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  1. Suing employer for discrimination / wrongful firing

    @Daytraeumer What is your area of expertise?
  2. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Sorry, i overlooked the 2nd paragraph. In this case, simply open a conflict with PayPal. Tell them your flight is cancelled and Lufthansa refused to respond to any queries. PayPal will then respond within 10 days...if Lufthansa doesn't respond to PayPal, you will get the refund from PayPal.
  3. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    you should then wait a few days for their reply. I found the service center link, it is There is also a 24*7 telephone number given (06986799799) so you can try to reach them by phone too.
  4. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

      if you don't get a refund from Lufthansa, you can open a conflict with PayPal. Make sure to have some record e.g. emails to Lufthansa that your flight is cancelled and you want a refund etc. If you don't hear back from them, open a conflict with PayPal, provide them the details etc. PayPal will then try to contact Lufthansa and if Lufthansa doesn't respond, you will get your money back from PayPal. takes around 10 days.
  5. I got AE(aufenthaltserlaubnis) though I am eligible for Blue Card

    You can still go to the Ausländerbehörde and apply for a blue soon as you get the blue card and have B1, you are eligible for N.E (21 months with Blue card and B1). If you don't have B1, then the 2nd rule applies (33 months with blue card). So you just need to visit Ausländeramt and tell them that you need Blue Card.
  6. German Toilet Paper

    hi, you can just visit DM or Mueller. if there aren't any toilet papers on the shelves, simply ask one of the employees when would be the next delivery? then be there before they open in the morning on the day of delivery  OR visit, search for the produkt (e.g. ) and then enter your postal code under "Verfügbarkeit in Ihrem dm-Markt prüfen:" to check for the availability in your nearby markets...
  7. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    So an update from my side, in case any of you have tickets booked on Eurostar. I had two non-refundable tickets booked on Eurostar from London to Paris for April 8. The train got cancelled so i sent an email to them asking for a refund. As expected, they offered me a voucher instead with no mention of cash refund. Went to their website and searched for cancellation policy, which says a full refund in case of cancellation regardless of booking condition. So i replied them with the link and screenshot of their cancellation policy and got a full refund their cancellation policy can be found at
  8. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

      yes, definitely you should wait...hopefully the situation gets better or maybe the flight gets cancelled...i also had tickets booked for eurostar from London to Paris with no refund...but i didn't cancel and would wait...maybe the train gets cancelled...if it doesn't i would still lose 158 Euros whether i cancel or don't least, i won't let eurostar sell those tickets to someone else because i cancelled   
  9. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

      no, they didn't mention any reasons. Gave me a choice to re-book or refund and I went for a flight was scheduled for April 4, 2020 from Stuttgart to Heathrow
  10. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Guys don't cancel your flights if they are non-refundable. I was about to cancel my flight to London but meanwhile it was cancelled by British Airways and i got a full refund. Just wait, maybe the Airline cancels the flight themselves...
  11. Parking ticket from private firm

    I tried checking their USt-IDNr using DE at the start of the number provided on their website and it shows ungültig...why don't you ask them for their USt-IDNr? Also, make sure to take a screenshot of their Impressum details...
  12. how to make a good password

    Did you try changing the password of your mail account too? Also, before changing the Netflix password signout of all the devices which are logged in to Netflix. You can do so by going to your Netflix account. You can use a Phrase combined with some numbers. It can be one of your favorite line from some movie, novel etc. Also use some special characters e.g. @ instead of an a, 3 instead of an e etc.
  13. Benefits in yearly evaluation (job contract)

    My guess is that the company declares this as a business travel
  14. Benefits in yearly evaluation (job contract)

    Disadvantage with the salary raise is that he has to pay taxes on that too but not one the tickets so he is losing 3000-5000 netto which is a big amount...i would suggest to somehow share the ticket costs with them e.g. 70-30 where 70% is paid by them...or maybe a fixed amount 2500€?
  15. car damage

    Get the insurance details of pizza guy from him and contact his insurance but i doubt they will pay...a similar sort of thing happened to me once...the wind was very strong and a flower pot from my Balcony fell on the neighbours car parked on the street and caused a small dent...i called my Haftpflicht and they said its not my fault, its caused by nature and the neighbour's Teilkasko should cover the damage. Apparently if the pot had fell from my hands on the car, then my insurance would have covered...   Get the pizza guys insurance details and talk to them. if they are not willing to pay, your insurance should pay to them and give them pizza guys insurance not ask your insurance whether your damages are covered or not...instead tell them that car is damaged and needs to be repaired...what else are you paying them for...