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  1. Translated with   So the safest way is to hand over the termination letter in person with request for written and signed confirmation.    Use if you want to understand the rest of the information on that site.   Here's a model for a letter of termination:
  2. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      I had one too, from the 1980s. I also had to hand it in when I was naturalised. 
  3. Laws on leaving a dog indoors while one is away

      This is what I've noticed, too. They mostly stand around gossipping and don't keep an eye on what their dogs are doing. Dogs are not always nice to each other and if that's the only place they go to, they see the dog park as their territory and boss other dogs around. It's not always play. It's pretty stressful. I avoid dog parks. 
  4. Rehoming Pet in Munich

      It's important that she isn't let out for at least 2 weeks (better even a week longer) so she first of all gets to know that this is where she gets her food on a regular basis and second she has the chance of getting to know her new owners and third she is given enough time to mark her new home with her pheromones by rubbing up against the furniture and door posts and also her new owners. This is a cat's way of making a new place and new people familiar and homely. A big help is also Feliway, which you could buy and give to the new family. She will probably hide in a corner the first few days and they should leave her to come to them of her own accord.    In all probability, after she is let out, she will go back to her old home to check it out, but if no one is there, she'll return to her new home because after all that is where her food is - a big magnet not to be underestimated. It's best they give her the same food she is used to getting from you. Hopefully she is chipped? Just in case she goes missing and someone finds her.
  5. Rehoming Pet in Munich

    There's also the possibility of asking for placement help from dedicated private people like this: or here .   Wishing you luck.     Isn't there the possibility that the new tenants might volunteer to adopt her if you ask? 
  6. Peanut butter shortage - help!

      I found just one lonely glass on the shelf in Edeka a few days ago, which is the brand you pictured. I like the taste. So I'll go back in a couple of days to see if they've stocked up some more. 
  7. Peanut butter shortage - help!

    Due to the recent shortage I was looking at Amazon for peanut butter and found this comment, which says there has been a recall due to salmonellae contamination :   Translated by    
  8. is it generally safe to share one's birth date?

    Oh for Christ's sake. I've noticed you are easily pissed. You really do love making mountains out of molehills. Good luck with your cat search. 
  9. is it generally safe to share one's birth date?

      Definitely is. Wild and free. 
  10. is it generally safe to share one's birth date?

      Again, no. It was just a friendly suggestion. 
  11. is it generally safe to share one's birth date?

      I had an indoor cat for 10 years when I lived in an attic flat (no balcony) before I moved here and took him with me. He lived a further happy 8 years as an indoor/outdoor cat. So that I could air the attic flat with the windows wide open I secured them with cat netting as he was keen to roam the roofs. I presume you will have a similar solution for your terrace door for airing?   If the Tierheims are so difficult, maybe getting a cat from private might be an alternative?    
  12. is it generally safe to share one's birth date?

    There are a collection of cat nets for patios if you google: Katzennetze für Terrassen   You'd probably need such a construction to keep the cat safe, as cats are very quick to disappear through a slightly open door without one even noticing it happening. How often have I searched for a cat and eventually found it inside the closed wardrobe. 
  13. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

      Exactly. I have no problem saying "Entschuldigung, ich war vor Ihnen dran". No arguments. Usually the person says sorry. And it's forgotten. 
  14. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Same here. I have never used it. Because I have no hanging space I dry my laundry in a tumble dryer and towels etc. come out nice and soft. The same effect as when the washing blows in the wind on a washing line, which is what I used to do when the kids were small. A long time ago, when there was no fabric softener. I also don't like it, when the laundry smells perfumed. 
  15. Why are you happy today?

      Should be EU-wide, especially in Greece.
  16. Health Insurance Contract Cancellation

    The forum experts haven't turned up yet, but I did some googling until they do and found this: It seems it's possible if you have previosly paid into the German social insurance system.     Translation: Securing livelihood for non-EU aliens in accordance with § 5 Para. 1 No. 1 of the Residence Act:  How can you, as a foreign pensioner, take out health insurance in Germany if you do not come from the countries of the European Union and need a residence permit with an obligation to secure your livelihood? Of course, you are also obliged to have health insurance in Germany if you do not come from the countries of the European Union. However, this is somewhat different in your case. If you want to travel to Germany to spend the evening of your life here, you will probably need a residence permit with an obligation to secure your livelihood in accordance with § 5 Para. 1 No. 1 of the Residence Act (§ 5 Para. 1 No. 1 AufenthG). In this case, a person resident in Germany must guarantee that their livelihood, including medical coverage, is guaranteed in Germany. With the obligation to secure your livelihood, you no longer fulfil the requirements for a statutory health insurance fund. Voluntary insurance in a statutory health insurance fund is also not possible. You only have the option of private health insurance. Translated with      
  17. Health Insurance Contract Cancellation

    From what I gather, If your son should return to Germany some time in the future he can rejoin the Krankenkasse he was with while he was here.     Translation:   Since the health reform in 2007 there is a compulsory insurance in Germany. Everyone must insure themselves against illness, even those who come to Germany from abroad. The principle applies that everyone must be insured in the health insurance policy in which they were last insured. This means in detail: Those who previously lived in Germany and were insured there in a statutory health insurance fund also return to the statutory health insurance fund. The choice of statutory health insurance is free. Here you can apply for a health insurance change before you return. If you have worked abroad and had social insurance there, you can join a German statutory health insurance when you return. Here you can apply for this health insurance online. Translated with
  18. It's probably an area deliberately left uncultivated for bees and butterflies and other insects. It's often encouraged these days. 
  19. Why are you unhappy today?

    Thank God there was a happy ending to that story, John. A while back I saw a video about a dog that had been drenched in petrol and then set fire too. Also in Greece. He was saved and nursed back to life by the vet who treated him, who then kept him. It's amazing how these poor dogs can still learn to trust humans again. Monsters who torture animals like that usually end up serial killers. There must be a quite a few in Greece. 
  20. Gender neutral toilets.

      I saw a report on German TV a few years ago about this subject and apparently a number of women when they use public toilets seem to prefer to stand on the lavatory seat to pee instead of sitting down, which causes all the urine splashes on the seat and the floor. Weird. I hadn't realised until then that there is this problem. Here are some German articles on the subject, so it's not really so uncommon it seems:
  21. Life without alcohol

      This doesn't work. My father was an alcoholic and he found every single hiding place. Unfortunately, he was also a violent man. 
  22. Gastric bypass surgery

      Your language is quite confusing. Isn't eating and consuming the same?  Eating (also known as consuming) is the ingestion of food,
  23. Climate change discussion

      I know. It's nature's way of culling. 
  24. Climate change discussion

      Yes, but nature doesn't care about that, does she? She's telling us enough is enough - or else. Elsewhere in nature there are checks when populations expand too much.