smith's perceived 'good behavior', the Academy will reinstate his visitation rights at their celebrations.



  6. Ted Cruz Says Confirmation of Qualified Nominee Sets Dangerous Precedent

    April 7, 2022
    U.S. President Joe Biden and Ketanji Brown Jackson associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court nominee watch the results...
    Photograph by Joshua Roberts / Sipa / Bloomberg / Getty 

    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Minutes after Kentanji Brown Jackson was confirmed to the United States Supreme Court, Senator Ted Cruz warned that the confirmation of a qualified nominee set “a dangerous precedent.”
    “Make no mistake, Judge Jackson has been confirmed for the flimsiest of reasons—that she is qualified,” Cruz said. “Now that one qualified nominee has been confirmed, we can expect more of the same.”|
    “Mark my words, Joe Biden and his cabal of Democratic cronies are ready to pack the Court with other qualified nominees,” he added. “The slippery slope started today.”
    Recalling confirmation hearings of yesteryear, Cruz waxed nostalgic for an era “before the tyranny of the qualified seized control.”
    “There was a time in America when a Supreme Court nominee could be confirmed because he liked beer and cried about calendars,” he said. “Those days, sadly, appear to be over.”


  7. On 3/12/2022, 10:31:11, snowingagain said:

    So I hurt my knee.  Not walking, or swimming or at the gymn.  But in bed.  And alone in bed doing nothing wild (watching Wallander).  I just shuffled up the bed and something happened to my left knee.  Not swollen.  But cannot bend it much.  Can walk if careful.  Can even go upstairs.  But not raise knee, or try to pull shoe off, or go downstairs without severe pain.    Any ideas?  I have been a bit lazy sportwise since just before Xmas.  Could kick myself.  Though that is tricky at the moment.

    This happened to me years ago - I woke up with a sprained knee. I was young and healthy. My dentist, a woman in her late 50s, told me last week that it happened to her. 

    It just happens. You should be OK in a few days.


  8. 23 minutes ago, Jonny said:

    Yes.  Because I like to take care of myself and getting the sniffles is pretty miserable.  The sniffles used to go to deep in my lungs and cause bronchitis,  but since I started taking all that stuff it doesn't. 

    My oldest son used to say all that and take all that. Then he got Covid in February 2020, a very bad case, with some sequelae. Of course he continued taking all his supplements while he was ill, and he was ill for a month. He hasn't bothered to get immunized, just continues to wander around unmasked shedding the virus.
    Like you, he only likes to take care of himself. Like you, other people getting the sniffles and being pretty miserable is of no consequence to him. Those sniffles that went deep in the lungs of other people, causing bronchitis, were their problem. 


  9. Vierling, two years old when we visited England, began to tremble and whimper as the Hovercraft, like a big black monstrosity, rose out of the sea and roared and shuddered its way to the dock where we were waiting in Calais (I think). That's all I remember of it. The round-trip itself must have been uneventful, or else that introductory experience blanked everything else.


  10. I think it was real.

    If it had been fake, Chris Rock wouldn't have kept his calm demeanor - he just made a remark describing what had happened; after Will Smith had quieted down, Rock added a little flame to the fire, saying 'All right, I will [not say Jada Smith's name] - until I get home,' which Smith chose to ignore.

    In the meantime, the Academy has voted to condemn Will's action, another indication that this wasn't just schtick.