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  1. this one is reserved too :-) (I think the admins could merge/remove the duplicate threads)
  2. What made you laugh today?

    on the same topic  
  3. Mold dispute with the landlord

    Let me be the first one (but for sure not the last on on this thread) to suggest you to reach out to the  Mieterverein München e.V. - Sicherheit macht stark (
  4. Refinancing your German Mortgage

      This is not true if you cancel after 10 years - you should not need to pay any compensation for the interest loss. 
  5. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    I think investing the borrowed money is the right approach... Or would you rather advocate consuming it? I think everyone that is smart invests the borrowed money so that they get a return higher than the interest rates. That's how entrepreneurship works... Very few people can afford to only invest their own money....
  6. Jokes

    Good to see that not only I was so dense :-P
  7. Jokes

    Haaaa - suddenly I got it :-) No need for the coat - thank you! 
  8. Jokes

    Don't feel any smarter with the tips.... I think I will get my coat... 
  9. Jokes

    I still did not get it :-(. Any tips :-)?
  10. Sondertilgung is the word you are looking for....