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  1. My son is not a baby anymore :-), he is getting new furniture for his room, so another baby (and the parents) can enjoy his furniture for free!! 5 pieces to give away: Changing table (Wickelkommode) A big wardrobe Baby bed (that can be changed into a toddler bed, which you can see on the picture. The parts needed to make it back to a baby bed are in my cellar and are included in the deal) Corner wardrobe A narrow wardrobe. The changing table, big wardrobe and the baby bed are a set, the other two pieces were bought separately.  Must be disassembled and transported away until the 13th of February from the West of Munich (near Pasing, 81243). Everything is functional and in a good shape. As you can see on the pictures the kids 'decorated' the furniture with some stickers, but with a bit of warm water they should look like new again in no time :-) PM me for details. Cheers krakp