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  1. Steuerberater for US Inheritance

    An ex-client of mine, Michael von Arps-Aubert, specializes in international inheritance taxation: His English is pretty good too. Tell him Sean sent you. Good luck.
  2. The English Teacher's Corner

    I emphasise (verb) correct English but also teach colloquialisms as, well, colloquial forms of correct English. Having to correct the mistakes/ignorance/laziness of previous English teachers makes my job that much more difficult.
  3. The English Teacher's Corner

    Um, those whose mother tongue it is... sorry, couldn't resist given the topic.
  4. What's the German for "Blu-Tac"

    Pritt makes a similar product called Multi-Fix Haftpunkte.
  5. Update:  After several e-mails saying my claim had been rejected due to multiple applications, I received the same request as others to the effect that my claim was being checked, and would I please forward documents x, y and z. Did so within the hour, received a personal thank you the next day (Friday) for my prompt action. Money was in my account the following Monday. Exhale. Same day received an e-mail stating that my claim was being rejected due to multiple applications. Gotta love algorithms.
  6. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    Just a heads up for anyone here using I received a contact request from this gentleman a few weeks ago. Nothing unusual in that. I checked his contacts, all of whom seemed legit and so accepted his request. A day or two later I received this epistle (I've blanked my name out): Dear XXXXXXXX I’m glad to receive your reply. Without wasting much of your time, I would like to introduce myself and the reason I sent you the message earlier. I am Mr. Huam Al Sayed Group Chief Executive Officer of Emirates NBD Dubai (United Arab Emirates). I have a business matter of great importance in my bank, proposal worth of $30,000,000.00 (Thirty Million United State Dollars) for you and it has to do with your name which is the reason I contacted you. I want you to feel free and read through my explanations because I will take my time to explain everything to you. you can check my bank web about me should you have any atom of doubt below; I was looking for someone with your last name," XXXXXXXX ”. So when I saw you online, I was pushed to contact you and see how we can best help each other. One late Peter XXXXXXXX, from your country had a fixed deposit at my bank in 2005 for 108 calendar months, worth US $ 30,000,000.00 (Thirty Million US dollars) the due date for this surety bond is January 22, 2018. Unfortunately Peter was among the victims of the earthquake disaster of 27 May 2006 in Java, Indonesia, which killed over 5,000 people. He was in Indonesia on a business trip, that was how he met his death. My bank management is yet to know about his death yet, I knew it because he was my friend and I am his account officer. Peter did not mention any Next of Kin/heir when the account was opened, and he was not married and no children. If my bank managers happen to know that Peter is dead and have no heirs, they will take the money for their personal use. I do not want such to happen that is why I am seeking for your cooperation to present you as Next of Kin / Heir in the account since you have the same surname with late peter and my bank headquarter will release the fund to you as the heir. The transaction is 100% risk free and legal without infringement of the law. It is better that we claim the money than allow the bank directors to take it because they are already rich. I suggest that we share the fund equal, 50% to both parties, Let me know your opinion on this and please treat this information as TOP SECRET. Kindly reply my mail to state if you’re willing to assist me so I can give you more details of the transaction and how we can achieve this. Much Regards Huam Al Sayed Group Chief Executive Office, Emirate NBD   I have reported this to, who have since deactivated his account, as well as the fraud squad.
  7. What are you cooking today?

    Your local Turkish supermarket (Eurogida et al) likely have frozen whole or filleted anchovies. Any decent Italian/Spanish/Greek deli will have them packed in oil or vinegar. Forget the chain supermarkets.
  8. The English Teacher's Corner

    "Starting the class and forgetting to open all you material. In the middle of a lesson and suddenly your hunting for where you stuck that stupid file."   English teacher?
  9. Great news! I'm happy for you!
  10. Buying A Bicycle

    Don't be fooled by the Zündapp name on the Real bikes. Zündapp produced motorcycles, mopeds, etc for many years, but never bicycles. The company also folded in 1984, so Real is trying to cash in on a nostalgic name. That being said, I bought a supermarket trekking bike in 2007. Over the years I swapped out the entry-level Shimano components, but the frame held up very nicely until I resold it two years ago. The only problem I had was that some of the fittings (e.g. braze-ons for fenders, water bottles, etc) were non-standard, so I sometimes had to be creative. It's really a question of getting what you pay for. The cheap bikes will generally be good frames with not-so-good forks and components. Better, but more expensive, German brands include Güdereit, Focus, Cube, Hercules, Diamant. Or you can check ebay. Good luck and happy cycling!
  11. My reading of the IBB's e-mail is that the multiple applications will be consolidated into a single claim, which must then be formally (i.e. by a human being) concluded. Whether that means payment is potentially still pending, I don't know. I'm still getting the same kind of runaround, but I wish you luck!
  12. You are not alone. I am in a similar situation. My partner and I (also both freelancers in Berlin) got onto the waiting list within a few minutes of each other, like you around the 7th of April. After about three days, my partner was able to submit her application. My time came up immediately afterwards, but when I tried to access the application form I got a message saying my number was no longer valid. I got back in line, waited two more days, and was again told my number was not valid. I tried a third time, managed to file the application, received confirmation that the IBB had received it, then...nothing. My partner received her money within a couple of days of application. I have since used the IBB's contact form three times to ask for the status of my claim. Twice I have received an automated confirmation of receipt but no information. It has occurred to me that, since our applications came from the same IP address, and we share a bank account, perhaps the IBB system "thinks" they are duplicate applications. Unfortunately I know of no way to verify this. I realise this doesn't help you in any practical way, but perhaps you can take heart in knowing that you're not alone. Good luck.
  13. Toytown Forum equivalent for Italy

    That's for other versions of The Local, not Toytown. I'd personally be interested in a Spanish version of Toytown...