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  1. Best hardware shop in Berlin. If they don't have it, they can probably direct  you to someone who can: C. ADOLPH Eisenwaren Savignyplatz 3 10623 Berlin
  2. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    Of course now we need a pic of the dogrilla. My wife is dying to see it.
  3. COVID-19 and Berlin‘s nightlife

    Rushrush, do you happen to have a link for this info? Thanks.
  4. AMEN! Unfortunately, we all know the reason. Fewer services, fewer physical assets, fewer humans= fewer expenses, higher profit margin. Add to this the fact that few people are willing to stand on their hind legs and say "No, this isn't good enough." To quote a well-known punk band, "Give me convenience or give me death!"
  5. My understanding (I'm neither a tax advisor nor a lawyer) is that the location of the property determines where it is taxable. I've recently done some work for an advisor in Berlin, Michael von Arps-Aubert ( who specialises in this sort of question. His English is quite good too.
  6. How does one measure bicycle height?

    Did a bike repair course many years ago in Canada and am still a frequent "Schrauber", building bikes for myself and friends. The standard measurement is indeed from the centre of the bottom bracket axle (where the pedal arms attach to the bike) to the top of the seat tube. Bikes produced in Asia are generally measured in inches, but those produced and/or sold in continental Europe are measured in centimetres. If in doubt, just state both with the indicator "mitte tretlager bis Oberkante". Cheers back from cold damp Berlin :-)