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  1. You are not alone. I am in a similar situation. My partner and I (also both freelancers in Berlin) got onto the waiting list within a few minutes of each other, like you around the 7th of April. After about three days, my partner was able to submit her application. My time came up immediately afterwards, but when I tried to access the application form I got a message saying my number was no longer valid. I got back in line, waited two more days, and was again told my number was not valid. I tried a third time, managed to file the application, received confirmation that the IBB had received it, then...nothing. My partner received her money within a couple of days of application. I have since used the IBB's contact form three times to ask for the status of my claim. Twice I have received an automated confirmation of receipt but no information. It has occurred to me that, since our applications came from the same IP address, and we share a bank account, perhaps the IBB system "thinks" they are duplicate applications. Unfortunately I know of no way to verify this.

    I realise this doesn't help you in any practical way, but perhaps you can take heart in knowing that you're not alone. Good luck.


  2. 16 hours ago, robinson100 said:

    Do you see the orange line at the very top of your page?


    - looks like this:


    Other sites: Austria, Denmark, France, Italy...



    That's for other versions of The Local, not Toytown. I'd personally be interested in a Spanish version of Toytown...


  3. 2 hours ago, shockedpenguin said:

    Looking for custom nuts and bolts (specifically a small-threaded nut/mutter) and a couple hollow bolts with non-standard pitches.  Has anyone had experience getting these kind of things anywhere in Berlin/germany/europe?  

    Best hardware shop in Berlin. If they don't have it, they can probably direct  you to someone who can:

    C. ADOLPH Eisenwaren

    Savignyplatz 3

    10623 Berlin

  4. 24 minutes ago, AlexTr said:

    My wife and I have had lunch together for the last three weeks.


    I've gotten tons of work editing and writing blurbs about medical studies.


    With my wife home all day, I feel compelled to be more organized and productive.


    I baked vanilla cupcakes today and made nutella butter cream frosting for them.


    My wife normally has a standing desk at work, so, to keep her from being too sedentary, I lead us in yoga or other exercise every evening.


    I only miss meeting with other dog owners 3x per day and letting little kids pet my dog, who, they assure me, is part gorilla.


    Of course now we need a pic of the dogrilla. My wife is dying to see it.


  5. On 14/03/2020, 21:41:06, Rushrush said:

    I expect businesses will be able to apply for compensation, assuming they survive long enough.


    for self employed I found


    What about self-employed and freelance people?

    Self-employed people and freelancers will also receive compensation for loss of earnings according to the Act on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases. The local authority will base compensation on the profit from the tax declaration of the previous calendar year.

    Rushrush, do you happen to have a link for this info? Thanks.


  6. AMEN! Unfortunately, we all know the reason. Fewer services, fewer physical assets, fewer humans= fewer expenses, higher profit margin. Add to this the fact that few people are willing to stand on their hind legs and say "No, this isn't good enough." To quote a well-known punk band, "Give me convenience or give me death!"


  7. Did a bike repair course many years ago in Canada and am still a frequent "Schrauber", building bikes for myself and friends. The standard measurement is indeed from the centre of the bottom bracket axle (where the pedal arms attach to the bike) to the top of the seat tube. Bikes produced in Asia are generally measured in inches, but those produced and/or sold in continental Europe are measured in centimetres. If in doubt, just state both with the indicator "mitte tretlager bis Oberkante".

    Cheers back from cold damp Berlin :-)


  8. I signed up with Arcor about a year ago, flatrate DSL 6000 + flatrate Festnetz service within Germany + an international flatrate option which includes most of Europe and North America for €34/month. Service is pretty good, but I would recommend doing everything in person. Had some problems when I moved and discovered, too late, that their online address change function DIDN'T function.