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  1. What made you laugh today?

    Orange County, California, last voted for the Democratic candidate in the presidential election of 1936.  But last November the county vote was about 50% for Clinton, 45% for Trump. I just learned that someone I know who favors Trump sincerely explained the Orange County CA vote for Clinton by the vast number of illegal aliens who voted for her.  
  2. Moving to Munich and my situation is unique

    Holiday apartments turn out to be unexpectedly expensive.  We lived in one for six weeks while waiting to move into our first place: with unanticipated fees for extras, the stay ended up costing twice as much as we'd been quoted for kaltmiete, the basic rent. By the way, we ended up living in Aising, then a village on the outskirts of Rosenheim and now part of the city; I spent three more years living in Rosenheim itself.  The schools were good, the two kindergartens my little boys went to separately were good, the atmosphere was good.  In spite of all the bad parts, and there were more than a few, living in Germany was worth it.
  3. Moving to Munich and my situation is unique

    Oh, gosh.  I had no idea there were still so many people as optimistically unprepared for an international move as my husband and I, almost fifty years ago!  My German - a fifteen years in the past 4-month college course, my husband's German - three years on an Army base in Darmstadt and a smattering of vocabulary, but little grammar.  Job - no prospects.  Housing - ditto.  It took a lot of luck - a work associate who found us an apartment, a full year of work spraying paint on wooden furniture before my husband's BA in anthropology got him a job teaching English in a semi-private Realschule - before we were financially on our feet. Three months to learn a language is really unrealistic, except for the six-year-old; even then, he'll need total immersion in a Kindergarten interacting daily with other children. But he won't be speaking with the facility of a German kid.  He'll be able to progress in school with patient assistance from the teachers and encouragement from home.  You'll have the advantage, perhaps, of a friendly school system: my five children profited from being exotics at a time when foreign students were largely Turkish-speaking. Good luck.  Living in Sued-Ost Bayern is lovely.  
  4. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

    Think of this clip from Notting Hill when you're confronted with these remarks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXIdcA6mlV4
  5. The current weather in Munich

    Hope the storm will be long past and the skies friendly for Saturday's travelers - sarabyrd, enview, and Vierling will be on their way to California.
  6. What are you cooking today?

    You betcha, John.  Indoor plumbing, and all mod. cons.!
  7. What are you cooking today?

    Russian salad sounds good, but none of us is in Greece!  But with the political climate having gone through a major change here in the US, I'm sure Russian salad is on many dinner tables these days.
  8. I need to prove I am alive

    Perhaps if you can perform this song your existence will be accepted. I'm still here.  
  9. What are you cooking today?

    With three family members arriving from Germany on Saturday to spend a week at my house, I've been cooking and freezing up a storm - pork stew, Spanish rice, refried beans, etc.  And a big batch of chicken soup to keep them healthy.
  10. Hawkins' Oakland CA-based gospel choir hit the big time in 1967 with their LP.   Sit back and prepare for  t h e  gospel experience.  
  11. Movie recommendations

    If you haven't heard about the movie, it's about how the Washington Post came to publish the "Pentagon Papers", a portion of the vast documentation of the US's actions for over thirty years in Viet Nam  which had been compiled by the Rand Corporation at Robert McNamara's request.  McNamara was Nixon's Secretary of Defense.  Attorney General John Mitchell brought a case against the New York Times to stop publication, and at that point the Post decided to publish.  The case went to the US Supreme Court, where a 6 - 3 decision permitted publication.  This is one of the most famous First Amendment cases in the US. No spoilers here for you young  'uns - this is all history.
  12. Movie recommendations

    The Post -  my goodness!  Even here in benighted Vallejo there were spontaneous outbursts of applause during the movie and more applause at the end.  The theater was pretty full at the 1:30 pm showing; I couldn't tell the average age of the audience, but I assume it was around fifty.  Hanks and Streep are at the top of their form.   I went under duress, but now I'm a believer.  sarabyrd, enview, and Vierling will be here next week - maybe I'll pay for their tickets out of my own pocket.  It's an excellent movie, see it if you can.  
  13. How to become a "shithole country"

    This is from the 1950s, even before Nixon's famous statement, 'I am not a crook.'   But now we have four used car salesmen par excellence.    
  14. The Baking Thread

    @lisa13, I've been doing this for several years.  Thanks for trusting me!