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  1. What's got you flummoxed today?

      They must be German widows, John.  No, can't be. Most Germans like dogs. You'd get plenty smiles around here.   
  2. What's got you flummoxed today?

      You get the looks you deserve.   
  3. Why are you happy today?

      I'm also oldish, but I take it all in my stride without taking offence. What about all those oldie jokes? Jokes depict life situations as often experienced in real life - but with a laugh - at yourself.     
  4. Brexit: The fallout

      The link works for me too.
  5. His name is  Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor:  
  6. Two girls probably, and I presume jealousy is involved. Ask Lily how it all developed. Maybe her former best friend is jealous because the other girl got more attention from Lily - or the other way round. Whatever, one of the girls is manipulating the other to bully Lily and Lily herself needs psycholigical help in this situation. Maybe the Jugendamt can advise where to get counselling (Beratungsstelle für mobbing in der Schule).   Edit: Tackle the problem now before they're old enough to go on social media, where the bullying spreads uncontrollable and becomes even more damaging. 
  7. Prince William's Affair Rumor

      Really? Maybe people didn't know that she was of Scottish heritage. 
  8. Prince William's Affair Rumor

      It's true that most European royal families are related to German aristocractic families, of which there are plenty, but the average German isn't really all that knowledgable about the connections. 
  9. Lists of typical German mistakes in English?

      This is it precisely. I've often explained this to my various Nachhilfeschüler over the years, they understand what they're doing, but it's no use, they do it again next time. I've given up now. 
  10. Lists of typical German mistakes in English?

      What I meant was that valley becomes "w"alley or Vancouver become "W"ancouver etc. 
  11. Lists of typical German mistakes in English?

    There's also the "v" sound which is automatically transformed into "w". And series becomes serious like in the TV ads for the electric razor Braun series. Makes me cringe every time. And iron is pronounced with a distinct "r".