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  1. Decent Indian with outdoor seating /Biergarten

    Maybe they make it different for Germans or other nationalities (less spicy etc). I found the food really good. You can always tell them to make it authentic if you are unsure.
  2. Decent Indian with outdoor seating /Biergarten

    I would highly recommend you Kashmir Inn at Rosenheimerstr. 4, 81669 München.   They do not have an outdoor sitting but the food is really good. Have been there couple of times.
  3.   i am insured with HUK24 and i believe that it's a professional insurance company :) 
  4. My car was hit by a wild boar in Feb. Luckily i called the police and they noted everything. Next day i called my insurance and they said that they need a police report. I went to the police station from which the police guy had come and they handed me an Aktenzeichen number saying that it would be enough for insurance. However,  insurance kept insisting that they needed the police report. So, the next day i visited the police station again and asked for a report directly from the police guy who visited the site of accident. He issued the report in about 15 mins, told me that it costs 25€ and i will get the bill via post. In 2-3 weeks, i received the bill and sent it directly to my insurance who then paid it to police.   So stop calling them and visit the police station with your Aktenzeichen. Tell them the situation in detail when you are there.
  5. If you are a new driver, i would advise you to buy some cheap car around 2000-2500€ with new tüv. This is because the insurance will be cheaper, scratches/bumps as a new driver won't hurt you and you get enough road experience. In the meanwhile you will have enough time to keep searching for a better/desired car and you can almost always turn in your old car for 1000€ to the dealer from which you are buying the new car. You can set a 200 km radius to search for car. Rest depends on your budget and reqs.
  6. Motorcycle crash

    What is the cost estimate provided to the insurance by garage? You could decide yourself whether you want your bike to get repaired or you want the money. If your bike is not totaled you will get the estimated cost - mwst, if you don't get your bike repaired. If its totaled, you would get the current value of your bike.
  7. Motorcycle crash

    Didn't you get a Gutachten first?
  8. Unitymedia is now Vodafone

    You should call them, tell them that you have been their customer long enough and if they could offer you a better package for a better price. Usually they do make you an offer. I pay them 40€ per month for 1GB connection (phone + internet) and the price for this package i took will remain fixed until i terminate the contract.
  9. Shame on you, Lufthansa

    Sure they can set any price they like...but 3% reduction in mwst means that the price should be decreased and not increased...also, i have no issues with some small dealers doing this...what i wrote is about a famous car maker's dealership... Plus i never said there is anything wrong with anyone willing to pay the asking price...i myself wouldn't do it if i knew what the asking price was before and after...have a nice weekend :)
  10. Shame on you, Lufthansa

    not all but this certainly is the case...should i inform any authorities if i have a proof that the price was increased after 30 June? I am not sure whether that helps or not...
  11. Shame on you, Lufthansa

    You should boycott them forever seems like most of the companies etc are exploiting the current situation. I was looking to buy a car, so i saved some of those as pdf just to check if the price is reduced due to the 3% decrease in MwSt. The crooks have instead increased the prices...seems like mwst senkung will be disadvantageous for the consumer in the long run :(
  12. Landratsamt not processing my application

    For naturalization, you might have to wait upto 6 months...
  13. While I do understand and have no issues with govt. giving some funds to freelancers,  what I do not understand is why the families with kids get 300€ per kid? They already receive Kindergeld etc. Why the ppl without kids or singles do not get such benefit? I do not wish that money for myself as I already make enough, but there should've been some criteria e.g. low earners, factory workers etc instead of blindly distributing it. Why should a family (both parents working) making 100-120k be treated the same way as a family making 60-70K or even less? Doesn't make any sense. This money could have been distributed in a much better way...
  14. Car accident - Totalschaden - Strange request by Gutachter

    No you don't. Price of the scrap is the one mentioned by Gutachter and you are free to sell it to anyone for that price...
  15. Car accident - Totalschaden - Strange request by Gutachter

    Gutachter is right, follow his advice. Let the lawyer handle all the stuff with insurance. However, if you have nerves to directly get in contact with other person's insurance go ahead but its a lot of stress...   I was once involved in a similar accident and this is how it went for me...   Other car hit me and my car couldn't be driven further...Abschleppdienst picked up the car, gave me contact of a gutachter and lawyer and brought my car to their workshop...he also told me that i was eligible for rental car and other guy's insurance pays for that. turns out that gutachter, workshop, lawyer all are partners anyhow the next day, Gutachter visited my car and declared it Totalschaden. He sent the Gutachten directly to the lawyer. Lawyer took care of everything e.g. Gutachter payment, Abschleppdienst bill, lawyer bill etc. I got about 800€ more than what i had paid for the car and had also used that car for 6 months...took about 4-5 months to get the payment from other guys insurance (with lawyer involved)   I sold my car to the same workshop, even though insurance had a seller who was paying more for the wrack but i didn't pay the told me this is your wrack and you are free to sell it to whomever you like for the price mentioned by Gutachter   One important thing for you to know is Nutzungsausfall...this is like 30-35€ per day for two weeks if you don't take a rental car...just tell the lawyer "ich möchte nutzungsausfall geltend machen"