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  1. parcels to UK

    wow that is good! i'll look into that because its usually only Fix products i like and socks and poss crisps nothing of high value
  2. parcels to UK

    okay. my mum said a shoebox size was about 30 Euro and that didn't make sense she said. i am assuming she went to Deutsche Post.   thank you i will give her the link above 
  3. parcels to UK

    i grew up in Ramstein area and parents are retired in Waldmohr so i visit a few times a year as i work in Manchester. Mum used to send me many many care packages ... now with Brexit is all fooked up...  in UK i use Parcel2go comparative site. At moment they are helping mum get quotes for parcels 1kg and 2kg... i just wondered if anyone could recommend any comparative sites in Germany?   thank you all and stay safe -  Bleiben Sie in Sicherheit mit freundlichem Grussen   Kim
  4. Apple ID in UK & Germany

    i will look into this Apple ID - wow all super helpful  comments
  5. Hello all   i am in Manchester but going to visit parents in Kaiserslautern - Homburg Saar in a day ...  i wondered if anyone is driving to NorthWest or Manchester area soon in next couple months or now? i sent parents a coffee machine and not using and i need it so just wondered if you had room? its not big.     God bless and Happy Christmas - Frohe Feiertags    Kim