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  1. It seems in the towns with all the gardens the problem is not so severe. I've seen lots of insects (and birds) on my patio the past few days. It's the countryside that is suffering due to modern-day farming. There was a campaign recently all over the news "Petition for a referendum on biodiversity and natural beauty in Bavaria", which was quite successful. Other Bundesländer are planning the same. The farmers are not pleased. 
  2. What's got you flummoxed today?

  3. What's got you flummoxed today?

      They must be German widows, John.  No, can't be. Most Germans like dogs. You'd get plenty smiles around here.   
  4. What's got you flummoxed today?

      You get the looks you deserve.   
  5. Why are you happy today?

      I'm also oldish, but I take it all in my stride without taking offence. What about all those oldie jokes? Jokes depict life situations as often experienced in real life - but with a laugh - at yourself.     
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      The link works for me too.
  7. His name is  Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor:  
  8. Two girls probably, and I presume jealousy is involved. Ask Lily how it all developed. Maybe her former best friend is jealous because the other girl got more attention from Lily - or the other way round. Whatever, one of the girls is manipulating the other to bully Lily and Lily herself needs psycholigical help in this situation. Maybe the Jugendamt can advise where to get counselling (Beratungsstelle für mobbing in der Schule).   Edit: Tackle the problem now before they're old enough to go on social media, where the bullying spreads uncontrollable and becomes even more damaging. 
  9. Prince William's Affair Rumor

      Really? Maybe people didn't know that she was of Scottish heritage. 
  10. Prince William's Affair Rumor

      It's true that most European royal families are related to German aristocractic families, of which there are plenty, but the average German isn't really all that knowledgable about the connections. 
  11. Lists of typical German mistakes in English?

      This is it precisely. I've often explained this to my various Nachhilfeschüler over the years, they understand what they're doing, but it's no use, they do it again next time. I've given up now. 
  12. Lists of typical German mistakes in English?

      What I meant was that valley becomes "w"alley or Vancouver become "W"ancouver etc. 
  13. Lists of typical German mistakes in English?

    There's also the "v" sound which is automatically transformed into "w". And series becomes serious like in the TV ads for the electric razor Braun series. Makes me cringe every time. And iron is pronounced with a distinct "r". 
  14.   My first instinct as a neighbour witnessing this would be to go after the kids and stop them, AND you would have got a good ticking off from me as well for leaving them alone in that situation with cars nearby. But now-a-days people are hesitant to touch other peoples kids. A couple of years ago I was reprimanded by a parent and the girl herself when I grabbed the girl's hood to stop her from pushing in front of me while we were waiting at the kerb to cross the road. The girl was about 9.   Anyway, don't blame the neighbours for giving you the eye, as it's your responsibility to take care that your small kids are under observation while you are busy with something else. It's called elterliche Aufsichtspflicht in German, breach of which can result in serious consequences (Aufsichtspflichtverletzung). You could of course have asked a friendly neighbour to watch your kids for you while you went down the cellar, but it's not an easy task for strangers to watch over two lively kids and transferring the Aufsichtspflicht to them is a heavy responsibility, which could result in serious claims for compensation against them if something happened. 
  15. Why are you happy today?

    I'm happy because I saw lots of bumble bees visiting my blooming Pieris shrubs on my patio while I was tidying up out there in the sunshine today. They're busy collecting nectar all day long.     The Erica shrubs in the front garden are also a big hit.       
  16. Why are you happy today?

      I'm very happy to say, that for one week now, I have been walking (limping) my dog for the short peepee round mornings and evenings. What used to take me 15 minutes now takes me 30 minutes, but it'll get better. My daughter takes him for a long walk together with her dog after work in the afternoons. I'm missing these walks, so I'm quite ambitious - though careful not to overdo it. 
  17. Describe your sex life,

    Once upon a time ...
  18. The increase of inaccurate advice on TT

    @jeba Quite honestly, I haven't lived in Britain for a very long time, and I certainly wouldn't go on a British forum for German speakers living there and give advice / comment on life there as things have changed quite dramatically since I lived there so many years ago.    @engelchen is extremely knowledgable about the current laws concerning immigration here, more so than most Germans I know as they usually don't have to concern themselves with these things. 
  19. It seems that the construction of a tunnel is being planned:   Here's the first part of the article:   Riederwald tunnel: Deforestation for traffic calming The project will enter its first construction phase in 2019 - now some areas are being cleared in preparation. For Hesse's Minister of Transport, Al-Wazir, this is a necessary measure because he sees the long-term project as a relief for traffic.   Between the districts Bornheim and Riederwald, the so-called Riederwald tunnel is to be built by the year 2030. The new section is a central component of a 2.2-kilometer-long gap between the A66 and A661. The first major construction phase is planned for 2019. In preparation, the first trees will be felled this winter and wooded areas cleared. As the Hessian road and traffic management company "Hessen Mobil" has now announced, a total of 44 trees and individual areas covered with trees and shrubs are affected by the first logging measures. In order to spare as many trees as possible, the road construction authorities have relocated the access road to the construction site as well as some areas for the construction site and have thus been able to reduce the number of tree felling once again. Translated with
  20. Baptism in Evangelical Church

    Here's some information on how to go about it:   What documents do we need for the baptism of our child? Please contact your local church office to arrange an appointment for the pre-baptism talk and the baptism itself. There you will learn everything you need to know. As a rule, the godparents need a certificate from the parish office at their place of residence confirming that they are entitled to the sponsorship office. If you as parents have a family register, please bring it with you to the christening. In any case, please bring the child's birth certificate and your identity cards with you. Translated with   And:   Can you have your child baptized if both parents are not in church? The decision as to whether a baptism is possible despite the lack of membership of both parents is made locally in the responsible parish. In addition, the regulations vary from church to church. Translated with   How much is the baptism? Baptism is free of charge for the children of church members. Only if you wish special floral decorations or unusual musical interludes do you incur costs. Translated with
  21. Why are landlords so picky?

      The landlord needs to know how many people (children are people) are living in the flat so that the Nebenkosten can be assessed  as some of the items are calculated per person.
  22. The increase of inaccurate advice on TT

    I don't think the red button is particularly useful. People often seem to downvote users they don't like and often has nothing to do with how useful or not the information / comments are. Same for the green button, too.