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  1. How many people have done this, with the same result?    
  2. Only in America

    Most of 'em, @Findus! Good call!
  3. Obituary thread of notable or obscure folk: Ronnie Spector

    By chance, I watched Bogdanovich's movie, The Cat's Meow, last night. It purports to tell how Tom Ince, a Hollywood producer, was killed on Hearst's yacht during a partying weekend. Ince's death has inspired rumors for almost 100 years. Bogdanovich's skill is obvious, the stars understand their jobs, and it's a slick flick. It's also a good addition to Citizen Cane and RKO 281. The latter tells a fictionalized story about how Orson Welles and Herman Mankiewicz wrote and defended the former movie, finally getting RKO to release it. Liev Schreiber, John Malkovitch, Roy Scheider. Bogdanovich's movies had their ups and downs, but they're worth watching.
  4. What made you laugh today?

      Missing winter? Try the U.P. of Michigan. 
  5. January 6th Select Committee

    This reminds me that my children had a set of little plastic soldiers in the late 60s that I took a good look at one day. Some of the figures had limbs missing - not from the kids, but from the manufacturer's molds...  I'd say the pictured set should have a sack labeled 11,780 Georgia votes for Trump.
  6. Politics Gen XYZ

      I don't think that anyone is sorry Trump has decided not to hold his 'press conference'/1st anniversary celebration tomorrow. I'll be surprised if his decision isn't described by himself or others as censorship or cancel culture.
  7. What made you laugh today?

    Thanks, @Sannerl! It took me a full day to get it!  
  8. Politics Gen XYZ

    Not really strange. They're deflecting attention from themselves and projecting their immorality onto others. Donald J. Trump's use of this technique is so masterful, he may possibly run for POTUS again and win.
  9. Random pointless comments

    If you thought Trump was a disastrous and destructive force in the White House 2016 - 2020 and that he couldn't get worse, reflect on this: a second term would be worse, because there would be no constraints.  1) He wouldn't have to restrain himself - if he ever did! - because he wouldn't face a second, constitutionally-demanded re-election. 2) Because Trump is fundamentally devoted to the destruction of democratic institutions, there won't be any more presidential elections as we've known them. He'll steal the elections himself, before they can take place.
  10. What made you smile today?

      Resumé BY DOROTHY PARKER Razors pain you; Rivers are damp; Acids stain you; And drugs cause cramp. Guns aren’t lawful; Nooses give; Gas smells awful; You might as well live. Except that, faced with an age limit by Legos, Betty White apparently decided she 'might as well [die].' Good for her. She had a remarkable sense of humor.