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  1. Need some new inspiration...

    Some ideas found via google with plenty of photos:
  2. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Going back to the beginning of this thread, this has been dragging on for nearly 3 years. John is beratungsresistent. Not happy. 
  3. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Doesn't Trump think that soldiers lost in battle are losers and suckers?  It makes me wonder why there are people like her who nevertheless still adore him so much. 
  4. Coronavirus

    Hart aber Fair will be critically discussing the vaccination programme in Germany this evening on ARD at 21:45 hrs: ttps://  
  5. Coronavirus

      The same here. My daughter and grown-up granddaughter are visiting me Christmas Eve - only the three of us. Now suddenly my granddaughter has also been invited to spend Christmas Eve with her boyfriend's family, so she'll be joining them after she leaves here. Originally she was invited to visit them on Christmas day, but now they have planned to visit other relatives on Christmas day and Boxing day. 
  6. Coronavirus

  7. Why are you happy today?

      @john g. Whatever the case, I hope all goes well with your residence status whether in Greece and/or Germany. Good luck. And keep us posted. 
  8. Why are you happy today?

        John's move could complicate matters depending on the thoroughness of the famous German bureacracy. This is providing useful information to think about, not fearmongering, by the way.   
  9. Why are you happy today?

      I have never fearmongered on this site, mostly only offered advice. It's better to be on the safe side than sorry. 
  10. Why are you happy today?

      Not actually being here in person might be a problem, though. It would worry me. 
  11. Why are you happy today?

      But didn't you mention that you are registered in Germany? You have an address here? Why can't you stay there until you get things sorted out?   Actually, I'm quite puzzled that you didn't apply for German or rather dual citizenship when Brexit loomed on the horizon. I'm only a few years older than you but life experience of 74 years in two countries (which just before I was born were enemies) taught me how very quickly laws and situations can change, so I went for dual citizenship as soon as I heard about the referundum. Sorry, John, but all your diddling around until the very last minute is just plain irresponsible. The same applies to your eye problem. What does Nicole say?  
  12. Why are you happy today?

      I don't really understand the problem, either. Why not keep the house as a holiday home if selling it is problematic at the moment? Bringing the dogs shouldn't be a problem. I think only two are left. 
  13. Why are you happy today?

      This is all so wishy-washy. The point is, it is and always has been a legal requirement to register in Germany. Stop confusing people. 
  14. Why are you happy today?

      I've seen you claim this several times. What about the German Meldegesetz?   Wer in Deutschland lebt, muss dort gemeldet sein (allgemeine Meldepflicht): Jede in Deutschland lebende Person ist verpflichtet, sich bei der für ihren Wohnort zuständigen Meldebehörde innerhalb von zwei Wochen nach Einzug in die Wohnung anzumelden (§ 17 Abs. 1 BMG). Ein Verstoß hiergegen ist eine Ordnungswidrigkeit und führt zu einer Geldbuße. Anyone living in Germany must be registered there (general obligation to register): Every person living in Germany is obliged to register with the registration office responsible for their place of residence within two weeks of moving into their home (Section 17 (1) BMG). A violation of this is an administrative offence and leads to a fine.
  15. Why this forum speaks English and not German

    I don't just correct my students, I also correct foreigners asking questions in the street. I think Iit's kinder to correct them, for which most seem to be appreciative, as I see it as a kind of German lesson.    This is just another one of those TT German bashing threads. 
  16. Why this forum speaks English and not German

      Rubbish. They use subtitles a lot even with Germans speaking dialect on TV. 
  17. Why this forum speaks English and not German

      You think it's decent to laugh at people behind their backs? The decent thing is to correct people when they mispronounce words. I do it all the time with my English students instead of letting them go on their way thinking their pronunciation is brilliant. 
  18. Why this forum speaks English and not German

    You're all no better. There's a thread here somewhere where plenty of TTers are gleefully making fun of Germans they have heard mispronouncing English words.
  19. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    Both English and German are my native languages. I normally make a point of speaking only German with my Philippine daughter-in-law, whose German is not always intelligible - mainly due to pronunciation mistakes and skipping endings. Conversations are slow despite her fast talking because I have to guess half the time and have to ask her to repeat what she said slowly. It can be quite frustrating. Grammar mistakes don't really count as they themselves don't hamper conversation. On the phone it's even worse. She needs advice in a difficult situation at the moment, and in such situations when I want to make sure that she has understood what I said - or if I want to make sure I have understood her - I switch to English as her English is better than her German. 
  20.   As far as the mink carcasses having to be dug up again, why couldn't they have incinerated them? If I remember rightly, they did this with millions of diseased cattle suffering from mad cow disease in the UK. 
  21.   I wonder how mink farmers disposed of the bodies after skinning them before Covid. 
  22. Parkett floor damage / Insurance cover

    Here's a useful link:     I think you should contact your liabilty insurance and they will assess how much they will pay, how much you might have to pay and also how much the landlord should pay. The life span of the parquet also plays a role. Best also to join a Mieterverein if you haven't already. 
  23. Coronavirus

    I for one hope there will be an overall ban on New Year's Eve firecracker madness:;art295,4419441#:~:text=Das%20Z%C3%BCnden%2C%20der%20Kauf%20und,Beschlussentwurf%20des%20Vorsitzlandes%20der%20Ministerpr%C3%A4sidentenkonferenz.   The big New Year's Eve bang could be cancelled this year - at least in the SPD-led federal states. The reasons for the cancellations are manifold. New Year's Eve without firecrackers? In some federal states such as Berlin there could be a ban on firecrackers because of Corona. The SPD-led federal states do not want to allow New Year's Eve fireworks this year.   The "Berliner Morgenpost" and the business magazine "Business Insider" report that the ignition, purchase and sale of firecrackers and rockets are therefore to be banned in Germany at the turn of the year, citing a draft resolution by the state chairing the Minister President's Conference. Berlin's Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) is currently the Chairman of the Conference.   The aim is to avoid the formation of groups, to relieve the burden on emergency services such as the police and fire brigade and to keep the capacities of the health care system free, according to the paper, which is also available to dpa and is dated 22 November. This Wednesday, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Minister Presidents of the Länder will discuss the further course of action in the Corona pandemic. A partial lockdown is currently in force, but will expire at the end of November. © dpa-infocom, dpa:201122-99-427064/2 Translated with (free version)
  24. Polizei

      You can. This link gives you all the information:
  25. Coronavirus

      I agree with you. But this is Germany with a short dark past. Suspend basic rights today and you are in trouble (in Germany). Nazikeule.