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  1. Coronavirus

    Outbreak in Göttingen after several large family celebrations took place:    
  2. Things to ponder

    It's bird breeding season and I have a bird feeding station outside on my patio. Lots of birds are visiting and for the past few weeks since I have been offering dried mealworms the blackbirds are frequent visitors. There's one female blackbird, which has caught my eye, because she has got a bad foot (or leg). She keeps the damaged leg close to her body and rests only on one leg. I can see her right now waiting her turn on the fence while the other blackbirds are feasting. She has a male partner as I've seen her with a male often whilst feeding, no animosity. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she is successful with her brood. If the leg is only bruised, it will heal within a week or so (which I hope) and then I won't recognise her anymore. But for now she is my special bird. 
  3. Coronavirus

      My comment referred to churchgoers being excempt from having to leave their particulars for tracing reasons unlike restaurant visitors etc. No clamping down on religious observance was involved, quite the opposite. 
  4. Coronavirus

      This was just reported on Tagesschau and that churchgoers don't even have to leave their particulars. 100 people were there and tracing is difficult. It baffles me why churchgoers are somehow special, although there have been other previous massive outbreaks caused by religious gatherings (Alsace, South Korea for example). 
  5. Coronavirus

      It's not all about being afraid, it's also about not wanting to risk other people (who didn't even dine out) having to quarantine because of me risking it and only because I had been in contact with them before and after. Apart from that there's also the risk of another lockdown being enforced because of carelessness. 
  6. Coronavirus

  7. Coronavirus

      Read the complete article via the link above.
  8. Coronavirus

    Since the restaurants have been allowed to reopen, a case in Niedersachsen has been reported:     I certainly won't be visiting any restaurants any time soon.
  9. Coronavirus

  10. Verbal contracts are indeed valid in Germany (with a few exceptions). Instead of arguing about it , why not google it:    
  11. Why are you happy today?

    For the dogs sake I'm happy that in Austria cycling with dogs on the lead is illegal.   Wish it was illegal here as well.
  12. Only in America...

      And they're all white. 
  13.   A cat will be happy with plenty of up and down opportunities - even in a one room flat. Install a couple of ceiling high cat trees. One could be near the window so he can look out from different hights, another could be beside the wardrobe where he could climb up and settle on top of the wardrobe for some peace and quiet. 
  14. Conspiracy theorists

      This isn't being ignored at all. It's being discussed on German TV on different stations quite often for some time already.