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  1. hello all hope you are staying safe and cool,   Parents are in Ramstein area just retired from teaching but Ramstein AFB are taking their appliances away even though most probs knowing US Military going to dispose.   anyway can anyone help me help them get a fridge for them to buy or rent? they have had the US fridge, washer & dryer for upteen years but they don't mind what... Washer/dryer that isn't that urgent ...   any advice at all... i work in UK so can only do so much. i am flying to Germany in about 3-4 wks.   thank you everyone for your help and advice ahead of time   Kim Johnson
  2. old US appliances

    Appliances are from 70-80s so were made to last back then. so still working, never any issues when i grew up in Ramstein area. Mom has always used and still using. only 1 word 'reliable'. :))
  3. old US appliances

    Hello All,   Parents just retired from Ramstein about 4 yrs ago or almost  that. Anyway Ramstein just figured out they have retired so US regs say they have to return their Fridge, Washer & Dryer which are  appliances from about 1975. so most probs military will just get rid of the appliances parents want/need. Any ideas? i told parents to follow appliances or something...  had appliances since at least late 70s or 80s.   my question is anyone know of a thrift shop on a base with American washer? fridge too. Dryer not that urgent.    i welcome any ideas?   thank you so so much and be safe everyone ::))    kim