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  1. What made you laugh today?

      Here's Mike Peterson's commentary from today's Comic Strip of the Day blog: When Dan Piraro handed over the Mon-Sat Bizarros to Wayno, it was so he could concentrate on Sundays, and this one shows the value of that. You can, if you wish, start with the detail on the parrot and the pigeons, but I’d direct your attention to the variation in coloring on the sky, on the leaves and even on the blue house at the right. And then there is both the facial expressions and the body language of those birds. This is called “Selling the gag,” because a regular Sunday comic of a parrot saying that to a bunch of pigeons would be so-what if they didn’t look so puzzled and slightly threatened by this large, strange bird who is trying to communicate in the English he learned as a captive.
  2. Since the Trump administration never made, nor are they making now, plans for returning these children to their parents, I believe these poor kids are fated to grow up in these misnamed shelters, in poor health, uneducated, unloved, mistreated, unrespected, and unprepared for any life outside the camps.  This is a crime against humanity, and the US will be scorned for decades to come.  We treated slaves like this.  We treated Native Americans like this.  Now we're treating other countries' children like this.  We've shown this to be in our blood.   EDIT - Sorry, I left out the Germans interned in WWI and the Japanese in WWII, some of whom were even US citizens.
  3.   If outrage against these camps isn't sufficient to do it, nothing will topple Trump.  
  4. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

    Oh my goodness, I read this as 'you could just gargle it'!
  5. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

    Really vigorous physical activity (like running, cycling, swimming...) is good for calming the nerves, but unless you're a marathon-level masturbator, I don't think that would qualify.
  6. What made you smile today?

  7. Gastric bypass surgery

    Look - whatever works for people who want to lose weight is good if it doesn't injure the body and if the weight continues to stay off.  Different strokes...different folks.
  8. Only in America...

    One US ton = 2,000 pounds. One pound = 16 ounces dry weight - can be of any volume.  Riddle:  What weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of lead? One quart = 32 ounces liquid weight by volume. One pint = 1/2 quart = 16 ounces liquid weight by volume. And for those who like mnemonic devices that rhyme, 'A pint's a pound the world around.'  I think we inherited that little jingle from England.    
  9. Gastric bypass surgery

    Why, @SpiderPig, I didn't know you cared.  
  10. Gastric bypass surgery

    Losing significant weight leaves you with lots of wrinkles, fissures, even.  And if you wait too long, until you're old, even losing lesser amounts of weight will do the same thing to your body.   But nobody wants to die fat.  Find a regimen that works - weight loss provides all sorts of side benefits: increased strength, endurance, just plain feeling good.  It even makes your relatives and friends happy.     
  11. Gastric bypass surgery

    There've been articles in the US about the degradation of home 'cooking' that started in the 60s with increasingly preprocessed foods.  They're tasty, high-calorie, nutrition-poor, easy and quick to prepare - and people like them.  This appears to be one of the major causes of obesity in the US. Parents?  TV ads?  Yeah, I'm sure they play a part.  But it's more complex than that, and pointing fingers only blames, it doesn't explain.
  12. On TV today she was shown standing next to Trump, staring at him with the same devotion that Nancy Reagan showed for Ronnie.  Frightening!
  13. Politics Gen XYZ

      You have to say the punchline in a resigned, head-shaking voice. Hank Hill, Bill, Boomhauer, and Dale are neighbors in Texas.  King of the Hill, long discontinued, can still be seen on Youtube.
  14. This is for you two, @Wulfrunand @A.N.Other.