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  1. Hello,   Back in 2019, I applied for a Steuernummer as a Freiberufler at the Finanzamt. Got the number, did the freelance job I needed it for, and filed my taxes accordingly in 2020. Got my Steuerbescheid, but didn't examine it in detail, everything was seemingly fine.   Last week, I received a letter from the IHK, which I just looked into more closely. It basically said they got my info from the Finanzamt and came with a questionnaire asking about my Gewerbe, which prompted me to have a look at my 2019 Steuerbescheid. Lo and behold, it seems like the Finanzamt considered me a Gewerbe instead of the intended Freiberufler.   Can I request a change by simply sending them a letter myself? I do have arguments, as my particular profession doesn't seem to fit Gewerbe at all - it is something I studied here in Germany (Ausbildung) and do hold a foreign Bachelor's Degree for, and several similar roles are listed here. Or would this better be taken care of by a Steuerberater?