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  1. On 18/07/2020, 23:15:17, kapil354 said:

    To Folks in Hamburg,


    Was wondering if someone picked up naturalization urkunde from the Amt offlate.


    Was wondering if you could shed some light on how long does it take at the office to pick up the certificate and is it considered safe due to the virus situation?


    Any process run-throughs for urkunde pick-up appreciated.  :)

    I picked mine last summer, so can't say whats it like at the moment with the virus. Took no longer than 15 minutes to collect and sign for it. 


  2. I finally got around to applying today here in Hamburg.Cant believe how easy it all was.The whole process took about 15 minutes.All i need to do is pass the citizenship test.Thankfully no mention of me having to do a German test!!

    The case worker said that they have been told to fast track all British applications,at least here in Hamburg.

    She also confirmed that anyone applying before 29.03 will be able to hold dual citizenship


  3. A freind at work is hoping to get this done as a Tattoo,it was from her grandmothers obituary.She would like it done in english.The GERman saying is as follows

    Es gibt nur eine Brücke die Leben und Tod verbindet:die Liebe

    The best i can do is

    THere is only only one bridge that connects life and death:love

    I am sure there is a much better way of translating it or is there a saying in english that conveys the same meaning?


  4. We were in Japan last September and had no problem getting around on the trains.All the bullet trains we were on had regular announcements regarding the next stop,in japanese and english.In each carriage there was also a display regarding upcoming stations etc all in english.At the staton platforms all info regarding departing trains was also in english.Making seat reservations was also very straightforward at the JR counters


  5. We have just returned from Barcelona.We stayed in theese apartments and found them superb.THere is a lift in the building.Close to two metro stations,10 minute walk to sargadia familia.A pleasant 20 minute stroll and you are at the beach.Our apartment had 2 bedrooms a good size bathroom but only a shower.Kitchen is small and basic,not much cooking can be done.

    We booked through expedia for 75 euros pro night


  6. im going to see the bones,street dogs and reno divorce on the 10th of may in the markthalle.On the 29th of may at st paulis ground,millerntor,there is a 1 day festival to celebrate 100 years of st pauli


  7. A guy i work with goes here 3 times a week for hockey training.At the the moment there are only 10 so they are looking for new players.The times are Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 till 09:45.

    If anyone is interested he says just to turn up and someone will help you get started.Main thing is to take your own skates gloves and stick if possible.


  8. For the best selection of travel books in hamburg go to this shop they have a vast selection of travel books ,including lonely planet and the rough guides

    Thalia also have a good selection of lonely planet guide books