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  1. You should be happy! Assuming that you are not missing any big deductions (a tax advisor could help you on this), having only 100 € refund means that you are paying exactly the right amount of taxes every month.    For most people the taxes they pay monthly are higher than they should be and then they get a refund at the end of the year. If you prefer to pay more taxes monthly but get a higher refund at the end of the year (which makes little sense from the financial point of view even with the interest rates are as low as now...), you should be able to have your tax advisor arrange for this....   Then, for example, you would be getting 100 € less every month, but your refund would be like 1300€ (12 * 100€ + the 100 € you are already getting). I personally, though, prefer it exactly the other way round - to pay as little tax monthly as possible and then 'repay' it at the end of the year - thus getting a kind of interest free credit from the FinanzAmt. But this is only possible to some extent - the FinanzAmt would rather have you pay more monthly and get a refund at the end of the year   Hope this helps! krakp
  2. We offer an apartment for short term rent in the West of Munich (a few minutes from the Westkreuz SBahn station, which is just 14 min from the Central Train Station - Hauptbahnhof).   The apartment is fully furnished, has 3 bedrooms , WLAN, TV, etc. All included.   It is basically free from now till the beginning of January (negotiable) - we are planning to rent it out long term in February.   Great for a family with kids visiting Munich for the holidays/New Year.   This is really a last-minute offer - PM me today or tomorrow for details. :-)   Cheers, krakp
  3. Need a moving helper (or two) near to Pasing for Thu (12.12) and Fri (13.12).   PM me for details.   Cheers, krakp