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  1. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    Recognizing you've been a victim is the first step to doing something about it.
  2. Only in America...

    Photo of sign on a Texas truck.  
  3. Why are you unhappy today?

    @arunadasi, may happy memories bring you comfort.
  4. Only in America...

    My mother used to say, 'Anyone more than ten years older than I am is old.'  Works for me!   And a chuckle - when I was forty, a 19-year-old neighbor said, 'Oh, I thought you were [pause] maybe [pause] thirty.'  And I realized that to her, thirty was old, so old that if she thought I was any older, I'd be dead.
  5. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    I say 'Hi, guys' to my daughter and her wife, to children trick-or-treating, to the men tending my front yard, to the three Fuenflings, and to just about anyone.  I do reserve 'Hi, fellows' for men.  'guys' is a great collective noun.  I'd probably even use it to greet the brood of Mastiffs that is part of my family's ever-increasing connection.   This has been a very revealing thread.  People who don't get it continue to not get it, with bells on.
  6. Job rules in Bremen

    OT - Wegener is one of the heroes of geography, the man who first formulated the theory of continental drift; another is Harley Bretz, who first realized the origin of the Channeled Scablands in Washington State.  In both cases the men were scorned and ridiculed by their peers for many years.  Bretz survived, to be lauded by his peers and awarded the Primrose Medal, American geology's highest honor, at the age of 96.  It was 70 years after he first discussed his theory that the scablands had been created by a series of massive floods, and he said to his son, 'All my enemies are dead, so I have no one to gloat over.'
  7. Politics Gen XYZ

  8. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    Diversionary tactics, @BradinBayern.  The Trump forces are masters at casting red herrings and calling names.  They know the difference between propaganda and telling the truth, and they've chosen propaganda because it's their forte.
  9. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

      At least this tourist pair is prepared for the walk - sensible shoes and the woman isn't wearing a dress.
  10. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    Things are so bad in the US that some pharmaceutical company let this sentence slip by their internal censors, and now the ad is televised all around the country: 'Thank you for making it possible for [a little girl] to outrun her brother.'
  11. Harvey Weinstein and others sexual abuse allegations

    Anyone who's ever given unwanted sexual attention to a child or an adult had better be thinking what to say when the accusations start.  Male or female, gay or straight, famous or unknown - their lives are going to change; and it's probably advisable to go quietly.
  12. Germany to recognise third gender

    I read @yourkeau's post barely an hour ago and learned of '-iernde' as a substitute for the gender-specific noun.  And then I read this in Facebook just now, about Vierling's brother-in-law, who just won a prize for distinguished teaching: Ursachen für die Beliebtheit der Vorlesungen von Herrn Prof. Dr. +++++ liegen in seinem empathischen Charakter, aber auch darin, dass er die Interaktion mit den Studierenden in der Vorlesung fördert und diese zu Fragen motiviert. Er hält die Vorlesung völlig frei, was das Eingehen auf Beiträge der Studierenden erleichtert. It's true, it's true!  (I love channelling Madeline Kahn's character from Blazing Saddles.  
  13. Crossroads in Life - Career vs Family

    Despite what they said in the 70s, you can't have it all Every working woman needs a wife.   Everyone can do two things at a time, and some can even juggle three, with a little help.  So a married woman who is in the workplace is already doing two things, add a child and it's three.  4. House, 5. Social life?  Something's gotta give.  Usually it turns out to be the child. Good for you @Svetlana.Petro , for recognizing that you don't want to have on your tombstone, 'I wish I'd spent more time at the office'.