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  1. fired

    But you shouldn’t give any justifications about whether you were productive or not or other work related stuff. She had 6 months to decide.    i‘m not sure whether she can hand over the termination letter to you in person or it must be sent via Post.   Maybe someone else can comment on that. There is a slight chance it doesn’t arrive until 31.03. if it must be delivered via Post
  2. fired

    I guess in that case, you can answer her already that you don’t have any private stuff on the company’s laptop and never said such thing. Tell her that you are ready to return the hardware whenever she wants. And save a copy of sent Email. Also ask her whether she wants to keep 31.03. for the return or wants it early?
  3. fired

    She says that you didn’t return the laptop since you said you had some private stuff on laptop? Hence she set a limit for 31.03. 12 O’clock to return the h/w.    btw she told you not to come to office rest of today & tomorrow. So make sure you go to office on 31st     good luck
  4. fired

      Make sure she writes in the Email that she told you to reset the office laptop etc. and go home and that you will receive your termination letter by post. Tell her to send you the termination letter by post and make sure to mention the 3 months termination period.
  5. fired

    If the months (3) for termination notice are added wouldn’t that make it 12 months?   Also, the termination notice must be in your mailbox no later than 31.03. in order for the contract to end on 30.06. otherwise, contact ends on 31.07.